Mi Familia. This is my blood.This is my history. This is my Popi.He is my father's father. A patriarch: 10 children of which my father was the youngest.Ramon Pena from Humaco, Puerto Rico.He was a writer of songs.He was a master at the French Horn. Sadly I did not know him long but I know … Continue reading Familia


It just won't stop raining. It's been pouring since Saturday and everything is WET. We have two garbage cans outside of our front door that keep tipping over and spilling their bounty under our front door.  I have a feeling soon we'll have some swamp friends to come and visit! I mean look at the … Continue reading Waterblogged

Twenty Five

25 Gah.  I am practically a quarter way through my life.  Actually considering the average life span is around 75 - I'm even MORE than a quarter way through my life.  That fact alone is enough to make me cringe.  Fuck me. I was a basketball player in high school and one quarter of a … Continue reading Twenty Five