What’s cooking.

After posting that super fast scarf the other day I got to thinking about what else is lingering in my small apartment on the needles and thought I'd give you a little rundown on the UFO department.

From oldest to newest (thank god for Ravelry, right?)


1. Phildar Pullover – I had written about this sweater a while ago talking about how I "re-fell-in-love" with it. But unfortunately it hasn't moved from that spot since then.  I do love the color and think it will be a great pullover sweater but just am still more intrigued to knit different things right now.


2. Orla – this hat was a inspired by one of my favorite designers, Orla Kiely.  It also happens to be one of my first forays into fair isle. The hat is paused because I ran out of yarn and never got a new ball! Really what needs to happen is that I need to start it over with all new yarn or find one more of the one that I'm missing… yea whatever.

Zickzack Tunic

3. Zickzack Tunic – I actually dug this out from the bottom of my yarn bin a few weeks ago.  I finished the front and need to start on the back.  I am actually really excited about finishing this sweater and hopefully will have something to show off before the end of the year.

Lightweight Pullover

4. Lightweight Pullover – This is just a matter of timing. I had started it right after Rheinback last year and then got sucked into so many other knits last winter. This is the other sweater I hope to complete before the year is up. I think once the temps start dropping it's going to reclaim it's space in my go-to knit bag.


5. Rambling Rows – This blanket it's about half way done. It's so large now that it's an at home only knit. I like to take it out if I just need that mindless garter stitch to get me through a stress free evening. I'm in no rush to finish it so I think it's going to be a while for that big reveal.

In an effort of full disclosure, I'm pretty sure that's not everything but just everything I've managed to find at this moment. Not to mention the fact that I start new projects on a very regular basis. I even have two in my purse right now that I haven't blogged or cataloged in Ravelry yet! It's going to be one knit packed fall and winter.

What's lingering in your UFO pile?


In the meantime…

Oh hello dear friends!

Sorry for being the absentee blogger here. I've been terrible both as a writer and a reader of blogs as of late.  On the brightside it just really means that life is busy over here at Chez Tenten but be assured I've been knitting all the while.  I am still loving the toy knitting and am missing my two animal friends who are residing at special homes.

While I am working on a lovely lace scarf in some gorgeous Madeline Tosh, I'm here to share with you a super fast cowl that I whipped up over the weekend. It's a total Bloomingdales knock off and so easy that it's practically a no brainer for you to make one of your own!

I call it the Luxe Cowl.

Chunky Cowl

What you need:
 Two Balls of Rowan Drift
 US 13 needles circs

Cast on 64 stitches – join in the round.
Begin working 4×4 ribbing.
Work until 2nd ball is done.
Block it.
Rock it.
Ravel It.

Blocking does make all the difference in this scarf. It allows the ribbing to lie just a little flatter than normal.

Cozy Cowl

It's entering into my favorite time of year – fall. I love the crisp smell in the air. I love the layering of my clothes.  And of course I love that it's all the more reason to get my knitting needles out.

Chunky Knit Love