Those April Showers

May Come your Way


They bring the flowers

That bloom in May!

So when it’s Raining, have no regrets


Because, it isn’t raining rain you know

It’s raining Violets.


So when you see clouds

Upon the Hill

You’re really seeing crowds of daffodils!

Shawn the Sheep

So keep on looking for the bluebird

And listening for his song

When ever April showers come

Aaaa lah- hah-hong! (as sung by Jimmy Durante)

hey mr. postman!

is there some patterns in your bag for me?

Oh yeah!


Now to decide which one to do First!?  What do you think?  Of course Gromit is my personal fav but can you not say "No" to a face like Shaun the sheep?

Knit-cisions, Knit-cisions…