You must have heard me wrong…

when I said that this would be my Rheinback knit.  I meant Rheinback 07.. oh yeah definitely 07.

Rusted Take Two

Well I guess it was wishful thinking or perhaps it was a really rediculously bad guessing on my part that this would be ready in time for Rheinback  OR perhaps it was because that two days ago I frogged the whole thing considering I realized I had been following the pattern alllll wrong. 

You know those numbers in the parenthsis that are there for the mulitple sizes – riiight, those rows… the ones I should be increasing and decreasing on? Yeah well I don’t pay attention to those much.  I had a really bad feeling that the whole project was a bust from the start.  I was worried that my gauge was too tight and then with the lack of rows being done because of my misreading the whole shirt was off. At one point I held it up to myself in the mirror and got scared that I was indeed growing.

Needless to say I’m not giving up! This is now being my, uhh, …… Thanksgiving Shirt! HA!  I am still however going to Rheinback and will be sporting my Backyard Leaves scarf and maybe take my NBaT on it’s first venture out of the apartment.

I must confess I wasn’t up to posting today.  I did myself in this weekend by participating in a Charity Pub Crawl.  No one told me that being 26 is SO Not like you’re 21 or 22 and that drinking from 3:30 to Midnight is a Bad Idea at my age.  What’s this about a two day hangover???  But I casted on something new that said to me, "put down your water and advil and get to that computer to share this":

Julie's Scarf

The pattern is a mistake rib-stitch.  I casted on 31 stitches and am
using Manos with size 10.5 needles.  I wanted the stitches to be nice
and big so it is wonderfully squeezeable.  I am LOVING the color and how it’s coming out.  The purples and oranges and browns.  IT’s screaming fall!

The scarf is for my dear friend Julie who is running the NYC Marathon.  She has also done a triathelon in Hawaii for the group who hosted the Pub Crawl to benefit the Lukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I am so proud and amazed by her (pretty much in every way).  If I haven’t mentioned this before,  I have the most amazing girlfriends in the world.  I’m freakin’ blessed!  And Jules is among them. (Dana is the champ who came with me to the NY Stitch Out, god love her, I will soon get her to blog, MU ha Ha! But there are so many more  important girlfriends that I don’t even get to mention here! I’m telling you… blessed!)  I’m hoping to finish Julie’s scarf for her big run on Nov. 5 (06.. yes, 06)…  so that when she’s done and feeling so accomplished she can wrap it around her deserving neck and get warm again.

Best. Monday. Ever.

Yeah I said it.  I actually enjoyed Monday. Whoop De Do!

No Honestly, I did.  And you wanna know why?  Because I had a fabulous weekend and I am just paying it back this week.  Today I sat happily in my school office knowing that I didn’t have to go anywhere.  I didn’t have to get in my car to drive to anyone’s school to do my pitch.  I could sit, happily answering phones or whatever.  It was great.  Oh and another thing, I had a FABULOUS weekend.

Saturday I helped out at Patricia’s Yarns in Hoboken.  I LOVED it.  I was worried that it might be knitting overkill but on the contrary I enjoyed helping people with their projects or getting them excited about the yarn they picked out.  Not to mention working on a sock… On a Jaywalker no less…

Jaywalker 2

This is the Tekking XXL jaywalker I was working on.  It will be used as a sample for the shop.This week cannot go by any faster for me so that I can get back to helping more.

New Project: BOLERO! OOOLAY!

Bolero 2

I hit the stitch gauge on my swatch but not row, but I’ve been assured that this may not be as big of a problem as I think.  You know you read some knitting books whose instructions, to me, can sound like  my 7th grade teacher, "You MUST NOT run in the hallways"… "You MUST NOT knit your garmet if the gauge is off" it’s like you’re breaking a knitting law.  Now, I know there’s much to be studied and planned out with your knit gauge but some of these knit books make it sound like your finish product will be "terrible and make you unhappy for the rest of your life" if you don’t use: A) the yarn suggested B) the needles and C) you don’t hit gauge.   

I always loved running in the hallways.

Also notice that cute little thing that looks like a purse?  It’s a PIN CUSHION!  My roomate happened to find a vendor that was selling these and thought of me.  How great is that!? I love it and am blown away at how thoughtful she was.  I guess I should get crackin’ on her scarf!

ETA: Also, went to the Stitch Out and had a fabulous time. I mean I got to meet Cara and Mason Dixon KAY (not Ann) Sorry! That’s what I get for being Overly excited and not paying attention! How freakin’ sweet is that!?

Dude Looks Like A Knitter

Time for some Random Wednesday Posts

is this dude for real?

I’m totally in awe of his knitting AND his photography! i bow to brooklyntweed! I am finishing up my own shetland shawl and can only hope that it looks as fabulous as his.  and let’s not even compare my snapshots to his.  i’m so amazed! wanna cross the river to Jersey to give a lesson?  I will now play the Beastie Boys’ "No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn" on repeat so that I’m inspired to finish my shawl.

Send me on My Way

Knits in the Minorly Obsssed arena are producing themselves everywhere and I’m constantly (it seems) being inspired to do MORE.   I just bought the Zypher Style, Rusted Root pattern, and not only does the name make me think of the CD I used to play nonstop in high school, but also I it’s going to be my Rheinback knit!  I can so see myself wearing this baby to work and play.  It’s so relaxing and simple and Knit In The Round. Hello, I love won’t you tell me your name?


I am just debating what color to make it.  I love the one on the model, but do I want to make a carbon copy?   I feel like I have so many greens, i did an NBaT in brown and not sure how blue fits into my wardrobe these days, maybe lilac but I keep being drawn to the reds.  Cotton Fleece happily comes in a wonderful assortment but it just makes the decision making harder!

Yes, More Leaves

I hope to have some finished goodies to show soon but for now I’ve paused most everything else to finish a Backyard Leaves scarf.  The pattern just sucked me in and I. just. can’t. stop.  I know there a ton of these around the internets and it’s easy to see why.  I am using DB Cashmerino Aran on sz 8’s.  I might go down a needle if I decide to make another, but I am enjoying how it’s coming out.


I swear, It was on Sale


Some DB Cathay for perhaps a Bolero of my own.  I bought enough to put long sleeves on that puppy if I wanted to.  There’s a new-to-me knitting store nearby having a wonderul sale.  These were 25% off! I will go back.  Oh yes, I will go back.

Speaking of Yarn Stores

I  am helping out at Patricia’s Yarns in Hoboken.  I start this Saturday!  Oh won’t  you come by and knit with me?? 😉


Today, 5 years ago, I was sleeping soundly in my bed at college.  It was a day that I didn’t have morning classes and I wanted to get as much sleep as I could.  The phone abruptly rang and I fumbled around to pick it up.  My dad was on the other end. "Hi, Honey. I just wanted you to know that I’m alright".  His voice was calm and in my waking cloudiness I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.  He was surprised I didn’t know yet.  That I didn’t already know of the terrible thing that had happened.

"A plane just hit the world trade".  Of course when you hear something like that you’re never really thinking of the worse case scenario.  I imagined a small propeller plane manned by a novice pilot who got lost. Never in my wildest nightmares did I think of this.   I jumped out of bed with my phone in hand and flipped on the TV.  There it was – a smoking tower.  I was on the phone with my dad just as the second plane struck.  I could tell he was just as shocked as I was, but trying to hold his calm.  You see, my father should have been at work that day on the 98th floor of Tower Two, but because of my need for my car he was home getting it fixed.  I stayed on the phone with him as we watched in horror as the towers fell.  It was at That moment that I realized how truly devastating it was.  I was an Resident Assistant that year and I had to pull myself together to be a support for the students on my hall.  Sure enough the doors of other dorm rooms were flung open as TV sets came alive with the scene. A girl who’s HS was in the neighborhood began crying; another had yet to hear from her own dad, some one’s uncle was on the plane. 

I went to school in Boston where one of the planes took off.  Everyone at my school was holding prayer services and offering support.  The name Bin Laden was new and foreign to us and not synonymous with Terror as it is today. 

I think of all the blessings I have in my life.  Of Family and Friends, of people who have passed on and the people whom I’ve yet to meet.  I think of this hobby, knitting.  Of what calm it has given me in times of stress.  What excitement it has given me in moments of inspiration.  I, of course, am not alone in this.  A co-worker of mine came across this article that was written int the National Catholic Reporter called "Knitting Ourselves Together."  It speaks of the bonds knitting has created in the here and now, across seas and across time.  It is a strong connection that we have when connections are so easily broken.

I think of all those who have passed on today and I think of all those who still  need healing.  I am not someone who dwells on such things but who carefully remembers and holds precious the gifts that has been given.  I do not take them for granted and know that things can unravel as easily as it was created.  Today we remember that life isn’t easy but that there are these wonderful connections to be made that will help us get through.

J’Adore the knits

I keep thinking about how much I’ve just fallen into knitting.  What happened??  I always considered myself someone who needed to be creative.  Give me anything and I’ll try it out.  I can sit for HOURS putting something together or strining beads onto a thin wire.  I love it.  I find that people mostly see me as a huge extrovert, and for the most part I am.  Get me out on that dance floor and I will boogie until the bar closes, but sometimes I just love being on my own.  Doing whatever makes me happy – without people judging.  Sometimes I know I can get carried away. My mom sometimes calls me "knit addicted", my boyfriend jokes at me saying "Knit Faster!" and even I know I should be cleaning or going out or something, but sometimes I just feel like sitting there and making whatever it is I’m making. (pretty much zoning everything else out completely)

I love doing things that are creatively fulfilling.  Give me a camera and I’ll shoot 100 rolls.  Give me a canvas and I’d make Bob Ross proud of my Happy Little Trees. Give me some paper and I’ll scrapbook until the cows come home.  IT’s just what I love to do.  Of course making a living of these things would be fabulous – somehow incorporating all the joys of these crafts into a sophisticated career/shop/life.  But for now it will be what I do on the "downtime".  With that said, I’ve started at least 4 projects and I keep switching gears from one to the other. 

The first is the Shetland Shawl – which I got inspired to do from Grumperina! I’m about one repeat away from the edging. The shawl is super soft and I cannot wait to finish it and get it blocked. 


The next is called Ruffles from Scarf Style, which is actually a present to my roomate.  The poor girl has to live with me and my knit addiction, I should at least make her something.  This is actually knitting up quickly as it’s just an 8 row repeat.


I’m using 100% alpaca yarn, which is a first for me.  I find that it "unwinds" pretty easily and therefore the stitches aren’t as uniform as I like them, BUT it is coming out nicely and it’s SO soft.  The roomate will love it.

And Remember I’m still finishing my Fall Socks AND then I just casted on for another scarf. I JUST Can’t STOP!  I blame the internets.

I look at these knit blogs and realize it’s a UNIVERSE of people and that I’m really on a little island.  That there are thousands upon thousands of wonderful artists out there doing their thing.  I keep discovering new blogs (to me) and being utterly amazed and excited about the pieces I see being created  It makes knitting so wonderful sheek and fab for me.

So enough of my knitting rants… Anyone going to the Stitch Out???

Coming Clean

Well It seems that I’m not that shabby of a liar.  The falsehood is actually #2.  Axl Rose was defintlely drunk and stupid AND met my brother but alas I was not there.  My brother who lives in London saw him one night at a club and called me 3am his time (6pm mine) to tell me all about it.  Frankly, the details he gave made me feel as if I was there.

So, yes I was a baller in HS and yes I was backstage at Hall & Oates for FREE!  John Oates and his 12 yr. old son left ASAP after the concert so we only had a small moment of "Dude, that concert was awesome."  Daryl Hall was more of a primadonna and didn’t come out of his dressing room.  There was approx. 15 people back stage and some stage guy wanted us to "line up".  Now, I love H&O, but don’t take your self that seriously, Daryll.  "No, I can’t go for that.. no can do." We ended up leaving before he came out, but proudly took pictures of the backstage area for later bragging.

I’m so looking forward to a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend.  I have tomorrow and Monday off and I can’t think of anything better to do for this Rainy Weekend than to hang out and be creative.

I’m finishing up the Shetland Shawl.  I showed it to my mom last night who has laid her claim upon it.  I figure it’s something we can share 😉   Just two more repeats and it’s ready to block.  I’m also just a few rows shy of getting to the heel for the Embossed Leaves socks.  I am just going to work it like the jaywalker heel and none of this ‘break the yarn’ mumbo jumbo. Fo, real.

I’m on a knitting high lately and have a list of things I want to knit this fall and I feel like it just keeps growing!

Numba 1 – Backyard Leaves, I tried beginning this months ago and gave up – it’s time to jump back on that wagon!

Numba 2 – Odessa, Mama needs a nice knit cap and I’ve been collecting beads all summer for this project.  There might be a few being made for the cold winter weather.

Numba 3 – Jemima, An Amelia Raitte creation, this simple reglan has been catching my eye.  After finishing the NBaT, it’s time to move on to other pullovers and this to me is "the next step".

Numba 4 – Pinwheel Blanket, just seems lke such a good/easy pattern and i could use a handknit blanket.  Everybody should at least have one!

Numba 5 – Glasgow Lace Pullover – Fall IK 06, with a few modifications this might be my fav project on the list.  It reminds me a wee bit of Eunny’s newest creation and I would rather do Eunny’s but it seems I’d have to wait a bit. So for now I will have to try this. (twist my willing arm will you)

I think that’s enough projects (not including a few socks i’d like to do) to keep me busy until ’07! 

in the meantime…

So after the last post I ordered some Yarn.  But it looks like it’s gonna take a while… so while I impatiently patiently await the goodness I’ve decided to test knit the pattern with some other yarn I happen to have in the stash.  Some gorgeous silk/cashmere blend by Knit One Crochet Too called Richesse et Soile, sadly it’s discontinued.


It’s so soft it makes Socks that Rock feel like Brillo! I bought it on sale right before Handknits in Englewood closed.  I’m using size 6 needles and it’s coming out beautifully.  I thought at first it wasn’t "airy" enough, but when it’s done and blocked I have a feeling this is going to the top of my finish shawls.  It’s just SO SOFT.

Speaking of shawls, presenting the unblocked Birch.


A model shot… thanks to my roomate for the camera work!  She says I’m the best knitter/model and not the other way around 😉


And a long finished Clapotis I made back in May!  So I’m a bit late posting these pictures but better late than never.


Yarn: Noro Silk Garden (about 7 balls!)
Needles: Size 8 straights
Thoughts: Pattern was so simple and yet satisfying.  I took this puppy on the train and bus with me.

it’s now time for Michael Scoffield.

A little Glimpse

Wow two posts in one day… who am I?

I know I’ll never be a daily poster but I’m do want to keep things interesting.  I’ve read so many blogs who are the same – long droughts and then daily posts… so I don’t feel SO bad, but I do feel like if I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do it right… no halvsies!  anyway, on to the pics…


don’t you just LOVE the reds and dark purples and greens!

oh and a little glimpse of the next project


I thought I would hate working with Kid Silk Haze but it’s proven to be OK to knit with.  It does have a tendency to stick to itself though so even when you need to tinker back a few stitches it can be annoying.  However seeing those cute leaves emerge with every repeat is worth the sticky stitches.  Besides Birch on the needles is the 2nd sock to the 1st jaywalker pair – remember those?  I finished a pink pair in between and then went back to the original pair for finishing… it’s at the heel and just needs to be turned. 

On a completely different rant, let me Tell You what I saw on my drive home today…  I take local roads to and from the school I work at.  It’s a very direct drive down River Road (through Edgewater, Weehawken and then into Hoboken).  I always pick up speed through the Imperial Ferry area but today traffic was moving a bit slower than  usual.  I stop at the set of lights by Arthur’s Landing, where those new townhouses are being built (which on a whole other rant i could express multiple reasons on why you wouldn’t choose to live there and only one which you would… i mean 1,000,000 for the view? No thank you) 

ANYWAY, at the stop light going in the opposite direction was a black SUV pulled over with the cop car  backed a bit away from the car.  I had my music up but I could tell that there was some loud speaker on somewhere.  As the light turned green I noticed about 3 more police cars lights on SPEEEEDING towards this black SUV that I was about 5 feet from.  I lowered my music to get a better listen and I hear loud and clear from the cop car, "Turn off your engine and Throw your keys out the window!".  To this I began to pick speed up but nearly veered off the road to prevent myself from crashing with one of the police vehicles racing to the scene. 

There were two guys that I could see sitting in the front seat of the SUV and there were about 8 police cars I could count by the time I had hit my gas and drove away.  Holy crap what the hell was going on!?  I mean 8 police cars? really?  for two – maybe 4 if there were people in the backseat – people? Perhaps OJ was in the back seat of the car… 

Boy do I feel talkitive today… But i’ll rest your eyes… next time ask me to tell you the story about my boyfriend’s roommate’s encounter with a very angry Jamaican woman.

Did I say I’d be right back?

The last time I posted I was half drunk on margaritas and buying yarn online.

Can I tell you that guilt has left me and I have produced a nice FO since then!?  I won’t give too many details for now (as a promise to myself that I’ll be blogging more). 

So what has gone on in my absence… well May was filled with lots of travels, mostly to Boston.  Three times in fact.

The first was for a work conference.  It was one of those conferences that left you all high as a kite making bold promises to yourself about the huge spectacular changes you want to see happen at your job and how excited you are to do them!  I’m still hoping to bottle that emotion to drink it at later i’m-so-unmotivated-to-do-anything moments.

The second was a R&R weekend with my mom our family friends, one of which is the bride of which I am the Maid of Honor… (i can’t quite figure out how to say that smoothly).  We walked all over Boston and went to Newberry St. where I stocked up on treats at Beadworks and we even found a small yarn shop called Newberry Yarns.  I didn’t get anything but I was still working on above said project.

The last trip was  an overnighter was for my best friend’s suprise birthday (or rather I was the surprise).  She knew about the party but didn’t quite know the guest list.  But as people started to arrive I think she figured that I was going to show up… actually she began to get worried and "Surpised" that I wasn’t there sooner! 😉  Love you TK! 

With all that traveling it felt good to stick around the NYC area for Memorial Day.  I took in a broadway show (with above birthday girl) as well as two barbecues.  I mean does the smell of the grill just say, "hello summer!"

This summer I’m hoping to start some new projects (some outside the knitting world) as well as accomplish old goals… see New Years entry…   i just love when the creative juices start to Flow!  I was poking around at Amelia Ratte’s who led me to Whispering Pine who led me to a new found quest to sew… now to get my Mom to teach me.

Happy last day of May, let the blogging, knitting, drinking, sewing, photographing, summer begin!


"integrity is that voice inside of us that brings everything into focus"

the end of january and the beginning of february are perhaps the most busy time in my work schedule.  it’s crunch time.  the point where all my hard work in the fall is either finally going to pay off or blow up in my face.  let’s just say there was a bomb but with my hand on it like Meredith Grey, it did not go off. 

working in a job that’s basically a form of customer service is pretty hard emotionally.  granted the yells and cries you hear over the phone aren’t necessarily directed at you but they can still bring you down.  i am amazed sometimes what parents do for their children. how nothing their child does is every wrong, just the outside world! i know my parents defended me at all costs, but if it came down to it I would get the crap beat out of me.  Now a days I feel like parents don’t PARENT any more, just blame everything else but their precious child.  some days were so hard that  i would come home at night not wanting to do much of anything but crawl underneigth the comforter of my bed. 

with that said it’s obvious that everything else in my life has suffered, including this here blog.  all the while though i have been knitting!  i am not quite finished yet with my 2nd jaywalker, and i’ve started and am almost done with a FBS shawl for my mom! Plus, I casted on for a scarf too! So with three things on the needles going simutaneously I’m in fantastic knitting shape. 

But with my blog hiatus I’ve pretty much missed the bus on a few knit-a-longs that I really would have liked to have been a part of, esp. the sockpaloooza! And the Knit Olympics.  So I’ll be knitting on the sidelines watching all the fun.

There are so many wonderful creations that have been born out of this weird winter! I’ve been especially interested in Grumperina’s and Amelia’s blogs.  Grumpy created two beautiful hats and a "Holy-Crap-I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Finally-Done" shawl for her grandmother.  And Ms. Raitte is a designer extrodinare! Her beautiful new cardigan and another beautiful work in progress keep renewing my love of the knit!

So although I haven’t participated in the knit "conversation" I have been watching, reading, commenting, smiling.   I am in no way going to be such a big "player" in blogland, but I’ll keep my corner of the land cheering and watching and always with something on the needles.