in print, Patterns

pg. 58

It's been a whirlwind month over here and I apologize for the absence! My husband and I had a little traveling to do and I had another fantabulous deadline to prepare for which left the blog a little lonesome. 

There are so many good things to share including my first sweater pattern in print! I'm only a wee bit excited about it. Not that I know the exact page number or anything like that. 

It's a simple sweater with a little peek at the sleeve. I originally imagined it being knitted in a dark color in a yarn with lots of drape like silk or bamboo. For the magazine I knitted it in cotton and added some random stripes. To be honest I loved this result too!

I took a quick shot of myself wearing it before I mailed it out. Sorry for the cropped head – my hair was rediculous that day.

I like that the top I first envisioned as a "going out" top can be transfored into everday wear. I hope you'll grab a copy of VK and cast on one! 

To the queue!

Happy knitting!