A lookback, 2008, and what will 09 bring?

Knits of 2008

Another year has past.  In my real life I spent my 27th year doing a lot of wonderful things.  Highlights of course include a trip to London and Amsterdam, wonderful vacations with friends, a few weddings and and of course the ultimate HIGH of my year – getting engaged!

The lows of 08 fortunately were not many but I did lose my wonderfully creative grandmother right before Christmas.  To be honest, I lost her a long time ago to Alzheimer's and really she was only a shell of herself at the very end.  It was with grace that she passed and I will always remember her as that funny, loving, wonderfully talented woman that she was. It is the blood that runs from her through my mother to me that runs though these knitters hands. (and man, was she a Bangin' crocheter!)

I also turned 6 this past year in my knitting life.   It's pretty crazy how fast time has flown since I first learned and how with each stitch I've grown.  I'm met some really wonderful people through this craft. I went to my first TNNA with my friend Patricia and have had some luck being able to sample knit for some great designers as well. I'm starting to get more confident with designing my own things although if I only had more time!

My knitting as of late has been in gift mode and I even have a knit I made and gave away with out a peek on the blog!  Yes,  I've been a bad blogger lately and a terrible photographer at that too! My whole ideal of taking at least one pic a day has really suffered. (and when I say suffered I mean it's non exhistant!)  But boy did I catch one dramatic one yesterday. 

Hudson River Plane

I know you all heard about the flight that safely landed in the Hudson River – and such a huge feat that was.  I am in awe of the pilot and so thankful that everyone was rescued!!  This is the zoomed view from my apartment,  the plane drifted in front of my buidling so I saw the whole scene float by! Craziness!

09 has begun. I have more knits to share (soon!) I have a wedding to plan (92 days to go!). I have so much to be thankful for. (YOU!)