FO: Aidez


Pattern: Aidez by Cirilla Rose
Yarn: Cascade Eco Wool, 2 balls
Needles: US 10.5
Ravelry Notebook 

I totally have a crush on this sweater. Its pretty, extremely wearable and a very quick knit. I still cannot get over that it was free. I fighting my desire to cast on because I didn't want to be a part of the bandwagon but I after seeing so many beautiful versions I could not deny myself any longer!

I made no modifications to the pattern. I usually roll that way. In the case of full disclosure mine came out ever so snug around the sleeves and armholes. Upon looking it up in Ravelry it seems I wasn't alone in this. If I decided to make it again I would go up a size for the sleeves for a looser "oversized" fit – which is what I think was the intended design.



I love nothing more than a sweater that will be worn to pieces. I have no doubts Aidez will get just as much rotation as my Belfast Hoodie (another HOT crush). It's the perfect layering sweater. 


The sweater I am crushing on next: Amy Christoffer's Larch Cardigan 

(And yes, I apprently hae an undying crush on my striped tank, too.)




I had the amazing chance to visit Portland, OR last week before the madness of the Sock Summit would take over this beautiful city. I know, you're probably thinking WHY did you not wait another week? Well, while I know I am missing the West Coast Yarn Event of the year (outside of Stitches West, so I've heard) and Portland's Official Sock Knitting Week, I enjoyed having Portland ALL To my SELF. I kept imagining the hoards of sock knitters that would be walking the streets today! I bet is a glorious sight. 

Portland is a fascinating city. Located in the northern tip of Oregon it's got a bustling downtown with an undeniable vibe to it. It's definitely a crafters paradise with many yarn, fabric and art stores. Sadly, I only got to venture to one yarn shop this trip but hope to visit many more next time!

Knit Purl

Knit-Purl was steps from my hotel. Such luck! It was a beautiful shop. I especially loved the clear signs above the yarns showing you to what weight you were browsing through. Plus, they even have an automatic yarn baller.  

Alpha B

I purchased a skein of the Alpha B sock yarn. The independent dyer is from Vancouver, WA and apparently can't keep her yarn on the shelves. I bought this limey green to make a Stripe Study shawl for myself. Am thinking of adding a grey skein…  

Powell's Books

I also went to their gargantuan bookstore Powell's. I was totally unprepared for what was a mini city of books!! Room after room after room filled with everything you can think of. They were even preprared for the Sock Summit members by tagging all the instructor's books!

Powell's knew what was right!

If for nothing else I will SO be going back to Portland for another trip to Powells. Amazing.

I leave you with a little story. My husband asked me to check our flights going back to SF to see if we would have time to go visit one of our favorite wineries, Erath. I did and saw that we were leaving at 8:30pm. He was done at 3 which gave us plenty of time to go for a quick tasting! YEA! So off in our rental car we went!  

Can't go anywhere...

Their property sits on a high hill in the Willemette valley Region. SO beautiful. If you have a chance to get to Erath or to try their wine, DO! We had a lovely time and even got a few bottles sent to our home. 


So we make our way to the airport and begin to check in, only neither of us can find our reservation. We go to the airline agent and he gives us this quizzical look. "San Francisco? That flight left about an hour ago!"  

I certain of an injustice done to us by the airline* quickly got out my phone and began to search for my confirmation – I was positive that it said 8:30. When I got the email up I proudly displayed it to the agent and my husband who both looked at my phone then at me. "It says we arrive at 8:30 in SF. Our flight was at 6:30."


Hey, at least we got to taste some really good wine.

*btw, we flew Alaska airlines which has incredible customer service! They put us on the next flight out without making feel bad or having us pay a cent more. Quite a change from some of the other airlines we've flown with!

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Cherry


OH how tan I was!

Cherry made in 2007
Yarn: Elann Sonatta
Original Post

This is sweater is one of my most 'hearted' projects in my Ravelry notebook (2nd to my Heather Hoodie Vest). A beautiful short sleeved cardigan sweater by the wonderful Anna Bell. 

I remember even now working on the sleeves during my epic 10 hr delay in Heathrow airport. I was the chaperone for a school trip taking 43 girls to Italy for two weeks.  Did I ever tell you all about that experience? Due to some breakdown in the baggage area in Heathrow there was all hell breaking loose. So much so that for half of us on the trip had to wait an extra week to receive our luggage. Take a moment and think about this: 20 teenage girls without their luggage for One Week. TWENTY.


I learned patience, compassion and love that week. I saw girls who willingly gave of themselves (and their clothes) to those who saw this as the most devastating moment of their lives. Some pieces of luggage never made it back to their owners. I'm sure they shared their story in many a college application essay.

But let's get back to the sweater shall we? I love love love this piece – such a great construction and beautiful design. The yarn and sweater have held up beautifully since. 

I'm currently in Portland leaving for SF tonight. This city is facinating to me. I'll speak more on that on Monday. I also have a finished and blocked Aidez to share… luvre luvre love.

have a great weekend!


Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies


We have been roaming around the PacNW this week. We drove all around the Olympic Pennisula and made stops at Forks*, Hoh Rainforest and Ruby Beach. I am such in awe at this part of our country that I burst out in song every time I caught a gilmpse the summit of Mt. Olympus. I'm very grateful to our rental car and it's thick glass windows for letting people only see how crazy I am rather than hear. My husband no fat chance but word on the street is that he actually likes my singing.

*oh you betcha I took a pic with the town sign and of the Twilight shops! Dazzling. HA.


New Yarn on the Street: The Wool Dispensary

Have you heard of the Wool Dispensary? They are a new independent dye team of Bree Miller & Sam Boice (who look pretty fun if you ask me!). Their mission is to create gorgeous kettled dyed yarns sourced from small mills and farms from around the US.

Twd Sport Weight

Bree contacted me via Ravelry to help support their effort to get them to the Yarn Con!


Their first batch of yarns are inspired by colors from the Circus. I really love the bright, playful colors. I can't wait to get a few skeins for myself!!!

Good luck Girls!

Help them get to Yarn Con via Kickstart!

Learn more about The Wool Dispensary!

Friday Links

Friday Links: Things I’d Like to Make This Weekend


Coffee & Lavender Sugar Body Scrub : Joy the Baker 

A kicked up summer coozie! : Make Grow Gather

A pitcher of Sangira : Brunellos Have More Fun

More Friendship Bracelets for RockAndPurl's Swap : RockAndPurl

Toilet Paper Roll Creatures : Craft

I did come home with some goodies from the Oakland Fiber Fest, BTW. Another beautiful skein of yarn from Sincere Sheep and a super cute needle gauge from Girl on the Rocks! Lurve!


Oakland Fiber Fest!

My friend Erin and I took a trip over the Bay Bridge to go to the Oakland Fiber Fest held this past Sunday in the Piedmont district. While it was a small-ish festival there were some amazing finds!

Girl on the Rocks

Girl on the Rocks Yarn

Not only do I love the name of her company but her hand dyed yarns are SO soft. 

And of course my other fav, Sincere Sheep! I got to meet Brooke who was so awesome and dedicated to her yarn!

Sincere Sheep!

We also made a stop at a Verb for Keeping Warm one of my favorite LYS in Oakland. All this fiber goodness made me realize that I must get over to Oakland more often!