I cannot believe I waited forever to stitch this baby together! I guess I was a bit busy 😉

Minimalist Cardigan
Pattern: Minimalist Cardigan, Fall 07 IK (Rav Link)
Yarn: Foxfire Fiber, Cormo Silk, about 6 hanks
Needles:  US  7 Circs

I started this cardigan last October – I had dreamed it up to be something I would wear in the winter but it got a little sidetracked with what else, that big ol' Wedding I was planning.  I haven't fully blocked it out yet but I love the fit so far!


The yarn is a dream.  I remember picking it up in Rhineback a few years ago.  It was was (and I know you won't believe me) my first and ONLY time going!  Somehow each October that weekend is filled with an event I have to go to, so sadly I haven't been back and have been envious of all those who have since.  I do remember when I bought the yarn, browsing some other booths and running into none other than Janurary One Cara, herself!  I remember being so excited to meet her and she wanted to see what yarn I had bought and exclaimed at seeing how many hanks of the Cormo that were in my unassuming bag. I had no idea what she was so excited about – but BOY do I now!

Copper Dream

The pattern itself is pretty wonderful too.  I guess people out there already know that since there is about 350+ of these on Ravelry.  There's something comforting to me about the moss stitch.  If I could I would moss stitch everything!


Minimalist Cardigan

Yea! A finished knit!  I was so excited about this last night I just had to get some shots and wouldn't you know my bathroom has some pretty good lighting!!  Hah!  Anyway, I'm off to Boston this weekend for a friend's wedding!  I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


If Bruce Wayne was a knitter

While sitting with my two dear friends at my LYS yesterday, Patricia showed us her newest acquisition which I wasn't leaving her shop without. 

Knit Kit

The Knit Kit.

"secret compartment"

This little swiss army knife-like gadget is an all-in-one kit that pretty much contains everything you need to combat any knit-villains that come your way.  Evil Dr. Dropped Stitch won't even see you coming. POW!

Tape measure, counter, stitch markers, heck, you could even deflect bullets with this thing. BANG!

A little blade... hmm

It also comes with a handy little cutter should you not want to whip out the TSA approved mini scissors that's located in it's secret back compartment. Holy convenience, Batman!

TSA Approved Bizaches!

I know I carry my knitting everywhere and enjoy the fact that this will fit snugly in the corner of my gargantuan purse rather than the huge zip-pouch I previously carried.  I also enjoy that the Joker won't be able to thwart my knitting prowess and thus be foiled once again.

To the bat cave.

Shetland Shawl

This FO even needed a wardrobe change

So all that crazy knitting and here I am 5 days later with an FO! Woot!

Linen Shetland
Pattern: Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style
Yarn: Rowan Lenpur Linen, 4 balls
Needles: Size 6 circulars
Details: I did 9 repeats before the edging.  I decided to not wet block it because I didn't want all the sharp points so I just steamed it to open up the leaf motifs.  I am so excited to wear this every night this summer!

I became obsessed with wanting to make this since I saw one in my many browsings on Flickr.  The pattern of course is bonafide greatness and I actually had made my mom a Shetland Shawl back in 06. Knit Flashback: 

Shetland Triangle

This one was started in June and finished in September! I remember loving that yarn too but unfortunately cannot remember what it was!

 As you all know I became a woman consumed by knitting and knitted at every down time moment  I had. The yarn helped a ton because ofter the first repeat I was just anxious to get to the end! Lenpur Linen is so soft and has such a gorgeous drape.  My LYS got a nice summer shipment of Rowan so I was excited to pick up a few balls for the shawl.  It really has worked perfectly for a nice summery scarf. 

Linen Shetland


So what's next on the knit-agenda?  I got some yarn for the Zigzack Tunic and need to seam up a very patient cardigan.  Till next time, keep knitting! 🙂

Shetland Shawl

with a cherry on top

 My fingers hurt and it feels SO good.

A lot of people have asked me if I miss my wedding and I do, but I don't miss the the planning and I am loving the facts that I'm not expected anywhere nor that I have any obligations to fulfill.  It's done.  I'm married and I can do whatever my married self wants and right now I want to knit. A LOT.

I have so many projects I want to knit I seriously feel like I cannot knit fast enough. It's like coming off a diet and wanting to eat ALL your favorite foods AT ONCE.  The mouth can only handle so many cookies and chicken fingers.  The husband has been cool with this since I feel like he's happy to get back to his destresser activity, too – the Playstation.  Of course I've been taking some breaks to look at him and let him know I'm still his wife.

And while I'm on it that topic, married life is going well and honestly it feels the same as my unmarried life only now we look at each other every once in a while and realize we made a Really HUGE PROMISE to each other and OH My God we're in this For Life.  Pinky swear infinity.

But let's go back to my knitting, never has something been absent from my life that I've wanted to jump right into with no sense of pride or etiquette.  Seriously, I will ignore you to knit. 

I am knitting on two projects at the moment, switching between the two at my hearts content – fulfilling every knitty need.  Something mindless, something hard, something small that fulfills the FO need, and something longer that fulfills the long term need, something for me, something for a friend, all of it MY choice. Ahhhh, it's just so good.

I am knitting everywhere too.  At the cafe in my old hometown

Knitting and coffee

In the park

knitting and the park

In my LYS

Working and Knitting

Knit knit knit knit knit, I am laughing that I even took the time to write a post because I know I'd rather be knitting! 😉

I apologize for nothing. Tie me up in yarn and let me be…


like a flash

Woah.  You know when people tell you not to blink because you may miss something. They've kinda got a point.  I know I was a pure skeptic.  Honestly, what's a blink – a millisecond? 

Well, I blinked and there went April.

Weddings are incredible.  They take so much emotion, time, love and energy.  It is a day that one can not even feel a tinge of sleepiness from 6am to 3am (the following day).  It is where everyone who is most important in your life are all in the Same Room – for you.  It is a day when you make the biggest promise of your life to someone who you know would do anything for you.  It's bigger than anything imaginable. It lives on forever in photographs and stories. 

My photographer captured the day beautifully and you can see some wedding teasers via his blog.

I did manage to knit a bit this April! I made a gift for my Maid of Honor.

Ribbed Lace Bolero

Project: Ribbed Lace Bolero (ravelry link)
Needles: Size 8 and 10.5 Addi Circulars
Yarn: Blue Sky Dyed Cotton, 2 balls

I truly enjoyed making this for her as it's such a fun and simple project amid all the stress of wedding planning! I absolutely intend on making another! It's amazing to me how you can turn a rectangle into a shrug in no time. Clever little pattern!

I gave this to her at our Rehearsal Dinner and I believe she's rocked it out a few times! She gave the greatest toast ever and I hope she knows that every stitch on that shrug was made with LOVE.

Jim and I went to St. John and St. Thomas for our honeymoon.  There is nothing like being on Island Time.

It was an amazing day and an amazing trip.  It will be a time in my life that I will look back on and remember as being one of the best days ever and yet so much more fun is to come (and by fun i mean Weddings!)

With that in mind, I HAD to make this little number for my best friend who is getting married at the end of the month.

Silk Thong

I casted on upon leaving our apartment at 9am and just finished up the crocheted border pulling up the driveway to J's sisters house around 12:30 (J has one heavy foot!).  I had to get it done before we met up with them and his two little cousins.  I just imagined the 4 year old innocently wondering what I was making!

Of course they are too small to wear, I couldn't be mindful of gauge while on the road. Alas, I did enjoy her reaction.

Can't believe

Yes, Darling. I knitted you a silk thong. Ha!

Pattern: Lacy Thong in IK (ravelry link)
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Pure Silk
Needles: Size 5 circulars

In order for them to have fit I should have gone up a needle size. But I think I'll always enjoy her reaction and that's plenty for me!

I'm back in action, knitting away at a few other projects and am hopefully going to seam up a sweater. My first sweater of 09!! (i know, it seems like FOREVER that I've had an FO for myself, and a large one at that!)

I hope you remember to not blink because life happens so fast.  So slow down, take a deep breath, and cast on.