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Little Leyla Violet


It is so good to be a year old.  To be able to look this cute and not even realize it.

She loves her ball :-)

To be able to find happiness in a ball and squeel with delight and to be SO adoreable doing it!

I made this dress for a dear friend who helped me tremendously before my wedding.  I never got to photograph it with a model until today when we went out for a little photoshoot with her cutie daughter, Leyla.  She, dear friends, is a natural.  She was so calm and really knew how to work the camera.

Leyla Fav 8

Pattern: Little Liza Jane (Ravelry Link)
Yarn: Rowan Calmer, 3 balls
Needles: US 8 

As for the dress, I used a heavier weight for this pattern but I think we can all agree that Calmer is like the absolute go-to yarn! It's got such great give and it's so soft.  It's really the perfect toddler yarn.

Leyla Fav

Leyla enjoyed playing in the park and I enjoyed hanging out with her and her wonderful parents.

Leyla, you sure do know how to work it girl. πŸ˜‰

You lookin' at my ball?

12 thoughts on “Little Leyla Violet”

  1. Little Leyla is just breathtaking! I bought Vintage Baby Knits yesterday! Must say a new favorite of mine! What a buy so many patterns and with each turn of the page it gets better! Love when a knitting book is just full of ideas and promise! Great job on the dress, love the color and it looks simply adorable!


  2. That little dress is so adorable and so is the model! I wish my daughter would hurry up and have some children…Was that photographed in Wright Park in Tacoma?


  3. I really like how the lines between the cables bunched up with the heavier yarn. It gives it a snuggly, cabley look. I almost didn’t recognize the pattern.


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