Open Post: Hosted by hippo in my apt

Hey dudes!

So one day I turned around and found this little hippo sitting on my windowsill.   She came in like a flash and made herself right at home. Every time I turned around she was in a different part of my apartment.  Usually I found her rummaging through my pantry looking for some grass to chew on or in the tub taking a dip to cool herself off.  I even caught her outside trying to chew on my flowers!  I kinda let her get away with it sometimes because I'm a sucker for that face and she's a pretty darn good hugger.

Pattern: Hippy in Itty Bitty Toys
Yarn: Koigu, 2 balls
Needles: US 5s

can you hear this?

And those ears!!  Talk about a great listener. I can yap and yap and yap and she's just right there nodding away.   Even hubby was taken in by her! She's quite the PS3 player.

I like big butts

Recently though I've been catching  her looking out the window thinking about where to next.  I think she's ready to go to a soon to be new mom who would love her instant charm.  There's no doubt that wherever she goes she's gonna bring joy to her new family.


For now, she'll be hanging on my couch getting ready to watch her favorite show, Planet Earth. (Reality TV for Hippos)


oh hello there!

It's me, Tentenknits, all up in your blog reader!  yeah, i know, where have I been?

Well, I've finally come out from under all the boxes, paints and happy chaos that is buying your own home!  It truly was a brutal process typified by trying to get a mortgage.  Not to mention we got to experience more stress than imaginable right up right up until the very end.  Hello, 4:45pm phonecall on Friday telling me, "I may not close on Monday and we'll just have to wait and see on that morning 'cause everyone's gone for the day", yeah I'm talking to you.

But enough of that – it's behind me now and I freely and willingly Let You Go! (visualize me skipping away to the oblivion to the sound of the Smurff's theme song)   Plus, I know you're ALL dying to see the place so without further ado I bring you a few shots from the new Casa De DiezDiezTejer.

Living Room


My little Outdoor Space

Our bedroom is a mess and the bathroom is TINY so figured no use in showing you that… and yes, as you can see there's a lot that still needs to be done but Holy Lord Jesus In Heaven I am so happy to be settled!! 

But what's that you spy on the couch there? Ahh, yes a little Welcome to your New Home present for Moi. The beginnings of my very own Rambing Rows (or as I like to call it Rose).  My husband is pumped about this knit.  He has been so patient with me in the past in regards to getting his own blanket.  I've helped my LYS sew a few together for different charities and each time Husband would lie under them as I did an edge and just say, "Can't we keep it?" and my reply was always, "Nope."  So when we go the keys to our new home I thought it was time darling husband got a nice big blanket to call his own.

Rambling Rows

The yarn is the lovely Spud & Chloe sweater.  Great colors and superwash! Can't beat that for a good couch throw blanket.  I hope to also pair it with a few pillows made of the stuff.  I'm all about the home knits these days! Oh and garter stitch, my fried brain thanks you.

Anyway, it was about time I got back to my regularly-ish scheduled knit blogging.  I'm still working on the sweater pattern who's popularity seriously humbled me to no end! (thank you!!) AND I have some other crafty goodness up my sleeve! 

All in all it feels good to be "home".

Thanks for being patient with me and I look forward to updating you with some good inspiring knitting!