Happy Ten Ten Thirteen!

I was talking to another mom the other day and we were commenting on how quickly the days are passing. I honestly feel that the months are moving so quickly that they are being construed as a day of the week!  Like, See you Next August! Or Happy Hump September! and T.G.I.July!


So I am desperately trying to savor October. It is my favorite month for many reasons.


The leaves are changing and the temperature (typically) signals the uncovering of all the knits that are hidden around my house. I can breathe new life into cardigans that have been collecting dust underneath beds and snuggle up with some blankets that have been neglected.

It's the month for Rhinebeck (which was "born" the same year I was)! Not only am I going this year but I am making a full weekend of it! I rented a house with some really amazing knitters and I plan on strolling casually through the stalls instead of the mad dash it usually feels like when I only have mere hours.

And now here's the obvious, it's my birthday!! Happy Ten Ten! WOO! Last year I was all pregnant and to be honest I can't even remember what I did. (Mommy brain I lothe you). But this year, I get to spend it with my son and wonderful husband. No amount of chocolate cake can take the place of the gifts I get everyday from those two men. (but I mean, I will eat my chocolate cake, anyway!)

It's been an amazing year, one that I won't soon forget as the results of this year has managed to drool all over me everyday since. I'm starting to get my knitting grove back which makes me look forward to the year ahead! 

And because I love you all I thought I would give one reader a special treat. Three skeins of this gorgeous Madeline Tosh Pashmina and an interchangeable needle case from Della Q!

You know the drill, leave a comment and I'll pick a lucky ten-ten'er to share the birthday love! Comments close on Saturday 10-12 🙂 (extended love!)

As always, thank you for popping over my blog and enjoying my knit rants – and sticking with me through my baby hiatus! You guys rock.



ETA: Sorry for leaving you guys hanging for a WEEK! Yikes! I did pick a winner though!

ANYA! Congrats to you and I hope you enjoy the yarn! From the looks of it, I may have to do this type of giveaway every 10th of the month! xoxo

105 thoughts on “Happy Ten Ten Thirteen!

  1. regina says:

    Happy birthday, Margaux! I can’t get over your beautiful boy: he’s just adorable. I hope I get to run into you at Rhinebeck: Mindy and I are taking the bus up with the crew from Patricia’s, which is sure to be so much fun! xo


  2. Genna Reed says:

    Hey Margaux! Not sure if you remember me, but I graduated from AHA in ’05…anyway I follow your blog and love your knitting patterns, so keep ’em coming. Also……congrats on your cute little guy!


  3. Jennafer says:

    Happy B’day Miss Margaux! The Bay Area misses you….
    Enjoy every drooly moment with your little love. It goes way too quickly. (Remember baby Finley? He’s going to be 3 next month. Yikes!)
    Love you!


  4. Shan says:

    Time does go by really fast. let’s REALLY try to make a SFAM get-together happen in the next year! I miss you too much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  5. katharine velleman says:

    Happy Birthday Margaux! Glad to hear that life has been good to you this year! May it continue 🙂 Have fun at Rhinebeck!


  6. Melissa Early says:

    Oooh! Love the color!!! Wishing you an amazing birthday and I miss your face! Would love to see the giants beat the bears for you! Plus a bears loss would help my packers!!! (He he) hope you and the family are well. Maybe we can plan to be back in SF at the same time in the near future! Melissa


  7. Jeanie says:

    Happy, happy birthday to you! It is amazing how everything changes once little ones enter your world. Time does speed by at crazy paces. Enjoy the moments with your sweet family. Have a wonderful time at Rhinebeck! I wish I lived closer-someday I will attend.


  8. Linda Rumsey says:

    Happy Birthday. I don’t know where the years go. My son turned twenty last week, yet I don’t feel much older myself!


  9. Allison says:

    Is it 10/10 already? Happy birthday! Your little guy is adorable. I’ve got a drooly 6-month-old, so I feel you on the months flying by (but I have to say some days go on forever).


  10. Alison says:

    Happy Birthday – you sound like you’re in a great place right now! I love the Madeline Tosh Pashmina – the color is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I’m in CA, so Rhinebeck is not in the cards for me.


  11. Susan says:

    Have a happy birthday and a great year ahead! I have never had the pleasure of knitting with Madeline Tosh so winning this prize would be a great treat for me. How nice of you to give gifts on YOUR birthday!


  12. DWJ says:

    Happy birthday! Enjoy your baby hiatus, as a fairly new reader (I started a few months before you gave birth) it has been nice to go back through your archives 🙂


  13. Joyatee says:

    Happy birthday! Thanks so much for being so generous with the giveaway. I have been reading your blog for a while, I always been lurking. It’s so great to see how far your life has changed in this time. Congratulations on everything!


  14. cassandra b says:

    happy birthday!!! my birthday was on the 6th, so i’d love to win this beautiful yarn!!! october really is the best month of the year!


  15. heather says:

    Happy Birthday!! My favorite month is totally October, and can’t wait for Rhinebeck!! Thanks for the great giveaway!


  16. Jeannette In St. Louis says:

    Happy TenTen!! My baby was born on TenTwelve 39 years ago,,,,I love me a Libra! And I’d be ever-so-grateful to win that Pashmina!


  17. le says:

    Happy Birthday. It is a grand month-we are celebrating our wedding anniversary. I am putting that yarn color on my wish list it is luscious.


  18. Katie Lynn says:

    Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely day. It is perfect fall weather here, so I hope you have the same. I am incredibly jealous that you get to go to Rhinebeck! I hope to get there in the next few years.


  19. Linda says:

    Happy Birthday, Miss Margaux !! James is certainly the most precious of gifts a mom could get 🙂
    Love and miss you ~ Linda


  20. Jess in JP says:

    hi margaux! thought i’d throw my hat in the ring and give this giveaway a shot 🙂 happy happy birthday, and have a wonderful time at Rhinebeck!


  21. carla sf says:

    Darling one, happy birthday! Happy mommie to my favorite picture baby day! Happy you lucky duck going to Rhinebeck day! Happy giving the yarn goodness to ME day! I could use it to knit up a tenten pattern! ♥♥


  22. Susanna says:

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday! Enjoy Rhinebeck for me since I can’t make it and say hi to all the Hoboken knitters!


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