Knit Style: Honeycomb Vest

Knit Style: Honeycomb Vest

Knit Style: Honeycomb Vest

I took these pics in route to a lil' fiesta for my friend's 30th birthday. Would you believe this vest has been collecting dust under my bed for over a year now? For shame! 

Knit Style: Honeycomb Vest

shirt: jcrew
jewelry: stella & dot
flats: banana republic
vest: Honeycomb Vest from Knitty!(originally knitted in Oct. 2009

Upon re-reading the original post apparently getting lost and forgotten is this vest's M-O. Gotta fix that. Am thinking of a few outfits this would go perfectly with. 

Happy Knitting!


2011: A Knitters Year

Knits of 2011


What a year. 

I moved to California. One thing I've learned for certain is that I am a coast girl. Living in San Francisco has been a dream so far. A beautiful city with so much to offer – it's been such a blessing to be able to live here. 

I started to knit and design fulltime.  Along with doing a great deal of sample knitting I was able to self publish a few patterns this year including the Felicity Cowl and the Melanie Wrap. The mosaic above reflects a few of the pieces I knitted for myself, add to that my sample knitting and you can only imagine the amount of yarn that has passed through my fingers. It's dizzying. It can be tricky turning a hobby into a career but with help from my friends who have kept me in check I am finding such happiness in it. 

I also started working at a shop in SF called Atelier and if you've been reading here long you know how much that has helped in my cowl obession. It's great to have a LYS in SF as welcoming as my favorite one in Hoboken, Patricia's Yarns.

I raised over $1,000 with a Cowl for Nick and the number keeps on rising. I am so glad to have been able to help in the fight against ALS. I find that I am emailing out a pattern nearly everyday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As I look ahead to the new year I wonder where 2012 will take me. New goals, new inspirations, new ideas – it's all very exciting. I know not to blink because it's gonna go fast.  SO here we go… 


FO: Grey Rabbit

Grey Rabbit

I swear I am making gifts for people but when this rabbit fur was back in stock at Atelier I had to "Stop the PRESSES" and make one for myself. 

Rabbit Fur Cowl

One ball of the rabbit and one ball of cashmerino aran (it's in there, trust me!!) = amazing. I am now obsessed with making a hat, a muff, maybe even a vest. It's rabbit hysteria!

I know you want some, so give a call to Atelier SF 415 771 1550 and tell Linda to put you on the list for the next shipment. Tell her Margaux said so. 😉 Because if you can believe after being in stock for only a week, this grey is already sold out! (Purple, red-black, black and green are there!)

Back to knitting reality – I cannot believe it's only 6 days until Christmas.  How are you holding up? Should we all plan a late night Christmas Eve knit-a-thon?? I am game to burn the midnight oil and pour a few bottles of vino to get it done. I am dedicated like that.

knit style

Knit Style: Minimalist Cardigan

Knit Style: Minimalist Cardigan

Sweater: Minimalist Cardigan (knit in 08 but seamed 2009 – original post)
Cowl: Atelier Cowl (ravelry link)
Dress from Marmalade
Glasses: Bonlook
Boots: Frye  (sorry they got cut off!)

Sorry I got sidetracked with my knit style posts! I had originally wanted to do this weekly or at least bi-weekly and realized I had only done the ONE! So here I am all gussied up for work. I even washed my hair.

Knit Style: Minimalist Cardigan

My minimalist cardigan is high in the rotation. I love how simple and straightforward the pattern is and I almost forgot how much I love moss stitch. Not to mention the yarn from foxfire fiber… swoon.


FO: Empire Hat

Grey hat

Who doesn't love a super fast and easy hat!?

I know I really should be concentrating on my christmas gifts but I couldn't help myself!I was inspired by an image of a hat I had saved from way back in 2006. At that time I didn't have enough design skill to know what exactly needed to be done but now knew exactly what to do!

Empire Hat

I am calling this hat Empire. I always find it hard naming my knitted pieces so when I asked some friends to help, Julie was spot on who thought it had a city feel. I completely agree.

Although I know I knit at an above average speed I guarantee you can make this hat in a day (or two)! I made the grey hat going to and from Napa (about an hour drive both ways).  A perfect last minute knitted gift – just in time, too! There are only 12 more days until Christmas!! 


Bulky weight uarn: White hat – Katia Peru, 1 ball, Grey Hat – Artfibers Vinya – approx. 140 yards
Other suggested yarns: Quince & Co. Puffin or 

Needles: US 10 [6mm] & 10.5 needles [6.5mm]

Stitch Marker
Tapestry Needle 

To fit a woman's average head size. (Hat measures 18" around.)



or Queue it up!

PS. I am also rocking my Atelier cowl – I loved it so much that after I gifted it I made myself one!


WIP Wednesday: Socks

I can't believe I am going to say this but I want to knit my cold feet a pair of socks.

It may shock a few people by saying this but socks aren't my favorite thing to make. I don't know, maybe I am just a sweater and cowl girl and trying to find the time to knit socks between them is hard. Let's not even discuss the socks I owe a certain person who shall not be named here. 

But here I am, my feet being particularly cold this November begging me to over come my sock block.  


Wouldn't you know, I don't know what all my fuss was about? 

I may be making a few more socks this winter as I am also loving these socks in the new knitty


Holiday Knitting: Favorite Patterns

When I talk about knitting christmas presents to some of my friends they believe me to be a bit delusional. Socks, chrsitmas stockings, slippers, shrugs, and blankets all are on the list of things I percieve myself to be able to make by the looming 25th. Some are even "due" before.

There is no time to rip out so I must use tried and true patterns to make sure that these presents are worth it. So, if you're like me and want to crank out one more christmas gift here are a few patterns that I think may inspire you.

Stocking caps! This is originally from the Holiday Knits book but they made available this pattern for this holiday. Is it wrong I may want to wear this ALL the time starting tomorrow.

Chunky Cowl

The Luxe Cowl. I suspect more than one person out in the universe is making this as a present this holiday. I've gotten numerous emails regarding it and how wide it is. According to my gauge (8sts over 4 inches) and measurement it should be about 32in around. Feel free to adjust according to your wanted style. Along those lines if you're feeling like you want to do something GOOD this holiday season too – check out my 5th Avenue Cowl. I'll email you the pattern when you make a donation to the ALS foundation. (You know how much I love my cowls.)


By far my favorite sock pattern for a guy is Thuja. This fabulous Knitty pattern is knit with DK weight yarn on size US6 needles. I've made a pair for both my husband, father and brother. They've all requested another pair this year.

mac & me blanket

If you're going blanket, I suggest the Lattice Stitch by Mac & Me. It's knit with two strands of Blue Sky Organic cotton on size US 15 needles. The above blanket was knit by my friend Patricia, who also sells the pattern and yarn at her shop (www.patriciasyarns.com). It's size is perfect for a snuggle on the couch or adorning the crib for one of your favorite new moms.


And if you only have an hour to knit - Korkniesse! I make about a dozen of these little guys each holiday. I mean how can you deny their cuteness! It's the perfect handmade ornament to top off any present be it store bought or handmade. Plus, when I talk about fast to make, I could have finished one faster than writing this blog post.

When you're finishing knitting make sure you wrap them up with these gift cards from Knitterella. Remember just because it's fast doesn't mean it was cheap and not thoughtful. Us knitters need many a hand massage come Jan. 1. (I know I will!)

What are you favorite holiday knit patterns?