it makes my week

Walking home at 12 am through Hoboken can make one realize an important fact.  My life doesn’t suck.  I was sauntering home after a lovely dinner and one last drink.  Bars were overflowing with people, lines outside forming and I just making my way home to my comfortable bed.  Drunken people stumblng and girls crying about how the next day they were going to be made fun of kept me amused with every step.  This really brings me to nothing in particular but I thought you would like to know what my walk home on Saturday night was like 😉


Today I’m in a much more grateful state of mind and am totally humbled by those who have tossed the "You Make My Day" nod my way! Lola and Ava, Julie, Lise and Jillian thanks So Much!  It’s always good to feel appreciated!!  I know there are a ton of blogs I read that also make my day – so I return the favor to you all as well as other people who make my day in blog land and real life!

Patricia, my personal yarn pusher. You always make me smile and have been such a great friend.  Nothing makes my day than popping over and knitting with you! oh and there’s Riley too!

Nonnahs! I love everything you make and feel so inspired by what you create and how thoughtful you are 🙂 You rock.

Stacey, you know, I don’t know what makes my day more… your knits or your dog. haha!

Lolly!   You are the Queen of inspiration 🙂  where would we be without Project Spectrum or Socktoberfest? 

Cara who I’d like to call the "Godmother" of the blogs.  I have ready so many stories of how it was her January One that made others want to join in and start bloggin’ – as it is the case here, too!

Tiennie, who makes some really beautiful knits and sweaters hotter than Tom Welling. 😉

Denise! When she’s not golfing or doing all the other fabulous things she does – she’s an excellent and quite inspiring knitter.

Kate who hasdesigned some really gorgeous sweaters and I love seeing what she’ll do next!

Grumperina – thanks for always breaking the knits down as well as always having something beautiful on your needles always – hope you are enjoying your Married Bliss!

Parikha, besides the goregeous knitting and photography – you’re in my next favorite area code…

I seriously could go on and on and on… but I must get back to work! I have the busiest week of my admissions year ahead of me so I will be looking to you all to get me through it!  That and mitt number 2 of the Endpapers!!


practice makes perfect

Whether you’re trying to hit 10 in a row from the free throw line or mastering Poison’s "Talk Dirty To Me" on Guitar Hero – we all need to do a little practice once in a while.


With one more sleeve to sew on the other Norah Gaughan knit in the making I have started a pair of Endpaper Mitts.  I haven’t done stranded knitting in a while and this is the project I needed to rev me up.  I have been experimenting with how to hold the yarn, over or under, with the right hand or left hand… etc. I think by now I’m doing a hybrid of all those different techniques but so far really liking how it’s coming out!

Since this photo was taken I’m about up to the thumb gusset.  The only thing I didn’t do which I may rip back in the end is the cuff.  I used the new to me Italian Cast-on found over on Francesca’s blog with the 2s instead of 0s and it ended up making the cuff way too loose.  I plan on finishing it with the 0s and starting the 2nd one properly but I just don’t feel like ripping it out Right Now…  I’m just having too much fun fair isle-ing!   

Other knits on the burner…
  I have the color cards for Venezia Pullover but need to make some choices.  I had ordered the yarn for the Phildar sweater but when the color arrived it looked more like Giants Blue than the steely blue I was going for – so that’s just back to the drawing board (but only for a short time, promise! I wanna get that pullover started too!)  And now I can make some Giants hats (and beer cozies!) for people I know! YEA! haha

Happily, things are looking up… I see Feburary on the horizion and what it means… Feb Break.  For those lazy mornings (maybe even a stop at the gym… maybe.), knitting and drinking tea … well we’re almost there.  Jan just really was filled with bummer news… I mean Heath now?  Wow.


Medallion Shawl

Medallion Shawl

The first knit of 08 has finally arrived – and what a beauty she is!  A positive in a world right now that had been ruled by the negative.  I really really appreciate all of your comments and if I didn’t get to email you all back personally please know I really took in what you said!

One of the three actually turned into a positive while the other two are still in the neg.  I am good though, these things are actually not affecting personally but close friends.  Still gets one down though  I’m also in the most stressful part of my admissions season with lots of emotional parents so my knitting has really become an escape.   I really appreciated this shawl and it’s fulfilling nature.  The hexagons were being knitted up quickly to provide that FO allure but still kept me interested.

I had trouble reading the pattern at first thinking that the pattern repeat was to be done six times in total rather than 6 times around.  Once that was figured out these little hexagons were being produced 2 to 3 a day. Before I knew it they were blocking out on my carpet ready to be crocheted together.

Medallion Shawl

Pattern: Medallion Shawl by Norah Gaughn from VK 07/08

Yarn: Rowan Silk Wool, 6 balls

Needles: Size 7 16in. circs, F5 hook

Medallion Shawl

I am so happy with this shawl.  It allowed me to do some lace, get the dust of my crochet hook, and feel good in a time when lots were making me feel sad/anxious. I’m also giving this to my mother who you KNOW is gonna give me that hug/kiss/"ohmygodiloveit!". 

Hooray to that!

Oh and for all you NYCers…. GO GIANTS!!! ETA: We’re going to the SUPERBOWL!!


is it just me?

Or are things a little bit crazy everywhere lately?

Call me superstitious or spiritual or whathaveyou but lately things around me have gone down right sour.  I won’t get into too much detail but I believe things happen in 3s and BY God, let the three things that have come to pass be IT for a good while.  There has been a lot of bummy news going around and if this is the tone of 08, I want to throw it back and start it over!

I however am a stubborn optimist and therefore think that if all the crap is coming out now then the rest of 08 will be bright and shiny… right!? right.  Yet amist all the bummy, things have been really (cross your fingers, knock on wood, hold your breath and spin three times – just made that one up!) fine around Chez Tentenknits.  I went up to Vermont this past weekend with a few good friends and enjoyed a whole lot of lounging, knitting and outlet shopping.  I finished the hexagons for the Medallion Shawl and need to block them out before crocheting them together.  I haven’t picked up a crochet hook in a long time so this should be quite the experience!

In the mean time I am a few rows away from finishing the collar on the Tilted Duster and because I totally suffer from Multiple Knitsonality disorder, I started a new project.  One that requires all thoughts and brain power to go into it and has some crazy needle acrobatics!  It is the Linked Rib scarf from the new book Knitting New Scarves.  I recieved this book as a gift for Christmas and have been contemplating which one to start first… this one won simply because I had a skein of Rowan Summer Tweed in the stash! (Bonus!)

At first glance this scarf looked down right loco to do, but the directions are so clear and precise that I’m rolling through the repeats now.  The only issue I have now are trying to keep track of which row I’m on because I never write things down.  Also for note if you plan on doing this is that this particular scarf requires 6 size 8 DPNs and  most if not all are just packaged with 5.  I’m getting around it by using a pencil or  DPN of a different size. I am finding it’s not making a huge difference and thus no need to buy another set of 8 DPNs!

I’m thankful for this scarf and it’s brain occupying powers.  I’m hoping it’s just this Janurary that’s sour and when we hit February things will be looking up.  But life’s life I supposed and nothing is every all rosy or all stinky for very long – so we just have to roll with it and take each day as it is – a gift… (here comes the cheese) hense why we call it the Present. (you all just left didn’t you, you clicked that window closed… haha no comments?)

Either way, hope are doing well where ever you are and feeling good and if you need it, pour that glass of wine cause I know I need it!

Medallion Shawl

question everything

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of posts and forums about knit design.  I figured if this is something I want to soon try might as well read up and learn from others.  Granted forums are organic beasts that can go off on tangents but one thing I kept running into was to Question Why you are knitting the way you are.

For instance, if there a Ktog, why?
If you need to YO, why?
If you’re knitting flat instead of the round, why?

All of a sudden you start to see your knitting in a different way.  At first I would see FO and just want to simply knit.  Knit to my heart’s content without recognizing why things are doing what their doing – so long as the finished project looked like what I wanted.  Cherie was the first knit that totally crushed that idea and sent me in to a minor knit depression.  Sometimes, patterns just suck and blindly knitting into the night will often cause more heartache than fun photo shoots.

Medallion Shawl

What comes from knitting so much is that you start to See what is happening and thus why it happens. I’m currently all about the Medallion Shawl by Norah Gaughn in the new VK.  These little hexagons are wipping out in a very quick fashion but not without me questioning Why?  Why is there a random purl in some of the knit rows? Becoming more familiar with the pattern repeat shows that this purl happens when faced with a double YO, however there is an earlier row that doesn’t specifically state how to knit into the double yarn over, which for no other reason than it just worked, I simply knitted into the front of one YO and the back of another.   Once blocked it looks fine.

But then I thought… well if the other rows are purling the 2nd YO, why not just purl the 2nd YOs on that first double yarn over row?  Then something strange happens, I scrunch up my face a bit and think what if it looks like crap or destorts the final shape of the hexagon, well then the question of why there is or is not a purl in the 2nd YO will be answered.   In the end it looks fine and perhaps makes the Double YOs more even and uniform.

When you go to a museum one of the first questions you ask yourself while looking at the pieces is "why did they do it this way?".  Why dark paints or sharp shadows or blurred here rather than there.  I was that girl who saw a painting and just thought oh that’s pretty instead of now why did he/she take or make it that way.  Questioning knitting is no different.  Why is this stockinette or why use the moss stitch here? I get it now so much more than I did before. 

You may be looking at your knitting but do you really see what your knitting? I think I finally See.


Sunday Funday

I feel like there’s so much good knitty stuff to talk about that I feel some bullets are in order 🙂

  • Yarn and color cards have been ordered for the Venezia Pullover and the Phildar sweater.  So now all that’s left to do is wait!  I really thank everyone for their valuable feedback.  I would be lost with and in a yarn tangle without you! 😉
  • I am done with the skirt on the Tilted Duster and will be picking up the stitches at some point today for the collar.  So far so wonderfully good but I think I wish I had sewed the sleeves in when I sewed the sides and shoulders but with good lighting and patience I’m sure the sleeves will set in just nicely!  I made them a tinge too long as I got carried away with the cuff ribbing but I’m hoping to squish them a bit in the blocking process.
  • I finally got a chance to to take a pic of the Rowan Cardigan from the Studio 6 book – so you can weigh in on that one too.  My hangup about it was having the huge chunky cables up the back of the piece.  At first I was leaning towards no, but recently have thought that it would be quite lovely.
    Rowan Studio Chunky Cardigan
  • I’m also loving the new issue of Vogue Knitting (haha despite the Obvious!).  There is a ton of great knitting to boot! I immediately casted on for Norah Gaughn’s Medallion Shawl with some Rowan Silk Wool I had in the stash.  I’m on the 7th row of the first repeat where I have to knit into both loops of a Double Yarn over.  I at first though you dropped both stitches but realized that no indeed you need both loops – so I’m knitting in the the front of one and the back of the the other and hoping that is right.
    Medallion Shawl
  • I’ll be rooting for the hometown boys today in the playoffs.  GO G-MEN!!
  • And if you happen to be in the Hoboken area today I’m working at Patricia’s Yarns.  So stop by!

the most unexpected of places

One of the more exciting knitty adventures in 07 came from the most non-knitty place I expected.  My school.

I had an applicant who’s mother came to wait patiently for her while she took her entrance exam.  The mother insisted on staying during the 2hr exam and it wasn’t until I saw her whip out her knitting needles that I understood that it truly didn’t matter where she was – she was knitting!  It was a gorgeous cashmere poncho and I couldn’t help myself so I had to ask!  Her name was Lisa and she was test knitting a Marc Jacobs poncho for her job at Soho Publishing aka Vogue Knitting.  With that I totally freaked (but obviously in a good calm professional Admissions Director way) and casually told her that I too was a knitter and had some work with me!  Kindly she asked to see it. 

It was around the time I was knitting Fifi and I had it with me to show her.  She liked and offered to take my card because VK was always looking for some test knitters.  In my head I was like take one? take many!

So we kept in touch and that following August I got an email asking if I was interested in test knitting a sweater by Twinkle. Hello! Absolutely!  Obviously with the whole copyright infringement I couldn’t post about it but now that the magazine is out – game on!!

My first suare into test knitting is the Twinkle Dress on pg. 90.  That’s my handy work, baby!


Sorry for the blurred pic (and oh how tan i used to be… sigh)!  Then on the model in the magazine… dude she’s tall….


I really enjoyed working on this dress and loved the yarn, Soft Chunky by Twinkle.  It was luxuriously soft and very close to the Blue Sky Bulky yarn I’m more familiar with.  The pattern is fun and knits up Super Fast – and we’re talking a dress here!  I also liked how they paired it with a dress underneath too – it’s perfect for layering.

Test knitting was also a great experience for me.  Figuring out the pattern from a sketch was great practice at seeing how the sweater was put together.  It allowed me to get more on the technical side of my knitting which was a challenge but definitely built my confidence in hopefully making my own designs one day!

All in all a really great experience and I look forward to doing more for them in the future! 


this indecision killing me

I’ve spent all today thinking about the knits of 08 and I can’t seem to make my mind up about anything.  I keep seeing one thing and obsessing over it then letting it simmer and then obsessing over the next thing and then going back to that first thing again.  Over and over again… so now I’ve come for your advice…

The first knit I have been obsessing over today is the Venezia pullover.  A beautiful one can be seen here at Girlwhoknits, Erin did such a beautiful job and I love the yarn color subtsitution she did.  I want to make this now but don’t have a local LYS that carries this yarn and it’s terribly hard to pick different colors on the internet.  So I don’t know what to do about that – therefore it’s on pause.

The next knit that has me excitable is a pretty bulky cardigan from the Rowan Studio book, Issue Six.  I haven’t been able to get a photo yet up but picture bulky cables, with a picked up k2, p2 ribbing collar, and half length sleeves (makes me also think of the Best Friend Cardigan by Twinkle).  Now, I was all about this up until I realized that the bulky cables ran up the back of the sweater and I’m not sure how I feel about that.  There is no picture of the back so I’m just going on my imagination. Part of me thinks that I can just make a plain back and cabled fronts but will that look good and or fit just as well if the cables are a part of the shaping?  I mean it is Big Wool and we all knows how quickly that knits up so I could so it and rip it and redo it and still get it done in a resonable timeframe…. thus, I still change my mind.

Finally a pullover from Phildar that can been seen here as done by fabulous Klement has been in the "queue" for some time now.  The quandry I’m having with that is that I cannot decide which yarn to choose.  I was set on Rowan Cashsoft but am debating on making it with a 100% merino wool instead.  It’s all about the drape… again something I can’t really see until I knit it up.

So you gotta let me know, should I knit this or should I go?…………… for more sweaters that is…


the art of doing nothing

Tilted Duster WIP

I am enjoying my final two days of vacation knitting and relaxing.  I
confess that I have spent an more than an appropriate amount of time in my comfy
pants.  I cannot even think of how it is going to be possible to wake up
for work on time at the end of this week.  But what can I complain about, really… it’s been a wonderful Christmas/NYE break.  My boyfriend and I capped off the holidays with a wonderful fondue dinner with close friends last night.  I had dreams of chocolate covered strawberries!

On another note, sweater knitting has reemerged in a flurry of k2, p2, m1s and simple stockinette.  The Tilted Duster which has been in patient hibernation is back on track to be the first FO of 2008. Another year full of sweaters?  We’ll see!  The sleeves which were casted on a few days after Christmas are done and I’m 4 repeats of finishing the skirt.  Size 10 needles make things go quickly!

If only my last vacation day didn’t move that fast….