With love from San Francisco

I came home to a beautiful package from my San Francisco knitters the other day. I am so touched they thought of me to make Baby H such a beautiful blanket. I miss SF everday (doubly so on those crazy snowy days when I can't leave my house) and know that the time I spent there was truly magical. 

The blanket also came with an amazing smelling little bar of soap and a super cute "key" so that I can tell Baby H which one of his SF aunties made which square!

I love the color and the beautiful crocheted edging. 


We're still counting down the days waiting for him to arrive. It's truly a surreal time which I like to call Knocking on the door of Mommyhood. 

You can check out more pics of this gorgeous blanket on it's Ravelry page: Huffnugget Blanket.  Thank you again my wonderful friends you have truly touched my heart! I cannot wait to wrap Baby H in this blanket!! 

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FO: Big Tile Pullover

I was dreaming of this sweater when I first knew I was pregnant. I loved the thought of a cozy oversized sweater that can be worn with comfy maternity leggings. (Thank you Gap!). I was also lucky to have a whole bunch of Juniper Moon Yearling in the stash which made it all the more easier to cast this on!

I started this before Christmas and it's been sitting in my WIPs pile for a while and well with only a few more weeks to go I figured it was time to finish it! 

I made a few modifications to the original pattern. I decided to remove the waist shaping and make one size larger than I normally would. I also added length to the turtle neck to make it more full and slouchy. If you decide to do so I would add one more ball to your order to make sure you have enough.

Pattern Details
Big Tile Pullover by Me!
Origially published in Interweave Knits, Fall 2012 but now available online as a single pattern purchase
Yarn: Juniper Moon Yearling, MC Cloudy, CC1 Snowball, CC2 Firetruck
Needles: US 10.5 
Queue it up! 



It defnitley will be a sweater I can wear post bump, too. The merino/cotton blend makes it perfect for cool summer nights and the fall.

What are you knitting these days?

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What to Knit When You’re Expecting – Review & Giveaway!

I am a bit behind on book reviews but I cannot NOT blog about this particular book before Baby H arrives!

It's Nikki Van De Car's What to knit When You're Expecting.

I got to know Nikki from my time in Hoboken, NJ while working (and playing) at Patricia's Yarns. I was so thrilled for her when she told me about her new book and I'm so happy to share it here.

The book starts out with some great tips on techniques and baby sizing sizing. I really enjoy the sizing part as I know I am trying to knit things that are seasonal and size appropriate. The book is cleverly divided into 3 sections called Trimesters.


The First Trimester is filled with simple patterns including cute baby mittens, a beautiful honeycomb blanket and these SHORTS (so making those!), it's perfect for those first few months of getting into the pregnancy groove and if you're sick as a dog some simple stockinette is sometimes all you can concentrate with! (not to mention Pregnancy Brain!)

In the 2nd Trimester patterns get a little harder with striping and lace work. My favorites are the Tutu, Ike's Vest and the Autumn Leaves Sweater.




Finally the 3rd Trimester section is brilliantly filled with quick knits! As you get closer to that due date you never know how much knitting you can get done. 


The chicadee hat, time flies booties and the above Owl and Monkey pillows are my favorites here.

All in all a great pattern book that is filled with knits for not only your special one but for friends and family who are also expecting! 

I'm happy to offer a copy to one of my fabulous readers! Leave me a comment by Tuesday, Feb 26th.

Happy Knitting!


Sneak Peek: Hudson Cowl

I feel like it's been ages since I've written up a cowl pattern! With the huge hit of the 5th Avenue Cowl you'd think I'd be all over this. Well, here's a peek at the newest pattern I've been working on – the Hudson Cowl. I like to think of it as the cousin to the 5th Avenue Cowl with similar texture and beauty. The pattern is being tested and should be out soon! 


 It seems that I'm in knitting overdrive! I do have lots to share and it's very possible that when people say "nesting" I hear "knit like there's no tomorrow!" Ok I will. 

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FO: Fable Cardigan


Well I've grown a lot in the last couple of months! 

While I've enjoyed knitting the babe a few things I have also been a bit selfish and made a couple of things for myself. I keep hearing that "things will be different" when the baby comes so might as well capitalize on the knititng time.

I have loved this cardigan ever since I saw Kate wearing it at a workshop held at Patricia's Yarns. I remember at the time she didn't have a pattern written but was working on it. Sure enough a few months later there it was on the Kelbourne Blog! 


The cardigan is simple but stylish and I can already tell a wardrobe staple. I've already worn it so many times and it doesn't bother me that I can't quite button it up!

The only trouble I came across was pooling. I had to alternate skeins for the first time ever to give it a nice continuity. I even paired certain skeins together using the darkest for the collar.

Pattern Details
Fable Cardigan by Kate Gagnon Osborn
Fibre Co. Terra, colorway Butternut
US 6 & US 8 needles
Buttons from JoAnn's. 

I made the 37" size. 

A helpful note for those who make this, for the collar, I picked up 3 for every 4 rows and was pretty much spot on for the stitch count. 

I really can't believe how close it's getting to Baby H's due date. I really truly cannot wait to meet him!


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New Design: Sky Blanket


My second knit for Baby H is this hexagon crib blanket which I call the Sky Blanket. When I was contemplating making him a blanket I knew I wanted it to be a bit out of the ordinary. After searching a few patterns on Ravelry and seeing some inspiring pins on Pinterest I fell in love with a hexagon style blanket.

I decided to chose one color palate and have the colors "blend" from dark to light. After the initial sketch and finished blanket I really do love how it came out!

I even like the "wrong side".


I am so happy to share the blanket love with you all

Sky Blanket


Yarn: Plymouth Encore, 4 balls (one of each color) – I used Natural, Light Grey Blue, Nautical Blue and Navy.
Needles: US 8 (5.0mm)
Notions: Tapestry Needle
Notes: Each hexagon is knitted seperately and then seamed together. The edges are left "raw".

The pattern is sized for a crib blanket but once you get the hang of making the hexagons the size is up to you!  

Queue it up! or


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