Project Spectrum

double take*

Please don’t tell New York this but Boston is making a run at being my favorite city.  Maybe it was the gorgeous weather we had last Saturday that made me feel like Alice walking through the Public Garden.  Maybe it was the bountiful selection at Windor Button that happily got me on track for Project Spectrum!  Or it definitely could have been the cup of Oreo ice cream from JP Licks which is close-your-eyes-lick-your-spoon-until-it’s-dry good! 

Yes, I just can’t think of a better city right now than Boston.  (Granted, they do have that whole Red Sox Nation thing… gah, there’s no way I’m crossing over to that! GO YANKEES! ;-))  Sure this bias has been growing since my four fantastic years there in that little University called College in Chestnut Hill.  It just solidified itself as my top city this weekend when I was introduced to a beautiful yarn, Handmaiden Sea Silk.


The photograph makes the yarn a bit darker than it is in real life but it still has that lovely luminesence to it! Just the perfect yarn for Project Spectrum!  I’ve been playing around with what to make with one skein of this luxurious yarn.  I started making the Ribbon Lace Scarf in Knitty (seen above) but felt that the pattern was just a bit too much for the color change.  It needed to be simpler.  At the moment it’s in the first stages of a clapois (scarf size!) but am worried that I don’t have enough yardage for what I truly want.  I also picked up a skein of the color Mineral, too!  I think I am finding a new yarn obsession.


There is also a row of shops in Newton Centre that my mother and I always visit when we go to Boston.  One of my favorites is Folklorica.  They carry the most beautiful jewlery pieces. The owner has such a great eye for artisans. 

On the way there we popped into a clothing store called Betsy’s.  Typically we find smaller jewlery pieces or scarves we like but it was the cones of yarn in their window display that caught my eye this time around.  I thought how clever is this?  My mother of course walks in and announces to the owner how much she likes their yarn display and let’s them know her daughter is an advid knitter.  I sheepishly smile and just look around the shop to see they have a huge shelf of these cones and realized it wasn’t a display at all!

The shop had a sweater knitting division that they were ending and were left with a good amount of coned yarn.  It was obvious the owner wanted to move it and offered to throw in a cone if I bought at least two.  I bought four.


The yarn is from Silk City Fibers.  I bought 3 cones of the Wool Crepe Deluxe and another cone of a thicker red yarn that was simply labeled "Bulky".  You can imagine my happiness when I went over to Ravelry and saw it listed in a few people’s stashes!  The wool crepe is a fingering weight yarn.  I am thinking a few shawls or scarves may come from this cone. Looking back it probably was a little nuts to get so much fingering weight but my mom really loved the colors and you cannot say No to mom!


I found it so amusing how you can find knitting anywhere you go! The owner did say she was plesantly surprised at how easy it has been so far moving the cones.  Us knitters just love getting yarn and I find it fun when it’s in an unexpected place!

*Speaking of double take – Parikha is modeling in the new Interweave magazine!  I knew I recognized that face from somewhere when I saw the preview.  I also think that as I was downing my JP Licks that I saw my old IK fav – the curly Redhead – walk by me in the street!!  I nearly stopped her but couldn’t get the spoon out of my mouth.

my life

here i am, rock you like a hurricane

My boyfriend and I have invested in yet another useful tool of destressing – a second wireless Guitar Hero guitar. 

Where we would entertain each other by rocking out ballads in those addicting green, red and yellow buttons we now battle each other to ultimate GH glory and bragging rights.   We could spend whole nights and weekends in front of our tv playing games and be fully content in our little world.  Guitar Hero is probably not your typical relationship bonder but I’ve learned a great deal about myself and our relationship. Last night we were playing a game before our italian delivery arrived.  I was feeling all sorts of sickly as my allergies were in full bloom so I figure, he’s finally gonna win one. 

We played about 5 battles the night before and I beat him each time.  When those rock fingers went up in the air and the screen brightly flashed, "Player 2 ROCKS!" I couldn’t help but smile and feel this warm sense of accomplishment.  Video games are his domain. If we played any other game he could play with his eyes closed and send me to bed steaming.

So I figured since he’s got the advantage, he will finally win this one.  We were playing Pearl Jam’s Even Flow and were neck in neck making it to Sudden Death.  I thought I just won’t play so well and miss one so he can just win.  But when those little skulls come at you, you can’t help but to concentrate so hard. Without thinking of it I flicked my wrist to send the death blow over – and sent him on the losing train home. I couldn’t just let him win. 

What probably shocked us both after all was said and done was that staticially he won! He got the better score. He hit all his notes where I just played a mediocore game.  And yet the PS3 still deamed me the Guitar Hero.  He didn’t so much as say "Well, that’s stupid" and calmly put his gutar away when I realized if that was me I would have thrown a hissy fit of mass porportions claiming that all video games are Unfair and Dumb!  Followed by a 80s metal band worthy smashing of my guitar on the ground and into the closest tv speaker.

I am obviously relishing in this delight for now because I know it’s only a matter of time before he gets better and puts me back in my amature video game playing place.  Thank God he doesn’t know how to knit. 


all in good time

snickets a brewin'

So of course just when I see Nova’s Snickets (having always loved Isel‘s from way back) I feel compelled to cast on a pair only to have Magknits go kerplunk!  (ETA: HOORAY to Ravelry Downloads!) The forums also helped with finding out how to grab now "lost" patterns with so many knowledgeable people chiming in.   I cannot stress enough how much Ravelry ROCKS.

I also must say who ever created the Wayback Machine is pretty genius, too! However I can’t help but feel a kind of polterguise-ness about it knowing that there is a "ghost" out there of websites long gone.  Like they’re stuck in some website Limbo.  Don’t walk into the light, Magknits!

Now I love making socks but it may come as a shock (or perhaps not, since you all know how much I love making sweaters, too) that I have only one full pair of socks to show for – the Jaywalkers!

I have a single sock for the Embossed Leaves socks stuffed somewhere in my drawer.  A Monkey somewhere in my closet wondering if it will swing from my feet with a pal one day.  Yup, only the Jaywalkers have prevailed!  That’s not to say I haven’t knitted other pairs of socks… my boyfriend got a comfy pair a while ago as did my friend Dana – oh and my Dad did too (which were thus stolen by my brother)  But for me just the pair. The only solitary pair.  So my feet were excited to see me cast on for the snickets!

I’ve also been asked to make a belated birthday pair of socks for my sock stealing brother.  I’m feeling a little Log Cabin in Malabrigo or Manos to spoil his London feet!

In other knitty news…

Icarus growing...

I’m just short of a one repeat done before I get to the pretty edging of the Icarus shawl.  I’ve been working on a few rows here and there between some late high school nights which I had last week – it’s been wonderful seeing this grow!   I am so excited to get to the pretty edging and LOVE working with the Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace!  It’s beautiful and soft and not to mention has Tons of yardage. 

SO as you can see I’m all ensconced in the knitting right now and am still working on the from scratch sweater – but that’s for another post!

I am going to Boston this weekend for a little getaway with my mom and close family friends.  A girls weekend away! I am so excited to visit a few LYS up there, too! Windsor Button and A Good Yarn, I’m talking to you!  Any other good Boston shops I should hit up?  Let me know!

Happy Hump Day!



Do you remember reading that wonderful novel (probably for a HS summer reading assingment) from Daphine Du Daurier that had that "scene" at a party when the lead character was dressed EXACTLY like the First Wife and it freaked out the hubby… and well… OMG. Sooooo good!?!  Well this is So Much better than that!

What I’m talking about of course is the  Rebecca knitting magazine from GGH… Number 36 to be exact.  I seriously cannot stop pouring over the pages and scheming over what I want to knit.  I actually own two other Rebecca  magazines but have never been so excited before. Number 36, I cannot stop looking at you!

Yes, Rebeeca has some serious naming issues – "Cropped Jacket with Belt" or "Long Jacket with Rib Pattern"?  but the patterns will make you look beyond that! Yes, Rebecca, Go have a pow wow with Rowan and get on the creative naming bus!  At least you are still better at the naming gig than Phildar (Pull 1823-92389-?? – something or another… huh?).

It all stated with This Dress:


I want to make you. I really really do.  But the question is… will I wear you?  Will you even Look Good on me?  Will I have that moment of frolicking in the ocean with you on?  Would I even risk the salt water on this precious knit!?  And part of me just wants to say F’ it – I want to make you anyway.  It’s just too damn cute!

Then there’s this cabled beauty.  I can So see myself wearing you out and about – w/ jeans, skirts…


Then there’s this… one dress, two dress… Count von Count would have a field day with this!


Despite the weird sleeves on this one which I would so modify I heart this one too!


Just when you thought we were Done… no no my friends, there’s more cabley good ness..


but Rebecca, dear dear, Rebecca… Hot Shorts?  With a Bum shot in the pattern section?

Really? Really.  No, really? 

So now this is where I get to tell you HOW Much I love Ravelry.  You make it possible for me to not break the bank when it comes to these knits by allowing me to realize that I have a thing called a Stash and that at least one of these knits can be done with what I already have.  I love you for that.  My bank account LOVES you for that.  My boyfriend loves you for that too.  If you have been living under a rock – this site is a must for knitters… it’s such a great resource… which leads me to Ravelraiser08!!  Go over to Fricknits to check out the details – it’s awesome.  It’s a way to say THANK YOU and Please Keep It Comin’!

This obsessed knitter is grateful!


Large popcorn, half butter half salt*

Thank you for all your comments on Sadie! I have worn it about 3 times already.. Yes I can tell already it’s going to be quite the worn in knit this spring.  I’m working on my "from scratch" top at the moment, having already frogged it once and re-started.  It’s going to be a labor of love.  I’m still trying to get my head around set in sleeves and why you need to decrease when your supposed to decrease but there’s still time before I get to that part …in the meantime – I saw this over at JenLa’s (and other blogs) and couldn’t resist joining in the game!  I mean I did grow up in front of HBO.

Here are the deets:
1. Pick 10 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDB and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them on your blog for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
5. Looking them up is cheating, please donโ€™t. And if you do, Iโ€™ll call you a big old cheating cheater!

1. There is no Dana, only Zoule. – GhostbustersQueue & Jillian
2. I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don’t want to do that.Say AnythingNonnahs
3. And, baby, when I tell ya the boy has got his own money, I mean the boy has got his own MONEY! –  Coming to America – Monica, La and Wanett, and Jillane!
4. I swear, you let me down and it’ll take them a month to count the blade marks on your back.The Cutting Edge – Catherine
5.  By the time I was ten, playing baseball got to be like eating vegetables or taking out the garbage. So when I was 14, I started to refuse. Could you believe that? An American boy refusing to play catch with his father.  -Field of Dreams – Sarah and Margene
6.  Phenominal cosmic powers! Itty bitty living space.Aladdin – Stephanie & Jenni
7.  Do you believe that my being stronger or faster has anything to do with my muscles in this place? Do you think that’s air you’re breathing now?  – MatrixQueue
8. No, leave it. I’m sure you didn’t mean any harm, I’m sure it was just friendly banter, I’m sure you guys have dicks the size of peanuts. Enjoy your dinner, the tuna’s really good.Notting Hill – Kate
9.  Or, imagine, being able to be magically whisked away to… Delaware. Wayne’s WorldKristin
10. That ain’t no Etch-A-Sketch. This is one doodle that can’t be un-did, Homeskillet.JunoJenni

*Bonus to who can name the movie from the post title! – Nonnahs and Courtney, you got it!! Best In Show is right!

ETA: You people RULE!  Hope you enjoyed the game – I tried to make sure everyone who guessed right was listed by the movie… I really enjoyed everyone’s guesses and you were all Spot On!  Perhaps I’ll make it a little harder next time ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh and I’m tagging you all to do this!

Until next time, "Be Excellent To Each Other"!


one sweater, two ways


Pattern: Sadie from Rowan 40
Yarn: Rowan Wool Cotton, Inky – approx 7 balls
Needles: Size 3 and 6 circs
Modifications:  I shortened the length of the body by about 4 inches and made the sleeves about 3/4 length. 

This top first caught my eye on Ravelry.  I had a nice size stash of Rowan Wool Cotton that was frogged from one of my first knits (the Blanket Cardigan from Sarah Dallas) and using one of my favorite features of Ravelry I browsed to see the Project Ideas for the Wool Cotton.  My eye caught Chibitora’s Sadie (Ravelry link) and I just loved how it looked with the shorter length.


What turned out to be a very fast knit has been such a nice addition to my spring wardrobe!   It can be worn with a pretty spring dress, work clothes or with a t-shirt and jeans which is how I am sure this top will be worn more often.


I’m off to a bar to watch the Final Four – I won’t even tell you what place I am in my boyfriend’s pool. **cough**last**cough**.  I got hurt big time when Georgetown lost to Davidson – but I had a great time watching that Cinderella run so I’m not bummed.  I still have North Carolina though winning it all so maybe I won’t stay in the basement afterall…. but I think today I’ll be rooting for my sfam’s – Nonnahs – alma mater – GO UCLA! ๐Ÿ˜‰



All around me things are budding.  Tulip leaves are pushing themselves up from the ground.  Flowers are beginning to show their colors.  Trees are ready-ing their flair for another season – it’s a time of growth! 

So how am I growing in the Spring time? Well, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my first "from scratch" sweater – I think it’s finally time for me to grow in that way as a knitter.  It’s been mulling over in my head since late January only really getting a chance to see needle time now.  How fortunate are we in these times with such an overflow of information!  There are tremendous resources about how to design your own knits – how to make those designs knittable for others, how to figure out that magical rate of decrease to make waists and sleeves fit in perfectly…  So I guess there was only one thing to do – cast on.


This knit is going to be for the spring/summer so I want it to be a breathable but wearable knit!  I keep seeing myself wearing this with a nice pair of jeans and a long beaded necklace with a class of crisp white wine in my hand.  Most of it will be knit in stockinette with a nice firm border… I’m still trying to decide whether I want to pick up stitches for the collar or have it just knit right in. Ahhh decisions decisions!  I guess this is where the knitting and ripping and rethinking commences!

The yarn I’m using is the Rowan Purelife cotton. So far I’m really loving how it’s knitting up.  There’s a slight variation to the color which gives it a certain charm.  It’s also very soft for a cotton.  I’m nervous about getting so involved and spending so much time on this and it not panning out.  But it’s for me! (for now..) So Really I just need to have fun with this – to hopefully have something wearable in the end with lots of lessons learned, I’m sure!

For now, it’s just a seedling, soon to be getting those April showers to make it hopefully bloom one day…


Bridges… a tutorial of sorts

It’s always fun to look at older knits and see who’se been making them (kinda like getting inspired to love your knit all over again!)  Like the number of new Cherry’s or Fifi’s out there is so cool!  But one knit in particular seems to need a little explination – Bridges in Rowan 42.  I have recieved a few requests on how I incoporated my increases and decreases while keeping the pattern correct and I thought I would share my experience with others!

Close up of Bridge

First, make a gauge swatch in the pattern (the photo above is the finished back… No you Do Not have to make your swatch That Big!).  As you work your swatch begin to recoginize how the stitches from one row relate to another.  For instance, Row One might have you [YO, slip 2, K1, p2sso, YO] making 3 stitches when you’re all said and done… therefore Row Two may have you K3 (So your’e knitting the YO, the P2sso, YO).  Getting to know this pattern will help you when you begin.  For instance, you’ll know you fudged up somewhere if you happen to K3 and your first Knit is the Psso and not the YO.

Still follow me?

The pattern in Bridges is actually a lace pattern… it incorporates a lot of  YOs with K2togs parings..  When I decreased in the pattern for waist shaping I simply removed the YO before the K2tog on each end – keeping in mind that I would work the other stitches in the pattern as they were on my needles.  This allowed the pattern to show pretty much all the way up to the selvage edge.

I then did my increases by doing the YO and instead of  a K2tog I knitted those stitches seperately thus increasing by one stitch.

Another far easier way to do the increasing and decreasing is by keeping 3 or so stitches in the beginning or end of your row in simple stocknette.  It will make seaming much easier and will allow you to remain sane admist the waist shaping and arm shaping – I would just mark that territory with some stitch markers so you don’t inadvertainly add them in somewhere. 

I hope this helps you a bit if you’re knitting it now and encourages others to try this great tunic/vest out! If you still have more questions feel free to email me or if you’re on Ravelry PM me!