pumpkin honeycomb

So I made a mini promise to myself that I couldn't start a new sweater project without finishing an old one. 

Who knew I would actually keep that??

It helped that the sweater that I had to "finish" only needed a few inches on the front and a few picked up edges to complete – oh that and it's a Vest.


Pattern: Honeycomb by Sarah Castor (Ravelry Link)
Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed,  4 balls
Needles: US 4 circs

I casted on for this last August while up at Otter Lake.  I remember at the time I had wanted it to be an October FO but then a few other things got in the way.  I actually had it in the "out of sight/out of mind" bin.  It was only when I needed size 4 needles for another project did I happen to rummage it out and put it somewhere visible.


Gosh what took me so long.  You know, I don't know what I love more – the rustic texture of the yarn or the texture of the pattern, perhaps it's the marriage of them!  I actually even made a little mistake – I used US2s for the ribbing on the neck and arm hole.  I actually like the way it looks so I didn't bother to rip it out.  

I also finished a super quick and easy scarf after being inspired by one I saw at Loop in Philly!

Drop Stitch Scarf

There's probably nothing more enjoyable than being able to drop your stitches on purpose! More details on Ravelry.

Speaking of scarves, wowsers did you guys come out of the statistical woodwork for the last post!  I was flabbergasted at the idea of 900 hits!! Oh HI all new readers!  It's really been fun seeing people starting to cast on for one so I hope to see more infinity scarves all over blog land!

Last but certainly not least – if you are going to be in the Hoboken area this weekend Patricia's Yarns is having a meet and greet with knitwear designer, Teva Durham!  I am so looking forward to hanging out with her for a few hours tomorrow! See Patricia's site for more details!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend (GO YANKS!)

Cowls, design

5th Avenue

Patricia and I have a friend we call Diva Jess.  She's works in the fashion industry and always gives us the scoop on what the trends are.  She came into the shop like a storm a few weeks ago and told us that we HAD to cast on righthisverymoment for an infinity scarf. "They're Everywhere!", she said.  Sure enough in a lot of catalogs and magazines it's been hard to not notice the infinity scarf.  I have been so excited about making one for myself and here it is!

5th Avenue

EDITED October 2011

Pattern: 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf (my own – queue it up!)
Yarn: The Fibre Co, Canopy Worsted, 5 skeins
Needles: Size US8 [5mm] 40 inch circular
Gauge: 20 sts over 4" in pattern

The Pattern:
CO 240, make sure you're not twisting stitches Place Marker and join in round

1st Rnd: Knit all stitches
2nd Rnd: *YO, K2tog*, repeat * * to marker.
3rd Rnd: Knit all stitches
4th Rnd: *Slip 1, K1, Pass Slipped Stitch Over (PSSO), YO*, repeat * * to marker.

Repeat 4 rows until desired width.  My scarf measures approx 60 inches around and 10 inches wide.

For a chunkier, cowl like version – check out the Fifth Avenue Cowl!

ETA:  With the huge popularity with this pattern I though I would write a quick note to help those having problems.  The number of stitches never changes throughout the pattern.  Each K2tog is paired with a YO (as each Slip 1, K1, PSSO is paired with a YO) if you find that you are increasing or decreasing your stitches in anyway then you missed or added a YO.  In Row 4 you should be slipping the knitted YO from Row 2 and knitting the knit stitch.  In Row 2, you should be inserting your needle first into the knitted YO then the knit stitch for your K2tog.    I hope this helps and I'm really truly humbled and excited so many are making one!

5th Avenue

The scarf is so versatile.  It's long enough to wear it all cozied up around your neck or just draped low.  You could also wrap it around your head like a hood when the weather really gets cold.  Not to mention the yarn is luxuriously soft!  The only thing some people working with the dark Worsted Canopy may notice is that the yarn bleeds while you work with it.  I got to see the Kelbourne Woolen ladies yesterday at Rheinbeck (SO FUN by the way!) and they said the dye is set it just needs an extra soak.


I plan on making many more for friends and family especially with the holidays coming up! And now that you know what to do Go cast one on rightthisveryminute!

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Twenty Nine

We went last night to see The Boss.  

pic via backstreets.com

October 9, 2009
East Rutherford, New Jersey
Giants Stadium

Night 5

Wrecking Ball
Spirit In The Night
Outlaw Pete
Hungry Heart
Working On A Dream
Born In The USA
Cover Me
Darlington County
Working On The Highway
Downbound Train
I'm On Fire
No Surrender
Bobby Jean
I'm Goin' Down
Glory Days
Dancing In The Dark
My Hometown
Tougher Than The Rest
The Promised Land
Last to Die
Long Walk Home
The Rising
Born To Run
Raise Your Hand
The Last Time (Rolling Stones)
Waiting On A Sunny Day
Seven Nights To Rock
Kitty's Back
American Land
Jersey Girl

I can only hope to rock that hard when I hit the big 60.   For now I'll take my year and enjoy every moment of it. 

Happy Birthday, me!

Its 365 days until 10-10-10!