batting .200

After hitting a few home runs, I've found my self in a knitting slump. I was crusing along knitting to my hearts desire, whipping out FOs here and there and now I'm like "Ehe".  The problem I know has to do with the small needles and the teenie tiny yarn that I'm working with for … Continue reading batting .200

my reward

It's been a long, busy, tiring week.  I had no time for knitting nor blogging.  Work was emotionally and energy draining. I ordered a lot of  dinners to tired to cook and have gone to sleep early (except for Thursday*).  There was just no time. So on this beautiful and unseasonably warm Saturday morning, I … Continue reading my reward


I'm feeling all sorts of R-a-n-d-o-m today.  Not like any of my posts have followed a strict beginning, middle and end sequence anyway. - I'm so freakin' happy it's Friday! I had a pretty busy week and finally my on the road phase of my job is drawing to a close.  Today was the final … Continue reading m-a-r-n-d-o