It’s tricky.

I’m all up to tricks this morning.  I mean it’s Halloween and I work at a school – it’s like an at work holiday in my book.  This mentaliy is a bit bad I know, but I can’t help it.  I love my sleep.  I even had a battle getting up this morning that went something like this:

Alarm 6:30am – Beep Beep Beep

Brain: Time to wake up!

Body: 6:30!  That clock is set 10 minutes fast… it’s really 6:20 – you got ten more minutes and it’s Halloween – no one’s gonna need you right away at work.

Brain: yea, you’re right! good call.


Alarm 6:40 – Beep Beep Beep
Brain: ok we should really start thinking about getting up

Body: Yeah yeah I’ll start thinking.. It won’t take us more than 15 minutes to get ready – we got 5 more minutes – and it remember 6:40 equals 6:30 we got time….

Brain: yeah ok.  but we should stop hitting snooze the BF might kill us.

Body: that’s a bit dangerous, no?

Brain: what’s worse us being late or the BF being cranky.

Body: yes. yes. ok well back to snooze

Brain: ok now we really  need to get up

Body: two more minutes, i mean what’s two minutes – you don’t need to wash your hair

Brain – get up!!  I even gave you 5 minutes… a whole 3 extra.

Body: remember, it’s only 6:40!! PUHLEEESE, you can get up and get out in 10.  We already know what we want to wear and I hear showers are overrated.

Brain: you’re so freakin’ lazy!

Brain:  Come on, Get er up!! We’re going to be soooo late to work.

Body: No we’re not – and if we are we can always bribe them with Dunkin Donuts. 

Brain: Honestly all you think about is donuts.

Body: No I don’t.  I think about coffee and donuts.

Brain: Right exactly.  Now can we please get up…

Body: Fine, but I want a Coffee Roll.

Brain: Fine.

Body: God, I can’t wait until we Fall back next week – a whole extra HOUR!!

now out of bed, sluggishly walking to the bathroom.

Brain: We’re so late. mumbles I really ought to invest in one of those clocky clocks. Hah! that will really get my Body out of bed.

Body: Huh, what are you saying up there??

Brain: Oh nothing, just pass me the soap.

mad hatter

Happy happy joy joy

Dudes – once again I am humbled by your fabulous comments! I for sure thought this one was going to go semi in the undercurrent of the knits out there since there are so many TYs for you to see but Yowzers thank you!  I highly recommend the pattern and love the yarn – Rowan Felted Tweed.  However, did anyone else notice how easy it was to break the yarn?   I mean maybe my superhuman strength was more than enough for it’s simple ply but for reals it broke so easily!

Anyway I’m obviously glued to the computer lately – every time I post I always obsess over it.  Refreshing my emails and blog site. I also cannot stop refreshing my Notebook page in Ravelry to see if the little numbers beside the hearts change.  I love getting more hearts the way I love getting comments, tee hee!   

AND speaking of comments we have broken the 1,000 comment milestone here at Tentenknits!!!    Congratulations Kate from Purlygirly you are my 1,000 commenter!!  Bob, tell her what she’s won..

A new car!!

No really – I will have to put my thinking cap on and do something special.  This is a pretty huge deal, is it not? All my experienced contest givers… what say you – yarn? notions?  Hey Kate, what do you think? I love all your comments and they just make me so happy but honestly I’m an easy girl. I mean you could probably Burp in my comments and I would say, "Awe".  But please don’t feel like you really have to 😉

At the moment my boyfriend and I have just finished watching the latest episode of Heroes.  I won’t give anything away but geeze can we get something going – I feel like all the episodes so far have just been "set-up" shows and not results – don’t turn into Lost!! Please, talk about the biggest let down from Season 1.  Let me not even start on TV shows – let me show you what I was doing while watching… continuing the progress on my Koolhaas.  The little something on the side before I start yet another sweater.  Knitting sweaters makes knitting hats seem like knitting in light speed. 


Nothing makes Monday more tolerable than Malabrigo.

Tangled Yoke

another beautiful tangled yoke

There’s something magical that happens when you block a sweater.  The yarn becomes softer – the sleeves that you thought were too short end up being just right and the stitches just simply shine.

Tangled Yoke

The Details:
Pattern: Tangled Yoke from the Fall 2007 IK
Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed, 7 balls
Needles: Size 5 and 4 circs

I know there are so many versions of this beautiful cardigan out there on the internets (about 320 listed in Ravelry!) and beyond so to add mine to the masses feels very unifying.  Folded gently in my dresser is a sweater that lots of my other kindred knitty friends will have worked stitch by stitch as well.  The pattern was very well written, although I did have some trouble with the initial body decreasing but just worked it out.  Other than that small bump it was all smooth sailing. 

This was the first sweater I have made where the sleeves were knitted in the round then attached to the main body.  While normally I make my sleeves at the same time, I decided for this round to not mess with crazy magic loops and noticed that they did come out ever so slightly different.  Again – the magic of blocking  –  a little tug here and smoosh there and we have perfectly matched sleeves.

Tangled Yoke

I can’t really express how happy I am with this cardigan.  I also can’t believe I made this in my busiest month ever! I guess I really don’t know the speed of which I can knit? Who knew?  I did a little bit every night and then had some nice eventless weekend days that made this go quicker. I did make a full comfortbale change to knitting continental  so I’m guessing that helped with the speed.  Sign me up for NaKniSweMo! 😉 If you notice though, I have yet to sew the buttons – I was a bit anxious to have good sunlight and a photoshoot.  All that means is that there will be another photoshoot again soon!

I was also so impressed with that cabled yoke.  I mean I know I could not at this point in my knitty experience think of the way that cable would twist and turn but wow what a beautiful and delicate embellishment!

Tangled Yoke

Usually at this point I’m scheming my next knit but the beautifulness of this piece has made me want to just revel in it a bit more before I cast on again.

So I will revel…

Tangled Yoke

Tangled Yoke

while everyone else was at the yarn party…

It’s possible that I may be the only knitter on the east coast that did not go to Rheinback.   Work and play schedules just didn’t allow that glorious trip to happen this year so now I get to click on everyone else’s blog and live vicariously through them.  The only upside I can think of is that I don’t have the money for yarn at this time and god only knows what kind of debt I would be in if I had gone!  But what a goregous weekend they had – I don’t think the weather could have been any better.

As for my knitty life – it’s just been that kind of month. Work – workout – knit – wine. I have been such a lurker on everyone’s blogs just clicking and reading then leaving because my time is so limited lately.  There is a light at the end of this Lack of Time tunnel and it is coming in the next two weeks.  And, let me say THANK YOU to all those who left me birthday comments!! I feel so blessed to have such great readers who didn’t make fun of my chubbs. 😉  Know that it made my day bright!

For now I’ll try to get my blogging in as much as I can.  There’s so much great knitting going on everywhere! Socktoberfest is alive and kicking and despite the fact that I myself haven’t gotten a sock on the needles I’m queueing up patterns left and right!  I also saw another beautiful Tilted Duster which is slowly trying to make it’s way on my needles.  Right now that long stream of stockenette is so lovely to this busy woman – no thought required!  I am envisioning it in black – a nice classy simple jacket.  Only if the weather would get below the 70s would I be craving to knit it more.

I also got a new Rebecca mag (34 i think) at my LYS and want to start knitting pattern #22 – Sweater with Lace panels… gosh they really go far with naming don’t they?  It’s the sweater on the cover and I’m having a nice peek and daydream love affair with it.  It’s much more thought oriented and will have to wait for when I can devote a little more time to her but I’m tagging this one for the last sweater I do this year!

And speaking of sweaters – time for some progress pics of TY!

Tangled Yoke

She’s coming along beautifully!  I think my sleeves may be a bit too short but we’ll survive.  I am trying to finish the cabled part tonight under a very bright lamp.  The fun part has really been a "must concentrate or it’s going to get So Fucked up" experience.  I did have to rip out a few times just to get it right but it’s oh so purdy!

Tangled  Yoke

Now to pick out some buttons!!  I think a trip to M&J is in order.  oh and in case I don’t get to post again this week:  GO EAGLES!! Beat those Hokies!! 🙂

Tangled Yoke

Come on baby light my fire

A new knit has begun here at tentenknits – the fabulous Tangled Yoke.

Tangled Yoke

Now, at first I wasn’t in love with this sweater – yes yes I realize there’s Lots of love for this sweater on the internets and especially Ravelry but it just didn’t wow me.  Even when I joined a little KAL over at Patricia’s I still wasn’t getting excited.  I even saw that Nonnahs casted on but still felt the same way she did about not really feeling the "gotta knit it now" feeling we all know too well. All this and yet… nothing…

It wasn’t until I actually put the yarn on those needles and started to knit that things dramatically changed.  Now, I’m just putting the car into 5th and taking it on the open road doing 90 hoping that I don’t get caught speeding.

Perhaps it was getting gauge with 5s or the truly soft wonderfulness of the Felted Tweed, but something has been ignited in me to try to knit up this sweater in ludacrious speed.  Of course we realize that due to my work schedule this just is not possible but this 3 day weekend has certainly given me a good head start.  I’m already past the garter stitch rib (which I had a little prob with the decreasing – anyone else? that whole "knit dec row every 8th row one time?? it didn’t add up to me)  and am working the stockinette – which instead of being really boring for me is a nice mental break from the other craziness of my life right now.

I also had a nice car ride to Boston to work on this as well.  My boyfriend and I took an overnight trip there on Saturday to visit a few friends and his sister and her husband (HI Beth and Peter!).  We enjoyed a quiet day and night of indulging in a new TV, some Newcastle beer, a few somewhat raw cinnabons, watching Ghostbusters 2, and a really funny episode of SnL. (Who saw that Rolf and the Swedish Chef sketch!?)

Today, I am taking my fabulous school holiday to knit some  more while straightening up my apartment for what I hope will be a fun night of watching the Yanks get one more over the Indians… sans Bugs.  (Geee-ross)

I’m also trying to finish Juliet since I think it’s pretty rediculous on my part that I can’t quite sew a button and add some ribbon to it.  But here’s a sneak peek for those waiting still…


I am just hoping the weather around here will cooperate so that I can actually wear it.  I mean 80 degrees in October?  A knitter could get real lonely in this weather…  but yet another thing to wish for on them candles –  oh yes there’s going to be a little Ten-Ten celebration soon.


ps. bloglines it would be nice if you can update my link so that people can actually read this if they wanted to!!  : (  Hi! I am here!


Oooh Boy!

Well hello there!

So I have come to the realization that I will never truly be a routine blogger.  There just isn’t that type of time in my daily schedule, especially now.  I’m putting more miles on my car than the Oscar Meyer Hot Dog Truck but it’s paying off.  Work is getting busier which only means good things but less time to knit and read blogs!  I have been such a lurker this past week only leaving comments here and there.  Know though that I am reading!


Being in the midst of my busy season it’s not hard to fall in love with Calorimetry. (The JulieFrick Shot ;-))

This knit was oh so fabulously fast.  I actually didn’t realize how fast it was until I was casting off.  It lasted though 9 innings of the Yankee game I was watching and only sat around my apartment for a while waiting for a button. 

I have a full head of curly hair so when I saw this pattern knitted up by the 700 some odd people on Ravelry I knew this must be a hit.  For someone who always feels like I can’t wear normal knitted hats because of the curls this is a soon to be staple in my winter wardrobe.  Plus, with the speed at which it was knit I have got to have Calorimetry wardrobe matching headbands!

The yarn is again Malabrigo which I am having a wonderful love affair with.  Manos, if you are reading this you so need to be finding out how they make their yarn so soft!! I still love your colorways but compared to the ‘Brigo you’se rough…

Well the Yanks are blowing it in their first playoff game, so I have to cut this blog post short… BUT

Coming soon… Juliet’s getting buttons!