all in good time

So of course just when I see Nova's Snickets (having always loved Isel's from way back) I feel compelled to cast on a pair only to have Magknits go kerplunk!  (ETA: HOORAY to Ravelry Downloads!) The forums also helped with finding out how to grab now "lost" patterns with so many knowledgeable people chiming in.  … Continue reading all in good time

hand me a banana

January weather has arrived. It is currently 29 degrees outside. There apparently was a flurry last night but I didn't see it.  Despite the fact that the warm weather made me nervous about global warming and NYC going underwater because of the ice caps melting, I kinda loved having that warmer weather.  But now that … Continue reading hand me a banana


I know I know. You're gonna tell me to stop talking about the fall.  That it's STILL summer in your book.  That you will happily wear what ever key summer article be that bikini, mini skirt, flip flops or whatever that you picked out, right up until the HOUR the season turns over.  But my … Continue reading Autum