Snow Cowl

Bulky yarns are truly in this season. Every catalouge or store I've seen and been to has a vast array of bulky scarves and cowls. Bulky yarns scream cozy, warmth and for a knitter - instant gratification. The temperature in the northeast has gone from 75 to 55 in the last two days. It seems … Continue reading Snow Cowl

Eye Candy Friday

A sneak peak at a new pattern I am working on! It's a simple yet elegant vest made out of Rowan Cocoon.  After the Arrowhead Vest (which I'm also hoping to publish soon), I've been slowly embracing the process that goes into designing. I'm having so much fun doing things from scratch - even if … Continue reading Eye Candy Friday


I have a problem.  It's not that I can't say "no", it's just that I don't want to. Wanna open another bottle of wine?  Yes. Wanna *bake some chocolate chip cookies tonight? Yes So when my LYS got their shipment of Madeline Tosh Sock my eye caught this gorgeous light cranberry color - Wanna knit … Continue reading Penelope

For the home

Simple Mitered Cushion - 14 x 14Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fine - color antiqueNeedles: US 9s Raveled. A large unsuccessful sweater turns into a highly successful chair pillow.  Yea!  (It goes with a certain blanket too!)

ten. ten. ten.

It's here. The birthday of birthdays. the big three oh. and what a conicidence it's a perfect 10. Good bye twenties. I won't miss all the confusion, the loss of direction, the akward beginnings of things. I will miss the sheer freedom, the fancy free nights, the feeling that you don't have to use mositureizer … Continue reading ten. ten. ten.