Handknit Wall Hangings

I've falling in love with wall hangings. I blame Instagram and the endless inspiration is provides. It all began with a very popular account, Lindsey of The Blushing Script. I found her due to my current fascination with calligraphy and hand lettering. I was immediately drawn in with her calligraphy videos and her ease at mastering that … Continue reading Handknit Wall Hangings

On dealing…

It's a truth telling session, ya'll. I am often cheerful and hopeful and Pollyanna about my sons situation but to be true it is so fucking hard sometimes. The appointments and paperwork piles up and all of a sudden I'm drowning and getting a life-saver seems to come through more endless amounts of more paperwork … Continue reading On dealing…

Cocoa Brownies

I recently finished a delightful novel titled The City Baker's Guide to Country Living by Louise Miller that made me yearn to bake! There's something so attractive to me about baking. The process feeds my need to follow a design (see: Knitting) and I thrive on making people happy (see: personality!). I mean who doesn't … Continue reading Cocoa Brownies


I miss you. I miss all of you. I miss blogging about my life and interests but feel so disingenuous if it's not about knitting. Lately, my knitting has been sitting dormant on my night stand, collecting copious amounts of dust. I try to take it out and work on it but ultimately I can't … Continue reading Evolving