Pattern: Aimee by Kim Hargraves (Ravelry Link)
Yarn: Rowan Aura 5 balls
Needles: Size US9

I have to confess, I remember getting Scarf Style and seeing a cape in it thinking Who would knit that?  It didn't look attractive to me. Well give it a few years, some changing trends and here I am knitting a capelet.  And I love it.


I took a little time out from the move to take these as soon as I got home from work the other day.  My apartment finally looks like things are missing and it feels good to have some progress done! 


Happily, my next post will be from my new humble abode.  I did manage to acquire a little space for my knitting stuff in our 2nd bedroom. However, my plan on making it a full on craft room was derailed by my husband who is planning on putting a spare TV and his Play Station in there to remind the room that a man lives here too.  I'm thinking a Play Station knitted cozy is in the works… right?

I probably won't post before Thanksgiving so with that in mind I really want to say Thank You to you all.  For reading, for commenting, and for just inspiring me!  I am so thankful for the community of people I've met via this blog and my LYS – it's truly amazing what this here craft can do. 

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with a whole lot of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin cookies 🙂


fair isle, mad hatter


Lotus Leaf Hat

I am what you call an eternal optimist always thinking things are going to be better than expected. Yes, even moving.  But we all know moving is never fun.  I don't know why I thought differently this time around. J and I brought a few boxes over to our new apartment last night, mostly my knitting books and kitchen stuff that we're not using.  He filled both my little Jetta and the back seat of his 4Runner and it took us a good hour doing several carrying trips to bring everything in. We both felt really proud of ourselves thinking we made a good dent in the big move that was still ahead. 

For a split moment before I opened the door to our current apartment I had this anticipation of seeing something done, something that's definitely missing, but when I flicked the light on I looked around and felt it appeared even more full of stuff than before.

The only bright side to this is that it's already been rented for next month which means no more viewings.  No more making the place absolutely spotless for the visitors. It's a miracle I even pulled my apartment together when the first appointment was made!  I am notorious for never checking my voicemail but something just made me do it and thank god I did.  Those people would have been running to the highest cliff in Jersey City if they saw the mess it was in.  It was one of those moments I wish I had a time lapse camera to show the tornado of clean that I was that afternoon.

Lotus Leaf Hat

So while I had to vacate my apartment for a while I was working on this little hat. It is actually a side product of the fun that is Vestvember!  I had told you all that I was thinking of doing a vest with this motif along the bottom but now I like the hat so much I think I'm just going to tweak it a bit and make a few of these instead.  Don't you dismay however I'm not leaving Vestvember behind but am thinking of knitting a more traditional stripped vest. 

I'm so excited with out the lotus pattern came out.  I had been thinking of doing something like this for a while now and just needed that extra oomph to actually put it together.  My fair isle is getting better but I still can't predict my gauge.  This hat isl a little too tight.  Regardless, first draft – not too shabby!

Lotus Leaf Hat


Star Crossed Beret

Star Crossed

Pattern: Star Crossed Slouchy Beret (Ravelry Link)
Yarn: Nimbus Zitron, 2 balls
Needles: Size US11s

Oh hello.

Did you know that hats are a minority around here? Yup, if you look on my Ravelry page you'll notice that sweaters outnumber hats 2 to 1! A fact I didn't even realize until I was posting this to my notebook. 

Considering the speed at which hats can be created you would think I would have made some more.  I was reflecting on this for a moment and came to a couple of conclusions as to why I don't make more.  One reason is my curly hair.  One rule of thumb with curly hair is not to touch it!  Once you get those curls perfect you just need to let go and let them be.  So hats can cause a problem by flattening or causing frizz where frizz ain't welcome. 

I obviously don't listen to those curly rules and pretty much wear my hair in a pony tail 80% of the time.  Pony Tails and hats don't really go together.  And lastly, I can never quite get it to sit on my head so that it's delicately hanging off the back… one tuck of hair and that hat's flying off!

The Star Crossed Slouchy Beret seems to be my savior. I wore it last night out with the girls and my curls were holding up. (check!)  It's big enough that I can wear a pony tail and the hat will still fit over. (check!)

I also love Nimbus by Zitron. If you haven't knit with it yet go get some.  It's soft, lofty, squishy and warm.  I couldn't believe how quickly this hat came together. I guess I should thank my size 11 needles!

Star Crossed

I'm still in packing madness but have been doing the whole – pack a box, knit a few rows, pack a box, knit a few rows method.  It's stressful and I need to balance.  It's better than shopping for more stuff but then again if you're in for some retail therapy then boy do I have website for you! (once again thank you Dana) It's called Rue La La.  Invitation only but here's your Invite 😉


One is really threfoufiver


The promise was: Finish One Project.  Cast on One Project. 

Well, how's the Finish One Project. Cast on a billion projects (but finish a small project) promise?

Lightweight Pullover

I'm on to the body on the Lightweight Pullover.  The alpaca yarn that I bought at Rhinebeck has been such a pleasure to knit with.  It just flies over the needles!   The pattern is also so simple and straight forward that it's been a great mental "time out" knit – nothing like serenity stockinette.  I can tell already this is going to be a much worn sweater when it's done.

another infinity scarf!

OH and of course another Infinity Scarf! It's a bit of a thrill to see my pattern in the "New and Popular" pull down on Ravelry!  Eeee!! This time around I used Aslan Trends Del Cerro wool. I only used 3 skeins and casted on about 20 less stitches (221).

I've also got capes on the brain! Just this morning I saw this pretty little thing in the Phildar catalog:


I can't stop looking at it. I've put in the order for the catalog so the yarn scheming has begun.  I am thinking some Zara DK for this knit.

the beginning of Aimee

In the mean time to fill the cape void  I did cast on for Aimee.  Oh Kim, how you excite me.

And last but certainly not least I have jumped into Vestvember (Ravelry link)!  I'm still excited about my finished Honeycomb vest so of course when I read Minty's post I had to join in to make another.

I am thinking of using the pattern Nederland from the Fall 08 Knitscene.  I want to replace the argyle pattern with lotus leaves. I blame these Boden vests for the idea. I actually did a swatch which is turning into a hat for myself. My new knit friend Illanna thought it was very Zimmermann of me!

letting the creativity flow..

I'm actually thrilled with out the leaf pattern turned out!   Who knows maybe I'll write up the hat pattern too… hmmm!

On top of all this great knitting Mr. Tenten and I are moving! Just a few blocks from where we are now but we all know how FUN (read sarcasm here) packing and moving is!  pfffff!!   I know we're moving in the right direction and perhaps somewhere in the near future we'll have a good ol' mortgage payment to pay but it still doesn't make the process easy.  Ahh the act of growing up.

I do have one more finished knit but I'll save that for tomorrow. I've bombarded you all so much already today 😉

Until then – Happy Knitting!