A Pair of Scarves

I know what you're thinking... scarves!? It's July 23rd and it's 80 degrees out but I just couldn't help myself.  Part of it is Craig's fault.  When Patricia and I went to visit his store in Philly he had a great collection of scarves on his middle table. Since Monday, I just couldn't get scarves … Continue reading A Pair of Scarves


A little instant knit gratification doesn't hurt now does it?  My LYS, Patricia's Yarns just got in her shipment of Spud & Chloe yesterday.  I skipped my knit butt over there and promptly casted on for this gem, the Bumble Up Scarf.  I have a gut feeling that I will be making more of these, … Continue reading bumble

is it just me?

Or are things a little bit crazy everywhere lately? Call me superstitious or spiritual or whathaveyou but lately things around me have gone down right sour.  I won't get into too much detail but I believe things happen in 3s and BY God, let the three things that have come to pass be IT for … Continue reading is it just me?