Knitting a heirloom

This weekend I am having a good friend stay with us for a little R&R.
She is getting married in November and asked if I could whip her up a little something to wear for her reception. The piece she wants is the angora bolero that the Duchess Kate wore post wedding. I am SO excited to recreate this!


I know there are a few patterns for this out there already – one specifially from Vogue but I think I'm going to do this from scratch for her. She wants a few modifications and it will be good design practice for me.

 I am looking forward to casting on!


WIP: Rocky “East” Coast


Several months ago my friend Jess emailed me with an idea. Seeing that at the time we were both on our seperate coasts how fun would it be to do a knit along with the Rocky Coast cardigan. Our own coast to coast knit along!

Of course I loved it but soon thereafter we found out we were moving back east and the whole KAL got put on hold. But west coast/east coast – the KAL would go on! 

We all chose our favorite colors of Fibre Company Organik and got started. I ended up getting gauge on 11s, while my other KALers got gauge with US10.5s. Let that be a lesson in gauge! No matter what kind of knitter you are there may always be a project you're in need of a different needle.

Jess and Michelle, the other blogless KALers, have already finished their sweaters which means I need to step it up!  One more sleeve and the collar to knit and then we can rock our Coasts!


IK Design: Big Tile Yoke Sweater

I am so excited to share my first Interweave design – the Big Tile Yoke Sweater!

This design was inspired by an awning I saw while walking in the Mission one afternoon. The awning had this bold Moroccan motif that I immediately thought would go perfectly on a yoke sweater.

I know short sleeves on a turtleneck seems a bit backwards but I think it works well as a fall transition piece. 

The yarn is brown sheep Nature Spun and with a gauge of 12 sts over 4" you could conceivably whip this out over a long weekend! I couldn't be happier with out the sweater turned out and love the way it looks one the model. I hope you'll pick up a copy of IK Fall and whip one out for yourself!




Hello there!

Oh hi. Miss me?

I miss you guys too! As a way to maybe make you all stick around, I give you a shot of this pie I made today.


Yea, I can't wait to eat that with a gallon of ice cream, too.

Behind the blog there has been a TON of knitting going on. While mostly for other fabulous designers I do have a few projects for moi that I am looking forward to sharing. Just thought I'd crack that blog ice! 

Hope all is well where you are!

Happy Knitting!