double take*

Please don't tell New York this but Boston is making a run at being my favorite city.  Maybe it was the gorgeous weather we had last Saturday that made me feel like Alice walking through the Public Garden.  Maybe it was the bountiful selection at Windor Button that happily got me on track for Project … Continue reading double take*

all in good time

So of course just when I see Nova's Snickets (having always loved Isel's from way back) I feel compelled to cast on a pair only to have Magknits go kerplunk!  (ETA: HOORAY to Ravelry Downloads!) The forums also helped with finding out how to grab now "lost" patterns with so many knowledgeable people chiming in.  … Continue reading all in good time


Do you remember reading that wonderful novel (probably for a HS summer reading assingment) from Daphine Du Daurier that had that "scene" at a party when the lead character was dressed EXACTLY like the First Wife and it freaked out the hubby... and well... OMG. Sooooo good!?!  Well this is So Much better than that! … Continue reading Rebecca


All around me things are budding.  Tulip leaves are pushing themselves up from the ground.  Flowers are beginning to show their colors.  Trees are ready-ing their flair for another season - it's a time of growth!  So how am I growing in the Spring time? Well, I've been thinking a lot lately about my first … Continue reading growing