Friendship Bracelets

Sharing the bracelet love

It's out! The new Petite Purls magazine with a friendship bracelet tutorial from yours truly! It was an honor to work with the wonderful Allegra and Brandy for their fabulous e-magazine. I hope you'll go check it out, buy some DMC floss and make a few for you, your kid, your bestie, and the list could go on!

If you want an added frienship bracelet bonus check out my tutorial for a 4-sided braid which can be found here

Happy bracelet making!


8 thoughts on “Sharing the bracelet love”

  1. Hi Margaux-I have two bracelets that are like the orange and yellow one. The first is black/white and yellow and has a wavy design. The second one is blue/yellow that my friend Ava made for me.
    What kind of bracelets do you like to wear?
    Lucia (ann’s daughter)


  2. Those are some fun friendship bracelets. Like so colorful! I’m thinking of getting personalized jewelry for me and my friends. I know they’re a bit more expensive than the threaded ones you’ve shown, but like I want these customized bracelets to last. Or maybe I’ll get two sets — we’ll see!


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