I cannot believe I waited forever to stitch this baby together! I guess I was a bit busy ;-)Pattern: Minimalist Cardigan, Fall 07 IK (Rav Link)Yarn: Foxfire Fiber, Cormo Silk, about 6 hanksNeedles:  US  7 CircsI started this cardigan last October - I had dreamed it up to be something I would wear in the … Continue reading Cedar

like a flash

Woah.  You know when people tell you not to blink because you may miss something. They've kinda got a point.  I know I was a pure skeptic.  Honestly, what's a blink - a millisecond?  Well, I blinked and there went April.Weddings are incredible.  They take so much emotion, time, love and energy.  It is a … Continue reading like a flash