Sharing the bracelet love

It's out! The new Petite Purls magazine with a friendship bracelet tutorial from yours truly! It was an honor to work with the wonderful Allegra and Brandy for their fabulous e-magazine. I hope you'll go check it out, buy some DMC floss and make a few for you, your kid, your bestie, and the list could go on!

If you want an added frienship bracelet bonus check out my tutorial for a 4-sided braid which can be found here

Happy bracelet making!


Friendship Bracelet Tutorial: 4 sided braid

3-D Braid Friendship bracelet

As promised the tutorial for the 4 sided braid!

I tried explaining it in a comment on Flickr but then I figured it would be best just to write up a tutorial for those who want to make one! I learned this back in grammar school – it's amazing I still remember it!

Colors for 3-D braid

Start with 5 colors. I decided to use white twice.

Make Strands into Loop

Figure out how long you want your bracelet, neclace, anklet, etc and cut your string double the size with a few extra inches for knotting. Once all strands are cut lay them out looping them.

Neatly tie off the other end and secure them to something that won't move so your strands will be nice and taught around your fingers. 

Step 1: Hold Loops Taught

Loop the yarns around your fingers like above – 3 colors in your left hand around the ring, middle and pointer – two colors in your right, around the middle and ring – leaving your right pointer free.

Weave the right pointer through the strands on your left hand going over and under each "strand".

Step 2: Weave finger through strands

Once your finger is worked through, you are going to hook your finger around the last "strand" and pull through the loops to your other hand. 

Step 3: Hook the last yarn and pull through

Pull apart your hands to set the braid at the top. You will now have 2 loops in your left hand and 3 in your right. (ETA: Shift the loops to your middle and ring finger, freeing the pointer.) Using the free pointer finger in your left hand you are going to weave it through the strands on your right like you did above. Repeat the process until you have the length you want.

Let's make this easier – here's the video!

4 Sided Braid Tutorial from Margaux Hufnagel on Vimeo.

This bracelet doesn't take long to make and I bet once you learn how you'll be whipping out 4 to 5 a day! 😉 Enjoy making them and reliving your early teen and camp days!