FO: Seersucker Capelet

Seersucker Cape

Finished Capelet Measurements (around body)
40”, 43”, 49”, 52”
sample knit in 43”

Cascade Lana Grande (100% Peruvian Highland Wool) 4, 4, 5, 5 skeins in 6047, and one scrap for CC cast on. Great substitute: Rowan Big Wool

One 20” and 40” circular needle (circ) in size US 13 [9.0mm]
Or size to obtain gauge

• Stitch markers 
• Tapestry needle

10.5sts and 15 rnds = 4” in seersucker stitch  


This was an idea that just wouldn't leave my head from the moment I started looking at Wrap Style again. I simple but cozy capelet.  The original plan was to make the cape long enough so that I had to make slits for where my hands would pop out but I decided to stop just above the elbow. That original sketch still lingers on my mind so you never know what could be coming next.

I had quite the educational time working on the pattern. I even ripped the whole thing out and started over. The CC color on the collar was originally a provisional cast on (at the time I was eager to get to the shaping and thought I'd complete the rest of the neck later) but after showing it to a few people they all loved that pop of color and I kept it in!

All in the creative process right?  What I'm left with is a cute, cozy, shoulder warmer, with a collar that can be buttoned or pinned up to be a turtleneck should the chilly weather sneak up on me.

Queue it up! or buy now!

Happy Knitting!

52 Days until Christmas

I recieved an email yesterday from a friend who is orgaizing a secret santa knit exchange and the words "there are 52 days until Christmas" made me choke on my coffee.

What the what! When did it turn into November? I should have seen the warning signs. The change in the weather, the pumpkin spice coffee at Starbucks, October… but for some reason it didn't register that time was of the essence with knitting presents.

I have a ton on my knitting plate this fall too aside from making gifts. It's been very exciting for me and I can't wait to share it all here – but in the meantime…:)

It's the weekend of the Interweave Knit Lab. I signed up for classes months ago and when I did November seem like a far off time but here it is! I am looking forward to seeing some old friends and have already had the chance to hang out with two of my favorite girls, Courtney and Kate. Like they said, we had some really great Indian food, I got to sing to them the opening song of Full House, and we went to a place that serves beer, wine, pie and ice cream. A fantastic day indeed.

Now that that fun day is over it's time to get refocused on knitting. Heck, if all else fails, everyone is getting jewelry.

Library Gem: Wrap Style

Wrap Style
Is it just me or are capes and capelets really IN right now. It's a moment like this that I love when I can go into my knit library and find a book I bought years ago that still stands up!

Wrap Style features 24 wraps, caplets and a very popular shawl which was the reason I bought the book in the first place. 

I think we often fear that we'll buy a knitting book and find that it is SO dated by the next year. To be honest it wasn't until I had a customer looking for a fun wrap to make that I pulled this book off the shelf. As we were flipping through the book I was getting more and more excited about the fact that I still wanted to make all those patterns! And did you know that it comes with wonderful instruction on how to make a cape of your own? 

A sneak peek…

Seersucker Sneak peek!

Pattern coming soon! (in the mean time check out Wrap Style, I know you won't be dissapointed!)

More tricks than treats

Happy Halloween!

Trick or trick?

It looks like some of us are getting more tricks than treats this year – snow in NJ!? 

I am not without a trick myself. Yesterday while at a Yarnoween party I came home with some gorgeous eyelash and black acryllic yarn to boot! It's downright spooky.

Good thing I had some pumpkin beer to ease my fear – I shudder at the thought of using it. But what do to with the hot mess?

As one of my fellow knitters suggested – it makes an excellent checked luggage identifier!

This much would be true as I can't imagine anyone wanting to touch it! BOO!

WIP Wednesday: Swatching


I just returned from a visit to my home state and can't get the song "Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga out of my head. It's good to have seen some old friends and family. They know how to make a girl feel loved.

Now that I'm back home it's back to work! The swatch above it a bit of an experiement for me – a whole lot of trial and error. Hopefully I'll have something to show you all soon!  Yarn is Lana Grande by Cascade. I love me some quick, chunky knits!


Rhinebeck 2011

There's so much I want to say about this trip but I will sum it up in one way: Knitters, our community, what we do, who we are, how we create – is flat out AMAZING. I am so lucky to be amongst so many wonderful people. 

I may or may not have lost my voice after this day but boy was it worth it.

Knit on!

I must have done something good…

to deserve such an amazing friend.(Whom ever you are!)

Button Jar

I received this lovely birthday package in the mail yesterday addressed to Margaux "The Wonderful". You flatter me, my mystery giver! To be honest I had a moment where I thought I had ordered the yarn myself but then I realized I don't normally give myself such nicknames when filling out shipping labels!  I usually keep the nicknames to the home – Margaux "The Amazing", Margaux "The Conquistator", Margaux "The Dishwasher!"

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color of Button Jar. It's a perfect green with specks of yellows and blues.

To the wonderful person who gave this to me… Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot wait to knit with it.

I am off to Rhinebeck this weekend! I can only imagine how overwhelming it will be to see so much yarn and friends while I am there. I am going on Sunday – if you see me say hello! I will be wearing my Belfast Hoodie!


PS. TEAM NICK is off the CHARTS! I am over my goal at $516.00 today!! WOO!!!! You all have been so generous – I love my knitters!! The team is still far from it's 10k goal so KEEP IT COMING!  The 5th Ave Cowl will make a PERFECT gift this holiday season!  

Happy Ten Ten!

Another 10 10 birthday!

It's my birthday and the blog's namesake – 10-10!

I knew my 30th year was going to be a big one. It all started with the Perfect Date: 10-10-10. We threw quite a party that weekend, singing karaoke until my voice was hoarse. My husband and I made the big decision of moving cross country to SF and I decided to make knitting my major career.

I can't believe how quickly time has flown from 10-10-10. One thing I miss most of all from the east coast is the change of the leaves. I miss the deep red, bright orange and russet leaves and the smell! The smell of fall. You know that smell. My husband likes to remind me that in a few short days I will be back there for a visit so I will get my fill soon enough! (Rhinebeck here I come!!!)

This birthday weekend hasn't let me down. My friend Sarah treated me to a brunch at Bar Tartine and afterwards my husband and I took a stroll along Valencia St. stopping at a cute paper store called Serendipty. I was so concentrated on the cute cards and gifts that I didn't notice that there was a yarn shop called Princess Animal in the back sharing the space! Husband had to hit me and point but once I looked up I bee lined it straight for the local handdyes and had a fun convo with the knitter there, Mer!


I of course went home with some birthday presents. The hugely popular Knit.Wear magazine and a skein of Hipster Sock from Little Red Bicycle in the Sidwalk Chalk colorway. Word on the street is that this dyer uses the same base as Madeline Tosh. (huzzah!)

Little Red Bicycle

Husband is also taking me out to dinner tonight to complete the b-day events and all in all, I have a feeling that this coming year is going to be even better than the last.

I love sharing the birthday love so leave me a comment and you too could win a copy of the Knit.Wear magazine and (1) skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Icelandic to make the Mistake Stitch Modibus by Daniel Yuhas. (love him!) (eta: there will be 1 winner! I WISH I could buy magazines and yarn for all!)

Whereever you are I hope you're having a great and fabulous Ten Ten!

PS. If you're feeling generous we're still long away from our goal for Team Nick! A cowl is a perfect christmas present 😉

PPS. That lil' Pecan Pie is the best!!

ETA: Closed the comments! Will pick the winner tonight and post tomorrow 🙂 Thank you SO much for all the birthday wishes and kind words! They mean so much to me. xoxo M

Just Knitting


Oh HI friends!

I feel like it's one of those mornings in which I have nothing to say. I want to be witty and funny and oh so pretty but honestly I am just trying not to brew a 3rd or 4th cup of coffee.

BUT OH am I knitting! I have been test knitting for a few designers in hopes to have some of their magical design genuis rub off on me. 

I'd be lying if I said it wasn't working. I'm definitely brimming with some design ideas and have casted on a few swatches to see if anything will work in real life. I sometimes get carried away at the thought of a design that in reality will SO not work. (Knitted Mini Skirt, anyone?) Practicality is necessary with knitting, I'd dare say.

Stay tuned, I of course will have a few cowls to show you but really it's my hope to be able to give you guys something a little more substatntial than that!

For now, I leave you with my notions bag. I finally did the ol' turn it upside down, pour that crap out out on the couch clean up. It's amazing the random things in there. Keys, a thumb drive (!?), some lip gloss, cute buttons, a pen, biz cards… oh and mints! Who wants to knit with someone with stinky breath. Not I!

But I also have the things I cannot live with out. My zebra sissors, a bajillion stitch markers and my trusty Susan Bates gauge and needle measuring thingy. (So technical I am) I am pretty sure it's been used on EVERYTHING I have made. 

What's in your notions bag? (try to NOT read that like the viking's in the Capital One commercial.)

Sharing the bracelet love

It's out! The new Petite Purls magazine with a friendship bracelet tutorial from yours truly! It was an honor to work with the wonderful Allegra and Brandy for their fabulous e-magazine. I hope you'll go check it out, buy some DMC floss and make a few for you, your kid, your bestie, and the list could go on!

If you want an added frienship bracelet bonus check out my tutorial for a 4-sided braid which can be found here

Happy bracelet making!