knit love.

Knit Love

You all really know how to make a girl feel awesome! All your comments and love for my latest sweater has been so wonderful, thank you!  I am getting the pattern written up and test knitted so expect it in May!

I am off this weekend to AC with the hubby to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.  One full married year.  It's been amazing, changing, and lightning fast.  And boy I can't wait for many many more.  :-) Love you, babe!!

I really do appreciate all the support and adoration you all have shown! 🙂 Awe shucks! Have an amazing weekend everyone!

PS. Card is from JackCards! I ended up buying a set from my favorite sale site Gilt.  If you haven't signed up you so should, the sales are amazing 🙂


Bashful Knitting

I'm kinda embarrassed. I really am.  I think it's because I sometimes like to fly under the radar and don't like people to know all of my business.  I like the element of privacy or just perhaps aloofness?  I don't like being so predictable.  And yet I am a creature of habit and comfort.  When it comes to knitting I usually am a Open Book, I'll tell you ALL about it and let you examine everything.  This time, well I'm just a little shy to admit how this beautiful sweater came to be.

Summer Cardigan

In my grand defense I have just finished a wonderful and seemingly long Spring Break.  I had a little over 10 days off and had originally scheduled those days as the "painting, cleaning, packing, moving around" days.  Well, it seemed that mortgage companies don't go by any other schedule but their own and am still waiting for the final word. (homebuyers out there – ya feeling me on this craziness?)  So I went to Plan B and did the next best thing – I knitted.  

A lil something for me!

I have been loving all the long coated cardigans I've seen lately and decided to design one for myself.  I have been feeling the desire to design a sweater for a while now but have been a little too busy to really get it going.  Hats and scarves seemed so much easier to try and create – sweaters just intimidated me.  I did this one in a super easy peasy – no shaping – way and I am so thrilled with the result. 

I have always loved the Arrowhead Pullover pattern ever since I saw it on  Eunny's blog a few years ago (can you believe I am saying years ago? Dudes, it was in 06!)  and decided to incorporate that stitch pattern into the design of my cardigan.

Summer Sweater

Arrowhead is one of those deceivingly hard looking but ridiculously easy stitch patterns.  It really opened up after blocking, too.

Being that it was a summer sweater I naturally went for the summery yarn.  Cottons and I have a weird love/like relationship. I love the end result but sometimes I just don't like knitting with it.  It doesn't have any of the spring a wool does.  You can't "flow" with it and knitting takes that extra little oomph… well, I hadn't met Blue Sky Skinny Cotton yet.  I think that's pretty much all I want to knit with all summer long.  Skinny Cotton cardigans, pullovers, throw pillows… you name it.  Not to mention the array of colors are beautiful!

Summer Sweater

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Blue Sky Skinny Cotton, 6 balls
Needles: Addi Turbos, US7s

That little knit funk I was in?  Gone now.  Thanks to this lovely frock and have you seen Que Sera?  Hello, beautiful.

So what's the big deal you ask?  Why so embarrassed?? Well, um, what would you say if I told you I casted-on on a Friday and it finished blocking on a Wednesday?

Yeeeaaaa, I kno.





There's something magical about the Spring.  There's an element of rebirth in every aspect of nature.  Trees are flowering, grass growing, people have emerged from their homes and are out enjoying the sunshine.  Particularly, after this brutal winter weather I think everyone was ready to bust out their doors!

Pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda Teague – Raveled
Yarn: Madeline Tosh Sock
Needles: Size 6 Addi Circulars

I for one was no exception.  I am loving the warmer weather and cannot wait to get my spring knitting on.  When Patricia got her shipment in this past fall I grabbed this color knowing it would be the perfect ummph to get me out of the winter "waa waahs".  I started the shawl in early December carrying it with me wherever I went and it soon became the project that just never seemed to get done. At first I was a little discouraged because I wanted to have an FO to show.  I did some behind the blog-scenes projects like baby booties and other "secret knitting" which made this project take a little longer than expected. I even left it at my local Panera after knit night one week and it was kept safe and sound for me by one of the workers who returned it the follow week!  This poor shawl has had an adventure of it's own.


 The pattern is very well written and like many other Ishbel makers I did a bit of a combo of the pattern.   I decided to do the Large portion of the regular stockinette and did the Small directions for the lace charts.  I probably had enough yarn left over to do one more repeat but am happy with the finished size.

It's really a perfect springtime shawl and I really cannot get enough of the color!  I actually snuck a last minute bright orange chunky scarf earlier this month which I posed on the Patricia's Yarns blog. I am predicting that orange/yellow is going to be SO in this spring 🙂

Arrowhead Vest

That is if my new lilac sweater doesn't take over… details to follow 🙂

Happy Spring!!