Yes! welll no, oh I don’t know

It’s almost the weekend and actually I’ve already begun mine as I took the day off today to enjoy a 4 day weekend… knitting has been pretty non-existent this week and it’s beginning to show in my psyche.

I feel fuller and happier when I have something on the needles.  Does that happen to anyone else?  I really feel a bit bummed out right now that there’s no project that currently is making me want to knit it 24.7.   Of course I have my next couple of projects in my head that I want to do but I haven’t the time to get the yarn and start it up!

So in the meantime, I keep looking at my stash trying to resurrect old projects but every time I try to psych myself into it I lose it in the second breath.  Take, Glasgow Lace. 


Now, this is a project that has been collecting dust for God only knows how long.  I bought the required yarn, Plymouth Royal Cashmere (!) a long time ago and after having a few chaotic sessions with a huge KNOT (trying to ball it up – has anyone else bought this yarn and found it ridiculous hard to just ball??) I just put it away and let it go.  It’s been a year or more later, I whip out the yarn and pattern and feel well – that maybe I’ve outgrown it or my taste is different. 

The lace patterning is what caught my eye when I  first saw it in the Fall 06 IK. I don’t like the truncated look and would lengthen it as well as have the ribbing on the neck be sewn to the back and not just hanging there which makes me think it’s unfinished.   I just don’t feel the "omg, i have to knit this sweater" but at the same time I think it would make a great project to practice modifications.  Basically out of 1 to 10 and 10 being "i want to cast this on Yesterday" I’m feeling like a 5.

What I guess I’m getting at is, have you ever felt that way about a knit… like you’ve outgrown it but can’t quite let it go just yet? 

Sorry for the ‘waa waa" indecisive post.  I just feel in that weird  knitter’s limbo today – I’ve got all this yarn and nothing to knit!  And yet, once my LYS come back from vacation it’s Knitted Yolk and Phildar Sweater #1 time, so perhaps the real answer to this is simple patience.