Oooh Boy!

Well hello there!

So I have come to the realization that I will never truly be a routine blogger.  There just isn’t that type of time in my daily schedule, especially now.  I’m putting more miles on my car than the Oscar Meyer Hot Dog Truck but it’s paying off.  Work is getting busier which only means good things but less time to knit and read blogs!  I have been such a lurker this past week only leaving comments here and there.  Know though that I am reading!


Being in the midst of my busy season it’s not hard to fall in love with Calorimetry. (The JulieFrick Shot ;-))

This knit was oh so fabulously fast.  I actually didn’t realize how fast it was until I was casting off.  It lasted though 9 innings of the Yankee game I was watching and only sat around my apartment for a while waiting for a button. 

I have a full head of curly hair so when I saw this pattern knitted up by the 700 some odd people on Ravelry I knew this must be a hit.  For someone who always feels like I can’t wear normal knitted hats because of the curls this is a soon to be staple in my winter wardrobe.  Plus, with the speed at which it was knit I have got to have Calorimetry wardrobe matching headbands!

The yarn is again Malabrigo which I am having a wonderful love affair with.  Manos, if you are reading this you so need to be finding out how they make their yarn so soft!! I still love your colorways but compared to the ‘Brigo you’se rough…

Well the Yanks are blowing it in their first playoff game, so I have to cut this blog post short… BUT

Coming soon… Juliet’s getting buttons!