Do you remember a time when you discovered something new that you can't imagine having ever lived without?  For starters there's  indoor plumbing, refrigerators, cell phones, massages... you know the Must Haves.  In knitting it first showed itself in the form of cabling without a cable needle then learning how to knit continental.  I thought … Continue reading Icarus

me me me!

Here are the directions!- Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.- Using only the first page, pick an image.- Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fdā€™s mosaic maker.The Questions:1. What is your first name? Margaux2. What is your favorite food? chicken fingers3. What high school … Continue reading me me me!


Presenting Flora Pattern: My own!Yarn: Manos Silk Wool, Green and Beige, 1 ball eachNeedles: Size US7 and US6 circsSize: 20 inch circ. hat As I mentioned before I got bit really hard by the fair isle bug.  It started with the Orla hat and is now showing itself with this viney creation.  It all started … Continue reading Flora


Baby you findThere's only one love, yours and mineI've got so much loveAnd needing you soMy love for you, I'll never let goI've got so much loveAll I want is to hold youLet me show you how much I love you babyI don't mind and I don't mindI love youThere's no one above youYou are … Continue reading ten