I made a crazy bet with my darling friend Patricia that I would finish this knit before she closed up her shop today.   Well I didn't make it but I did make it before it turned into tomorrow!

Vintage Capelet

Pattern: Anthropologie Inspired Capelet (or really as Patricia kept pointing out – shrug – because it has sleeves)
Yarn: Rowan Big Wool, 2 balls
Needles: US 13 circs
Ravelry Link

It was a Super Fast knit! However I'm not going to lie,  I did go through a minor freak out because I really didn't think I was going to make it and in the end I just did 4 rounds of K1, P1 edging instead of the 5 rounds stated in the pattern.

Anthro-inspired Capelet

I really love it on the reverse stockinette side.  There is something about the purl bumps that makes this different from other shrugs I've made.

I also had a great excuse to get my fabulous brooch from out of my jewelry box.  This gem was given to me by my girl Torry.  She got it right here in Hoboken at a great store called Aaraa.


I'm off to the beach tomorrow so I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week! I'm sure I'll have another fun FO to show when I return!


A Pair of Scarves

I know what you're thinking… scarves!?

It's July 23rd and it's 80 degrees out but I just couldn't help myself.  Part of it is Craig's fault.  When Patricia and I went to visit his store in Philly he had a great collection of scarves on his middle table. Since Monday, I just couldn't get scarves off the brain.  Then one of Trish's newer knitters came into the shopping working on a beautiful dropped stitch scarf in the Manos Silk Blend and then I knew I wanted one, too!

Gold Drop Stitch Scarf

But why start one scarf when you can start two?

Moonlight Blue

I've had a few balls of the Road to China light in my stash for a while and didn't know what to make of it.  A few clicks through Ravelry's pattern browser and we have thethe Midwest Moonlight scarf from Scarf Style.  (Ravelry Link

Both scarves have provided a nice break in between working a summery top on US2s even if I am getting weird looks from people walking back in tank tops and flip flops.  "Hah!" I say to them, my neck will be far warmer this fall and winter 😉




Recently I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the new shawl pattern by Kirsten of Through the Loops called Lavalette.  She generously posted the pattern for free with the hope that if you chose to make it you will donate to Alzheimer Research.  Her goal is to reach $5000 by July 22nd, and at this rate I think we can help her bust right past that goal!


My grandmother, Norma, was a wonderfully creative and talented woman.  She sewed, painted, crocheted, cross-stitched. Anything she put her hands on she was able to  do something beautiful with.  She passed down this trait to my mother who continues to amaze me with all the things she does right down to her perfect handwriting.  I, of course, try to live that forward with my knitting and can only hope to create things that would make them both proud.  When my grandmother starting showing signs on her sickness she stopped doing all those creative things.  It was hard to see her not express herself through her craft.


I made this out of my summer favorite, Rowan's Linpur Linen on Size 6 needles (Ravelry Link).   The size is perfect for a summery night when all one needs is a kiss of warmth.  I dedicate this shawl in memory of my grandmother and hope that you will also decide to make one and to donate to Alzheimer's research.  Thank you again Kirsten, for sharing your talent and generosity!