in search of knitspiration

Perhaps it’s the size 3 needles I’ve been using for my projects as of late…

or the surprising busyness of my work schedule – but I haven’t been on fire about my knitting lately and that really needs to change!


I have found myself lounging on the couch without needles in hand, flipping through the direct tv movie guide, and giving sideways glances at the yarn stash in my coffee table.  Yes, the beautiful Sea Silk Clapotis and the on-the-next-to-last-chart Icarus are beautiful but I’m just not feelin’ it right now.

I also cannot deny that I’ve been a bit discouraged as of late trying to design myself a simple top.  The emotional roller coaster of trying to knit and reknit has been very trying.  Yes, I know, if it were that easy – they everybody would do it. This is where you weed out the Designers from the Knitters.  I’m not a quitter either so it will be done – but I need to do something else – something that is "easy" and done on needles bigger than 3s!


I casted on for the Phildar sweater in a gorgeous wine color.  (Above is my failed attempt to get the color but really just me playing with the color changer thing and well… there you have it)  I am doing it in pieces because I didn’t have the right circular needle length and figured I should practice my reverse stockinette seaming anyway!  The yarn is Karabella Aurora 8.  It’s got quite the Sproing! to it at first but when washed it relaxes in the nicest way.

So while I may think my sweater back is coming out a teensy bit small I know it’s going to give and relax when I give it the Soak bubble bath.

I’m off to Sin City this weekend with a few girlfriends so knitting will most likely happen on the plane ride there and back.  We’re kickin’ off Summer 08 right!!  I promise lots more knitting content in June… I’m almoste done with school!


Arts and Music Festival!

For those of you who aren’t at the MDSW come to Hoboken tomorrow for the Arts and Music Festival!  Washington Street is loaded with great shops that offer everything from jewelry, bags, hats, scarves.. you name it!

OH and Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees is performing! Hey hey!

And if that doesn’t make you want to come, I’m working at Patricia’s Yarns tomorrow and would love to see you, too!

Off to make a mint julep!