knit love.

You all really know how to make a girl feel awesome! All your comments and love for my latest sweater has been so wonderful, thank you!  I am getting the pattern written up and test knitted so expect it in May!I am off this weekend to AC with the hubby to celebrate our 1 year … Continue reading knit love.

Bashful Knitting

I'm kinda embarrassed. I really am.  I think it's because I sometimes like to fly under the radar and don't like people to know all of my business.  I like the element of privacy or just perhaps aloofness?  I don't like being so predictable.  And yet I am a creature of habit and comfort.  When … Continue reading Bashful Knitting


There's something magical about the Spring.  There's an element of rebirth in every aspect of nature.  Trees are flowering, grass growing, people have emerged from their homes and are out enjoying the sunshine.  Particularly, after this brutal winter weather I think everyone was ready to bust out their doors! Pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda Teague - … Continue reading renewal