shifting sands

The busy season

Ooh boy has work gone into full throttle and I haven’t even hit the busiest week yet.  Starting Monday I have two presentations a day and then a huge Open House to run.  Such is my September – I take the roll of a traveling saleswoman pitching to every girl that crosses my path.  It’s a crazy time because I’m in and out of my office which always has a constant full inbox or voicemail box waiting for me.  It’s high energy and caffeine and excitement and crashing all at the same time.  It won’t stop until November when things change into a full time desk job – inputting application after application until I go cross eyed.  Thus is the Admissions Director job…

Shifting Sands II

Which makes having an FO feel really really ridiculously good! This was casted on just before Labor Day and I finished it this afternoon while watching my BC Eagles take on the Army.  I have another project just finished too so I can’t really say my busy job has truly kept me from knitting but for some reason if Feels like it has. 

I just love this scarf.  I made one last fall for my brother Andrew and this one will go to a special recipient as well.  The next one I make is for ME.   My LYS is adding Malabrigo to her selection of yarns so I will happily wait for that shipment to be in for my very own Shifting Sands.  Who this scarf goes to, well that will have to wait a bit for me to reveal but it’s going to a very hardworking friend who deserves this little piece of beautiful.

Shifting Sands II

The Details:
Pattern – Shifting Sands by Grumperina
Yarn – 2 skeins of Malabrigo, Brown Berries
Needles – Size 9s Addi Turbos

I took a page out of Brooklyntweed’s knit play book and casted on
42 stitches for the worsted weight.  It’s a great width and wraps
around my neck twice for a cozy fit.  A gorgeous scarf indeed and  a far cry from the  Roast Beef that my Boyfriend had nicknamed it when I started.

Who knows when I’ll be posting next but I have a few buttons to sew and a light blocking to do but there’s another knit that is waiting to be shown.  I’m sure you Shakespearian folks out there know what it is.  Until then, I’m off to have some Pinot Grigio.


Red Red Wine (or How to Prematurely Block your Knitting)

We all know of things that we shouldn’t mix.  Drinking and driving.  White Clothes and a bright Red t-shirt in the wash.  Pop Rocks and Soda. Tequila and your body. But, Red Wine and Knitting?

Naturally those with common sense will absolutely agree with the last statement.  For why would you even think to endanger something so precious.  A few glasses of that burgundy good stuff common sense seems to stagger out of the room.

I was even warned.

It all started while I was looking up You Tube videos with my friend Patricia who saw me leaning closer and closer to my glass and warned, "you better not knock it over".  In hopes to not fulfill that prophecy I pushed the glass away thinking that it was far enough away and I simply wouldn’t reach it.  That Miss  South Carolina response though will get you every time … laughing uncontrollably and flailing my arms around I got a direct hit. A hit that caused a tsunami of wine not only on my new school loaned Tablet PC but on Juliet who was innocently sitting on my lap minding her own business.

Buzz kills are a funny thing.  At one moment you’re foggy eyed and giggly and in another you’re focused, determined and in action.  There was a brief moment of panic thinking what to take care of first – the brand spankin’ new computer or My Knitting.  Good thing there were two of us…   I got the paper towels and began to blot the crap out of Juliet and my computer while Patricia ran to my sink to clear it of dishes and gave it a good scrub down so that we could fill it with water.

Being in mid-row, I had to throw Juliet in the Soak needles and all. It was a very suspenseful 5 minutes. Not knowing whether the red splashes on the Rowan Cocoon were going to indeed wash out.


What was I going to do?  Would I have to soak the whole god dammed thing in Merlot? Of course, having had a few my mind wasn’t truly focusing on the absolute terribleness of Juliet being stained.


I am happy to report that this morning I found her lying on the floor of the kitchen.  Smelling fresh and not a hint of red on her.  I also found that Cocoon has a lovely drape once washed and thus I cannot wait for her to be finished.  Maybe tomorrow!?

As for the wine….Ladies and Gentlemen, I have learned my lesson.  I will just stick to white.



Same song, different verse

Why must I make a list of things I want to knit when I know that there will be something that just bursts onto the scene that makes me not think of anything but it?

So you saw Juliet, too?


Those Zephyr ladies do it again!  A simple, stylish and a perfect addition to any wardrobe – and most definitely Mine 😉  My LYS also has what I think may be the perfect yarn, Cocoon from Rowan.  It’s a bulker weight yarn and SO Soft!! Apparently their answer to the discontinued Polar which so many knitters loved.  I figured it would provide just enough warmth at the school when I need it!

Speaking of my school… You know you’re getting older when you realize that Juliet reminds you of that sweet Dire Straits song but then the girls look at you confused knowing only a song by a
band called LMNT. 


So I know what I’ll be doing this weekend? What about you?!


Taking Back the Knit

So I’ve done it – I’ve written a great fabulous witty post and it was all deleted by the slip of my select all button and the letter W.  Let’s see if I can even try this again!

A few hours and two glass of Chianti later..

SO, I am taking the "do not knit things you are blah about" to the next level.  I have frogged Cherie. 

Foxfire Fiber Silk/Wool Cormo

It has been sitting on my shelf since last February and it’s just past it’s expiration date.  I know I could have done some tweaking here and there but it just caused such knit depression in me that I just needed to get rid of it for good.  I am thinking it will be reincarnated as a Sesame Cardigan which is such a "wear it everyday and twice on Sunday" cardigan.  I’m just hoping I have enough yarn.  I’m thinking I will and if I don’t I’ll just try to made a few minor mods to get it done…

Blue Sky Alpaca Silk

I’ve also decided to stash bust some more by taking the extra skeins I had from Glee to using it for Anais.  The yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca Silk which is a tinge lighter than the Ultra alpaca but I think it will work.  I may have to do the whole – knit the bigger size to get a smaller one switcheroo but I’m glad I won’t have to buy a whole new batch of yarn for this one.

All the more monies for Tangle Yoke!

I’ve been thinking a lot about all the knits I want to make this fall and it’s apparently clear that I just love making sweaters, cardigans and well anything I can wear.  Wearability is tantamount to a great knitting pattern for me.  I don’t believe I would knit anything I can’t use or wear or give to someone. Again, why spend all that precious time knitting something that may have no use.  Granted, I absolutely get and respect knitting for knitting sake to learn new techniques but it would have to be a project that has some purpose – a blanket, shawl, etc.   

Also these patterns may be simple and catch my eye but it could also be intricate and dynamic work and I’d run just as fast to my LYS to get yarn for it. I guess I’m what you call an Equal Opportunity Pattern Knitter.

The only problem is, there are just so many patterns and so little time. ;-).  ETA: Those Zephyr girls are so NOT helping!!

shifting sands


I needed your comments to make me feel better and I do! You’re right, why cast on for something that you’re just not in love with.  It doesn’t make sense to spend all that precious time and energy on something you feel blah about.  Thanks also to Stacey’s suggestion as I casted on for a scarf this weekend.  (have you seen her puppies btw!!) There’s nothing better than Grumperina‘s Shifting Sands and Malabrigo to make one fall in love with knitting all over again.

Shifting Sands II

At first the color of the Malabrigo threw me – it’s a brown pinkish color to which my lovely Boyfriend called "roast beef" but I got over his hunger influenced mind and continued to knit. 

I went this weekend up to a lake in the Adirondacks called Otter Lake.  One of my closest friends has a house there and we decided to go up to enjoy a nice long quiet weekend. I spent a good deal of my weekend sitting lake side with my girlfriends who both re-kindled their knitting skills this weekend.  One is working on a Retro Redux Shrug while the other is working on a simple baby blanket.  I think I got them hooked!

It feels good to see someone get excited about something you get excited about daily!

As for my work, it has calmed down dramatically.  The first two weeks were so hectic I think they made everything else I have to do seem so much more doable.  As much as I really felt like I got my butt kicked I’m happy I had to do it.  The scarf has also been an excellent gateway knit easing me back to work time.  It’s the perfect project to accompany me to the many presentations I will start to do at night.

But a sweater is not to far from being started on my needles it’s just a matter of which one?