FO: Rabbit Fur Cowl

Rabbit Fur Cowl

I am the first to admit I was wrong. When Atelier got a shipment of this rabbit fur yarn my initial reaction was, "Seriously? I just got this in my trick bag for halloween!" I swore up and down that I would never be caught dead knitting with it. Leave it to Amanda to make me put my knitting in my mouth. This is no fun fur.

Rabbit Fur

While I completely get what makers of fun fur or other eyelash yarn are going for there is no duplicating the real thing. This yarn which is exclusive to Atelier is made from actual rabbit pelts. Now before you get all PETA on me and start splashing my blog with cans of paint – the rabbit that this fur comes from is harvested for its meat. All those hides that would have gone to waste are used to create this unique yarn. As far as I know this is the first actual rabbit yarn on the market. It makes for a beautiful fabric just like the scarves or vests you would get at Neiman Marcus for a fraction of the price.

Atelier currently carries this red/black, a dark green, black (worn by the fabulous Linda below) and the currently sold-out grey/black color below. It was that cowl that turned my mind around. 


It was my mother that fell in love with red/black blend. During her Thanksgiving visit we went to Atelier and she walked out with a skein of the red and while she wanted to make it herself, I couldn't help taking it from her.

Now she has something luxurious to wear on her flight home…

Rabbit Fur Cowl

and I have a reason to use my "people's eyebrow" model pose. You're all welcome.


Winner of Coastal Knits!

How fitting is this?


A TEN!!!

Congrats to Sillylittlelady!! I hope you enjoy Coastal Knits as much as I do!

I promise to get back to regularly scheduled blogging this week! It feels so good to be done with a few deadlines and to have some breathing room. My swift and ball winder are getting a good workout while I plan for some new knits for both me and some lucky recipents this holiday.

Hope you all had a fabulous and peaceful Thanksgiving! 


Coastal Knits Blog Tour!

Perhaps you've already heard of this beautiful gem called Coastal Knits

This gorgeous self published pattern book from the minds of Alana Dakos and Hannah Fettig has been making it's way around the interwebs and I'm so excited to be the next stop on their blog tour! I remember first seeing the pattern book preview on Hannah's blog and found I couldn't email her fast enough to get a copy. The sweater that got me like so many others was the Rocky Coast Cardigan.

Coastal Knits is a compliation of 10 gorgeous patterns that are sure to please every knitter. Alana and Hannah have beautiful taste and I love how their patterns compliment each other.

I especially love the inspiration stories behind each pattern they created. Even if you've never been to Maine or California the descriptions of their favorite locations makes you feel like you've stranding there with them amongst the eucylptus trees or walking along the The West End.

The yarns they used were carefully selected from their respective coasts including some of my favorites – Quince & Co. and Fibre Co and ones that I hope to try from Pigeonroof Studio and Alpenglow. As for the patterns? By the looks of Ravelry and the number of sweaters already made they are well tested and knitter approved! 

I'm so excited to be able to give you another way to win yourself a copy of this fabulous pattern book! Leave me a comment by midnight EST tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 22)

For other stops on the blog tour visit these fabulous blogs! And most importantly – order yourself a copy for your knit library!

Saturday, October 15 – Never Not Knitting Podcast hosted by Alana and Hannah
Monday, October 17 – Kate Oates of Tot Toppers
Tuesday, October 18 – Knitmore Girls, podcast review
Wednesday, October 19 – Mary Joy Gumayagay, Coastal Knits’ wonderful graphic designer
Friday, October 21 – Romi Hill of Designs by Romi
Monday, October 24 – Andrea Sanchez, adventures of a sample knitter
Wednesday, October 26 – Kelbourne Woolens, distributors of The Fibre Company
Friday, October 28 – Allegra Wermuth, of Petite Purls
Monday, October 31 – Susan B. Anderson
Wednesday, November 2 – Carrie Bostick Hoge, of Maddermade and Quince & Co.
Friday, November 4 – Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic
Monday, November 7 – Nicole Dupuis, sample knitter chronicle
Wednesday, November 9 – Ariane Caron – Lacoste of Falling Stitches
Friday, November 11 – Deirdre Kennedy, adventures of a sample knitter
Monday, November 14 – Shannon Cook of Luvin the mommyhood
Wednesday, November 16 – Anne Hanson of Knitspot
Friday, November 18 – Julie Crawford of Knitted Bliss
Monday, November 21 – Margaux Hufnagel of tentenknits
Monday, November 28 – Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops
Wednesday, November 30 – Jaala Spiro of Knit Circus
Friday, December 2 – Cecily Glowick MacDonald of Winged Knits
Monday, December 5 – Veronika Jobe of Yarn on the House
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Must Have Book: Bust DIY Guide to Life

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to go to the book signing and party for Debbie Stoller & Laurie Henzel's new book the Bust DIY Guide to Life


The signing took place at the same shop where I acquired my Little Red Bicycle yarn, Princess Animal. It's a small yarn shop that lives in the back of the Serendipty card store on Valencia and 21st in the Mission. When my friend Sarah first told me about the book signing I thought simply of meeting Stoller. I mean, it's not often you can meet the lady who is responsible for your craft addition.

What I wasn't prepared for was what this book was actually about. This was no simple encyclopedia of crafts. 


There are 350+ pages of great useable information from growing your own vegetables, starting your own craft business (hmmm!), getting rid of cockroaches, or making a hairdo like the late Amy Winehouse. I even crossed checked my "emergency bag" with the items that they listed for their diy disaster kit. (I ended up adding ziplock bags and fem supplies)

There is even instructions on making a coin purse out of a cassette tape and now I wish I had held on to all those tapes I would get with my Jem dolls.


Like it's title, it truly is a Guide to Life – giving you all the instruction to take control in any part you think needs some help. Hone in on your craft side with friendship bracelets, etched glasses, or tea towels. Try to enhase the foodie in you with making your own mozzerella or one of their fabulous coctails. Take control of your career with resume writing, speech giving, or shameless self promotion. What's more, like all other Debbie Stoller books it's the TONE that brings you in.

This isn't a book talking down to you or reads like stereo instructions – no, it's got a way about it that says, "So you wanna wear your hair in a beehive today at work? Right on! Lemme show you how." It's that inviting tone that makes me consider going out to get some worms to get my compost on.

We should all be thankful that back in '93 Laurie and Debbie decided to put their collective genius to work and begin producing a magazine like Bust. It's led to so many wonderful opportunities and projects that have cumulated to this fabulous DIY book.

Thank you so much to Kathy, owner of Princess Animal for being on the book tour! I really enjoyed making snow globes, having a some wine and talking about the state of feminism. A HUGE thank you to Laurie and Debbie for being so badass. Can't wait to see what you ladies do next!

I'm happy to have an extra copy of this fabulous Bust DIY Guide to Life to give to one of my readers! Leave me a comment on the best advice you've ever received on anything in life (be it car mechanics, cooking, or how to get that darn red wine out of your knitting ;-)) from your mom or any other important female in your world.

(Comments will close Thursday midnight EST)

And then it was done..., Patterns

FO: Seersucker Capelet

Seersucker Cape

Finished Capelet Measurements (around body)
40”, 43”, 49”, 52”
sample knit in 43”

Cascade Lana Grande (100% Peruvian Highland Wool) 4, 4, 5, 5 skeins in 6047, and one scrap for CC cast on. Great substitute: Rowan Big Wool

One 20” and 40” circular needle (circ) in size US 13 [9.0mm]
Or size to obtain gauge

• Stitch markers 
• Tapestry needle

10.5sts and 15 rnds = 4” in seersucker stitch  


This was an idea that just wouldn't leave my head from the moment I started looking at Wrap Style again. I simple but cozy capelet.  The original plan was to make the cape long enough so that I had to make slits for where my hands would pop out but I decided to stop just above the elbow. That original sketch still lingers on my mind so you never know what could be coming next.

I had quite the educational time working on the pattern. I even ripped the whole thing out and started over. The CC color on the collar was originally a provisional cast on (at the time I was eager to get to the shaping and thought I'd complete the rest of the neck later) but after showing it to a few people they all loved that pop of color and I kept it in!

All in the creative process right?  What I'm left with is a cute, cozy, shoulder warmer, with a collar that can be buttoned or pinned up to be a turtleneck should the chilly weather sneak up on me.

Queue it up! or buy now!

Happy Knitting!


52 Days until Christmas

I recieved an email yesterday from a friend who is orgaizing a secret santa knit exchange and the words "there are 52 days until Christmas" made me choke on my coffee.

What the what! When did it turn into November? I should have seen the warning signs. The change in the weather, the pumpkin spice coffee at Starbucks, October… but for some reason it didn't register that time was of the essence with knitting presents.

I have a ton on my knitting plate this fall too aside from making gifts. It's been very exciting for me and I can't wait to share it all here – but in the meantime…:)

It's the weekend of the Interweave Knit Lab. I signed up for classes months ago and when I did November seem like a far off time but here it is! I am looking forward to seeing some old friends and have already had the chance to hang out with two of my favorite girls, Courtney and Kate. Like they said, we had some really great Indian food, I got to sing to them the opening song of Full House, and we went to a place that serves beer, wine, pie and ice cream. A fantastic day indeed.

Now that that fun day is over it's time to get refocused on knitting. Heck, if all else fails, everyone is getting jewelry.


Library Gem: Wrap Style

Wrap Style
Is it just me or are capes and capelets really IN right now. It's a moment like this that I love when I can go into my knit library and find a book I bought years ago that still stands up!

Wrap Style features 24 wraps, caplets and a very popular shawl which was the reason I bought the book in the first place. 

I think we often fear that we'll buy a knitting book and find that it is SO dated by the next year. To be honest it wasn't until I had a customer looking for a fun wrap to make that I pulled this book off the shelf. As we were flipping through the book I was getting more and more excited about the fact that I still wanted to make all those patterns! And did you know that it comes with wonderful instruction on how to make a cape of your own? 

A sneak peek…

Seersucker Sneak peek!

Pattern coming soon! (in the mean time check out Wrap Style, I know you won't be dissapointed!)