the beauty and the funky

My granny is growing…

Growing Granny

but there's something a miss…

My granny square grows.. but skewed...

I am so bothered with how it's skewing! I haven't seen that on anyone else's and certainly not on my main inspiration… so I'm thinking it must be me.  Any thoughts on what I could be doing wrong, experienced crocheters I don't think this is a blocking fix either… I can't see how that could fix it.  Just look at the dark brown to the blue… something's off!

I really tried to look past the skew and tried to focus on how beautiful it is but I just can't!! ahhhh!!! help! 



It was only a matter of time before I reached back into the history of my craft life and crocheted.

Koigu and my mini granny square

It probably didn't help that I've been looking at such gorgeous crochet granny square blankets popping up all around me. Couple that with the fact that my LYS has an abundance of koigu and you got one granny square blanket obsessed knitter.  I mean, come on! How could I not pick up my crochet hook! 

In a full blown confessional, I actually knew how to crochet long before I knew how to knit! I'll never forget wanting to learn how and choosing a rediculous project like a queen sized blanket in thread weight yarn.  My mother patiently showed me how to single and double crochet and even gave me a template on how to make a granny square.  About 10 granny squares later I had asked my mom if I was almost done to which she replied, "Honey, you have to make at least 100 more".  What! My 9 year old self felt defeated and bored and opted to play a game of catch outside instead.

My adult self, well, I compromise –   instead of 50, why not one reallyreally big one?

Granny Square

Thankfully, Patricia kindly gave me a refresher yesterday and I haven't put the hook down!  It's so easy and mesmerizing.  Plus, I'm kinda impatient to see how all these colors are going to come out in the blanket.  You can't pick a wrong combination with yarn like Koigu.  Somehow they are all married to each other.  I went for more of a red heavy rainbow blanket.  


Honestly, I don't see myself fully delving into the world of crochet but this blanket will definitely become a major part of my fiber life this year.  See, I told ya 2010 was going to be BIG!


Twenty Ten*

Happy 2010! 

I am so excited for this year right now for no good reason than I just feel good about the number 2010.  It sounds so wholesome and peaceful and exciting.  It's even and round and has a Ten and if you haven't noticed, I like tens. 

So much is going to happen this year – I can feel it.  There are the scheduled awesome things like weddings and birthdays *cough10-10-10cough* and I also know of six (!) babies that are going to be born in July 2010!  Hello, baby knits!  I am so excited for all the mom-to-bes and am wishing them all safe and healthy pregnancies.

I'm already making plans for grand schemes like blogging more, photographing more, and maybe doing other crafty things. (Crochet? Sewing? dare I say, embroidery?)  OH and there's also the goals of being a better person, wife, sister, daughter and the finding the key to world peace.  Perhaps for now I'll just concentrate on knitting. 

Day 3 of 2010 – baby I am all over you!

Comfy Apartment Socks

My feet are perpetually cold.  Like super frozen, always manage to make my husband yelp in bed kind of cold.  I didn't help them much because I used to be the type to never wear socks or even tights on the coldest of days.  Now I can't get enough of either.  When we moved to our new 1st floor apartment and it's super cold floors I couldn't stand my own cold feet any longer and decided to remedy the situation.

They are loosely based on the Men's Socks for Giving from the Purl Bee. I changed the sizing and the striping and really wing'd the whole thing because I was on the road and didn't have a pattern in front of me.  I actually almost tried out the short row heel on this pair but pulled it out because I didn't like how it was coming out.  Oh look another goal: short row heels.

There is no lack of sock information on the internets.  Socks can be made cuff down, toe up, sideways!, with short rows or gussets or neither! Anything you can think of it's out there.  Knittas love their socks.

Koigu Socks

Pattern: Toasty Apartment Socks, wing'd it but inspired by the Purl Bee's Men's Socks for Giving (Ravelry Link)
Yarn: Koigu Kersti, 2 MC 1 CC
Needles: Size US 5 Addi Circulars

Today is also my last day of winter vacation. January at work is always my busiest. It's the time of year that requires some longer days and night events.  I love what I do so it's really not terrible but I really have been enjoying being a little lazy these past few days.  I've made a batch of chocolate chip cookies to cheer me up.  From Joy the Baker.

Sometimes you need Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yes, that's much better.  Here I come, 2010.  Get ready.

* I was talking about this briefly with some of my knit friends today – what are you calling 2010?  Twenty-ten or Two thousand and ten? I opt for twenty ten because I just do. The less syllables the better.