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something blue, something new

Blue Poppy

Pattern: Poppy Hat by Kate Jackson
Yarn: GGH Soft Kid
Needles: Size 7 circs

At TNNA I had the pleasure of briefly meeting a very nice designer named Kate Jackson.  She had a lovely  decorated booth with pretty stylish knits and she herself was very warm and inviting that I knew I had to pursue my owner to take a look.   Sure enough, Trish allowed me to pick out a few patterns for her shop and here’s the first of many I hope to knit up!

Made in about a day, this hat filled the instant knit gratification I have been looking for!  While the Honeymoon Cami is still making it’s way on the needles, I knew I needed an FO to keep the mojo going.  The yarn although super sticky (as is mohair) makes for a light and airy beret.  I’m am already planning on in every Soft Kid color my LYS has!

With that done I couldn’t help but to cast on finally for a sweater from Rebecca No. 36. originally called "Brown Sweater with Cables". (Ravelry Link)

I heart cables

Would you  believe in my wonderful time of being a knitter I’ve made two pullover sweaters?  The first was the Nothing’ But a T-shirt by Alison Hansel and the second being Rusted Root from the Zypher Gals.  The other sweaters were cardigans or vests… that needed to be remedied stat!

I’m actually enjoying making all these cables more than I thought I would!  At first glance at the pattern I thought of what a headache keeping track of the cabling was going to be but sure enough a few rows in I got the rhythm and have been able to knit on without the pattern at my side.  I’ve substituted the yarn with Rowan Cashsoft Aran and am so pleased with it!  The cashsoft really allows for great cable definition!


This sweater is traveling down with me to the NC Outer Banks where I will be vacationing with a few friends for the next week! I’m so looking forward to some sun, sand and wine with friends.  I hope you all are having a great July!  Can it really be August in a week? Really?  Where does the time go!?

in print

summer stitches

My knitting loves the summertime.  It doesn’t matter how hot it is, my fingers can’t stop moving! Do you remember how quickly I knitted the Bridges vest from last year?  I’ve got lots of beautiful knitting time… well not exactly…  I have a little something they call a wedding to plan so I guess I won’t be wipping out  FOs left, right and center, although I will certainly give it a shot!


I’ve started the Honeymoon Cami from Knitty with some Rowan Purelife cotton.  So far so good.  I really like the yarn, it softens up a ton as you knit with it and although my gauge is a little tight my swatch relaxed a ton after washing.  Of course I’m a little off on the timing, making it more an engagement cami than a honeymoon one.  I figured this is a good answer to all those people who have asked me what I will knit for my wedding.  To be quite honest I am not planning anything but Nonnahs and I have been putting our little engaged heads together and are scheming a lil’ something.

I’ve also just casted on for a cute beret that my LYS just got in by Kate Jackson called the Poppy Beret.  The yarn is GGH Soft Kid.  I haven’t worked with mohair in a while and totally forgot how sticky the stuff is! I casted on and wanted to rip back but it wasn’t having it!  After that first try I am now well on my way…

Poppy Beret in Blue

In other fun knitty news, check out who’s the designer for the circular baby blanket in the fall Knit Simple magazine! I’m so excited! I hope if you’re making baby blankets you’ll consider this one, it’s got an interesting construction – 6 garter stitch triangles and then you sew them all together! It’s a great travel knit because you’re not lugging the whole blanket around.  Hope you like it!


coming down

Talk about making a girl’s day weekend weekl!  Thank you everyone for the warm wishes! I am truly having a wonderful time in my engagement thus far.  Taking it Day by Day but OH lots of planning to be done!

As for my knitting, it’s always a weird come down after such a huge FO.  I have a few things on my needles at the moment and I just finished a Dolores Park Cowl (gotta love quick and easy knits)… and I’m starting to think cowl’s don’t look good on me??!!

Dolores Park

What do you think?  Please mind the photo, my photographer was busy – had to do the ol’ FO in the mirror trick. (Looking at it now the cowl isn’t half bad… I swore it looked not so good last night!)

I’m using the Misti Alpaca Chunky so it’s more flopy than a normal wool would be but I love the softness against my skin. I do have a little ball left over so I could go back and add one to two more stitches per round to make it wider… but not sure if that helps?  Perhaps I should go back and change up the pattern all together??  A feather and fan maybe?

Otherwise I’m off to go camping this week! My very first time sleeping in a tent for more than just one night.  My fiance(! still a new feeling to say that), his sister and her husband have made plans to stay at Ranchero Pines near Lake George.  I can see lots of fun tubing, knitting and maybe brewery hopping in the near future as well as some fireworks!

PS. Cara has started the Great Knitblog Debate on whether or not posting is slowing down or if Ravelry has something to do with it.  I for one was never really a consistent knit blogger but I have no intentions of stopping my posting.  I know it takes a good deal of time to produce a good well thought out and well photographed post (for me!) so of course I can see how people would opt for the quick and easy post on Ravelry.  I also know that I have so many knit blogs on my bloglines that I read constantly and comment on so I know we’re still here! And of course there are those knit bloggers that are evolving in their own right to do more things so that’s also there too! It’s an interesting thing.  I’m kinda one of those that doesn’t really analyze and just is, so that’s all I’ll say about that! 🙂

Either way those folks who are always up-to-date on Ravelry, knit blogs and Flickr… how do you do it?? I just can’t focus on all of it! haha!  I raise my needles to you!