Glasgow Lace

Yes! welll no, oh I don’t know

It’s almost the weekend and actually I’ve already begun mine as I took the day off today to enjoy a 4 day weekend… knitting has been pretty non-existent this week and it’s beginning to show in my psyche.

I feel fuller and happier when I have something on the needles.  Does that happen to anyone else?  I really feel a bit bummed out right now that there’s no project that currently is making me want to knit it 24.7.   Of course I have my next couple of projects in my head that I want to do but I haven’t the time to get the yarn and start it up!

So in the meantime, I keep looking at my stash trying to resurrect old projects but every time I try to psych myself into it I lose it in the second breath.  Take, Glasgow Lace. 


Now, this is a project that has been collecting dust for God only knows how long.  I bought the required yarn, Plymouth Royal Cashmere (!) a long time ago and after having a few chaotic sessions with a huge KNOT (trying to ball it up – has anyone else bought this yarn and found it ridiculous hard to just ball??) I just put it away and let it go.  It’s been a year or more later, I whip out the yarn and pattern and feel well – that maybe I’ve outgrown it or my taste is different. 

The lace patterning is what caught my eye when I  first saw it in the Fall 06 IK. I don’t like the truncated look and would lengthen it as well as have the ribbing on the neck be sewn to the back and not just hanging there which makes me think it’s unfinished.   I just don’t feel the "omg, i have to knit this sweater" but at the same time I think it would make a great project to practice modifications.  Basically out of 1 to 10 and 10 being "i want to cast this on Yesterday" I’m feeling like a 5.

What I guess I’m getting at is, have you ever felt that way about a knit… like you’ve outgrown it but can’t quite let it go just yet? 

Sorry for the ‘waa waa" indecisive post.  I just feel in that weird  knitter’s limbo today – I’ve got all this yarn and nothing to knit!  And yet, once my LYS come back from vacation it’s Knitted Yolk and Phildar Sweater #1 time, so perhaps the real answer to this is simple patience.


Coming up for Air

So yeah – I said work was going to kick my arse this week and it did that and then some…

On top of it, no knitting has been done other than a few rows on Tuesday at my SnB.  I’m just so exhausted.  I knew this was coming (hense the super knitting mode pre-work) and I know that if I can make it to next Thursday I may have a possible 4-day Labor Day weekend reward!

The non-knitting though has not stopped me from scheming to make new projects.  I got in the mail Wednesday the Phildar 32 catalogue and can’t stop looking at all the pretty sweaters… hee!  I have my sights set on the first sweater featured in the book.  I just enjoy that they don’t have sweater names therefore it’s labeled "Sweater 1" in Ravelry.  For lack of a photo: it’s a scoop neck reverse stockenette sweater with a leaf motif up the side.  It’s a distant cousin to Rusted Root.

I also enjoy the Yoke Sweater that Jenna made – so lovely! Oh and scheme to make  Lingy’s Long Cardigan.  I just love getting a catalogue that’s nice and chock full of patterns I want to make!

Tonight I plan on relaxing maybe grabbing a pint at a local bar and decompressing from the shock of being back at work.  I have no plans this weekend which is a blessing considering last I heard it was supposed to be super humid and warm – hi air conditioner!!

And then it was done...

Overcast Skies with a hint of Sun

Classic Knits Tube Top 3

The balloon has been popped, the power pulled, the curtain is closing.  Alas, today is the last day of my summer vacation.  I am trying to absolutely take in perspective that it’s really Not That Bad and there are Monumentally Other Sad and Horrific things that are happening in the world that deserve more attention.  However can we all agree that setting the alarm clock for 6:30am after not waking up until 9ish each day is a pretty painful and sad event?  Even for a teesy bit? 

I also, mind you it’s Big Wool, finished the Tank Top from Erika Knight’s Classic Knits in a crazily fast two days.  It was exciting to work on something super bulky and sickeningly fast.  I even blew right by the armhole decreases and had to rip back about two inches because I was on such a roll.  I was so excited to finish this and so fast!! But, I seamed it this morning and well it’s just not what I thought it would be. 

Classic Knits Tube Top 2

Now, I did try to put an outfit together to give you guys some good pics and yes I will be wearing it at work this fall but I wanted to LOVE it and I don’t.  It all boils down to the ribbing – I did what the pattern called for my size and did 6.5inches of K2,P1 but it definitely needs more.  I also have yet to block it which I’m hoping will give it a nicer shape and calm down the edges a bit (the shoulder keeps wanting to roll into itself).

With work rearing her head around the corner I just wanted that final satisfying FO and now feel like – well maybe I rushed it a bit. And it’s funny, you know when you’re obsessed with knitting yourself things when you go shopping for work clothes and only pick out things that will go with what you’re knitting and or want to knit.  I was at BR and put things back because I thought would clash with Cherry or Bridges…. and I bought a necklace to match Vesty here.

Tube Top

Hmmm, maybe it is redeeming itself after all. I do love that necklace 😉


Is it my Blogiversary already!?


It all started with a Stitch N Bitch book and a pair of size 8 and nine needles.

I made little things then like small cell phone cozies or pouches for my mom to keep her rosary in.I made a scarf for my boyfriend (which he still has and is so tattered now… ahh love) and a few other small knits but didn’t truly explode until I found the knit blogs. 

It was summer and I was searching the Internet trying to find the address of a LYS called Handknits.  In my Google search however I came across a knitting blog – and what an opener to have to the blogisphere: good ol’ Cara from January One.  I remember thinking at the time at how cool this was and was shocked that they actually left each other comments.  I vaguely remember what Cara posted that day but I know I just felt compelled to leave a comment not really thinking she was going to email me back… and she did!

I started a blog that August and oh the places it has taken me.  I went through a huge "what do I want this blog to be about and why am I doing this" phase as we all do and still re-visit that often.  I changed my name about a year ago to Tentenknits from Minor Obsessions as I just felt it sounded better. I’ve met some fabulous other knitters and bloggers am excited to continue to meet and know some truly amazing people! I know I’ve become a better and skilled knitter because of the experience.

Having a blog is such a new experience.  I’ve always kept journals growing up but those were mostly stream of conscience writing where one sentence to the next had nothing to do with each other.  I probably described my latest crush or what kind of food I felt like eating that night.  Total and utter jibberish! Having a blog means you actually have an audience (albet it might be one or two) and you must try to make sense!

I consider myself a not to shabby writer with a passion to be a really great writer (and knitter, and photographer… we all want it all sometimes, no?)  My whole formal education was surrounded around the idea that I wanted to be a journalist.  However,  it’s pretty obvious at times that I am not a master of grammar.  I had found one of my old standardized testing scores (9th grade) and while I was a kick ass reader (99th percentile!) I was terrible at the language arts (79! oops).  It is a skill though which I feel like I am improving with each post.  (sometimes with a little help of a bottle of red).

And my knitting – wow.  It’s amazing to look back and see the difference from one project to the next.  It’s a blur to me now the point at which I decided to go from knitting scarves to socks and lace. When my confidence to make myself a sweater came through in full swing and now I feel ready to tackle anything. 

New project to help ween me back to the office hours.

E. Knight's Tube Top

I truly am so grateful for all the readers I have as I recognize there are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there to visit and you’ve decided to pop by mine! (WOO HOO!)  I hope you get inspired by what you read and see as I’ve been inspired by so many of you!  I too am humbled by your wonderful words and comments and I look forward to seeing what the next year of blogging and knitting and dreaming will bring.


The Last Hurrah!

It’s one of those sweltering summer days where it feels like you’re swimming through the air.  It’s a day when the invention of the air conditioner is a close second to the creation of the World itself.  It’s the type of day where rain just adds to the thickness and hair and clothes and ice cream just want to stick to your skin.

It is so not a day for woolen sweaters but really when do I ever follow those type of rules.


The Details:
Pattern: Bridges from Rowan Mag 42
Yarn: Kid Classic, 6 balls
Needles: Size 8 and 7 circs

I made no modifications. Now, don’t be deceived. I do not knit blazingly fast.  In fact sometimes I think I am a slow knitter. I simply am in the midst of my last week of vacation had the time and wanted to get one more FO tagged on to the summer.  This coming Monday all this wonderful knitting time will be cut by more than half.  There will be no more knitting sweaters in the span of two weeks – unless they’re of the super bulky type 😉

The stitch pattern as I mentioned before is very memorizable after the first couple of rows.  The only tricky part I found was doing the increases and decreases and making sure that I wasn’t inadvertently canceling them out with a YO in the end or beginning of the row.  I also found Kid Classic to be a wonderful yarn to work with.  It’s got a lovely feel and is as Nonnahs commented a very squishy feel to it. (Speaking of, go over to her blog and wish her a Wonderful Congratulations or a good toast of wine 😉  – good things do happen to good people!! )

I was a bit worried as I was seaming up this that I just wasn’t going to like it or it just wasn’t going to fit my body type.  I’m about 5’3 and a long sweater like this has the potential to make me look very munchkin like but I really feel it did the opposite and has given me a bit of a longer torso.  In the Rowan mag they have this sweater feature a few times – dressed up in different ways.  It’s all about accessories! 😉

And since I’ve come out of my blog self-photo shell – here’s me trying to be all Derek Zoolander-like. I’m trying very hard to not blurt out laughing.  My good friend Patricia was wonderful as my photographer today.


It truly has been a good knitty run and now it’s time to get back to my day job and try to sneak in the knitting on my nights, weekends and well maybe a few rows under my desk at work. 😉


The ‘Boken is Burning

My needles are melting and it’s all because of Bridge.


The back is finished and the front is about 80% of the way there.  I still have to pick up the stitches around the sleeves and v-neck but I’m hopeful to have it done before I go back to work (tear, Monday!)  All this super-speed knitting will be coming to a woeful end.  But if you’re going to go out with a knit bang why not make it a Rowan knit bang.   The color is waaaay off!  It is more of a baby blue than the greyish-brownish color you see here.  I’m at my parents house today doing some much needed Laundry (woo!) and the lighting conditions aren’t the best. 

Close up of Bridge

One of my favorite parts of this sweater is the stitch pattern.  I love the cable element to it.  And such great texture! I’m usually one to just want to knit stockinette because I love that simple classic fabric that it makes but this stitch really is pleasing.  One more side to to on the front and then we’re seaming and short-rowin’!


As for my non-knitty life….My experience in camping was short lived.  Did you know that you actually have to book a campsite ahead like you would a hotel? You can’t just show up with a tent and plop down anywhere.  Sorry my experienced campers out there but I had no idea!!  Or at least I didn’t think every park would be Booked.

It was a hilarious experience driving from one state park to another – in the end we probably clocked 300 miles on the car and a good 4.5 hours.  We drove out to High Point State park where we finally felt defeated and thus parked along the side of a road near a lake and waited until it got dark to see the Perseid meteor shower.    Just seeing one huge light streak across the sky made it worth every moment in the car. We will though attempt camping again – the right way – Booking ahead!

Ooh gotta add the fabric softener 😉 Have a great Monday!


Some rain, some knits and a Chaperone

Wow.  All I can say is wow.  Thanks for all the knit love!  I mean I do love Cherry but you all just made me blush so much! (or is that sunburn!?) I can’t wait to wear it out now… so um, Weather, no more really hot weather or thunderstorms, ok? I don’t want to have to wake up to a leaky roof again…

On to the knits – now if I could do that nice mirage of photos that Lolly is so good at, I would but somehow I don’t know how (yes I know it’s a flickr toy but between Ravelry, blogging, knitting, living! I don’t have much time to play) BUT there are just so many new and inspiring knits out there for the fall it’s got my fingers itching.  I have about a week and a half left before I go back to work and I wish I could knit double time!

Like Jess over at Fig&Plum I have been pleasantly surprised with the new Rowan Mag 42.  I love it!  It’s got a little bit of everything.  The "there’s no way I’d knit that" bunch as well as a TON of "yup that’s so being put in the Queue".  I actually love it so much I casted on already for Bridges.  Now, that model pic wasn’t what made me want to cast on, it’s the other two versions that their staff members adorn that got me picking out the Kid Classic.


So far so good – I hope! The shaping is pretty straightforward but I get annoyed when its vague like, "maintain pattern but decrease one stitch at each end of the row".  The pattern of the sweater is filled with YOs and Ktogs so if you want to decrease a stitch at each end  you then have to make sure you’re accounting for every YO or Ktog in the row so that you actually DO decrease the stitches.  You get what I’m throwing down?  I’m about 30 rows into the body and I think I’ve finally got it – if not, we rip.

Other than knitting, I actually went to a Broadway show yesterday with my pops.  He’s off from work this week so we did a little father-daughter bonding and saw The Drowsy Chaperone.  It was…. well, OK.  It is entertaining and funny but I probably wouldn’t go see it again. However,  I did enjoy seeing the guy who played Lionel Luther (John Glover) from Smallville though as the Narrator! He’s got some twinkle toes!   

Today I’m laying low.  I’ve got a bit of a headache (all thanks to being a woman!) which needs a dose of Advil.  I may be going camping this weekend so I want to be well rested.  My boyfriend and I are hoping to catch a meteor shower! I actually have never seen one so I’m so excited.

But again,

OH Weather, dear friend, wanna cooperate with me? Please?  I’ll knit you a scarf…. what you don’t wear scarves?  They SO do not make you look bloated! ok fine… how ’bout some socks?



Two FO posts in a row… who am I??


Well I figured with all the wonderful Fall Knitting I am drooling for it was time to finish my main summer knit!  This fabu cardigan traveled with me to Italy spending countless hours at the airport waiting for a flight that at one point felt like it would never come.  It came out a bit at hotels in Rome and Sorrento getting the attention of some the girls who made me promise them to teach them how to knit come September.

It waited patiently while I went on a Zimmermann binge.  Also knowing that I wouldn’t be able to devote precious seaming mindfulness to it while at the beach – not when there were Pancakes and Pina Coladas to be had.  But she knew… she knew how beautiful she would be when done.


Here’s the details:
Pattern: Cherry by Anna Bell of My Fashionable Life
Yarn: Elann Sonata about 7 balls
Needles: Size 3s and 5s circs

The pattern was very well written.  You have to though be mindful of how the pattern works with the increases and decreases as there is no explicit detail. I loved how it’s shaped truly brings out the feminine character in this sweater. I already know this is going to be worn a lot this fall.

The yarn was surprising to me.  I used Elann Sonata and it worked out very nicely.  I am someone who believes that a beautiful pattern deserves a beautiful yarn (aka $$).  That’s not to say that you can’t get a yarn that’s less than 3 dollars a ball and it not work well but usually that’s not the case!  The only qualm I have is the knots…. seriously – it would be about a YARD in and there would be a knot.  You kiddin’ me man!  Obviously that didn’t hold me back but just something to think about for your knot-conscience.


The buttons and ribbon were acquired on my latest trip to MJ Trimmings.  I actually had bought two colors for this top but the other ribbon as you now know has made a home in the Coquette Tube Top.  I will go back though to get more because I like the idea of changing that up to change the "flair" of the piece.


OH look it’s me.  I figured since I do all the headless knitter shots might as well give you all something to look at – oh and to show off my tan 😉  Now what to knit next….

And then it was done...

Sand, Sun and an FO

Getting back into a routine after a nice long vacation just stinks. (I tried my best at creating a metaphor – my brain it seems is still at the beach so therefore we go with the elementary word "stinks" – I hope all you great literary blog writers won’t mind ;-))

The beach of course was wonderful.  We had 5 out of 7 days of great weather, a big house with three decks, one really rediculously LOUD thunderstorm, a dolphin sighting and a whole lot of sun burns. Oh and one more thing – I finished (and started) a whole knit project!


Project Nickname: Coco
Pattern: Coquette Tube Top from Fitted Knits (ETA: I added an extra R to the top name… thanks to Julia for pointing that out –  must be hungry!)
Yarn: Rowan Calmer, 3 balls
Needles: Size 5s and 7s circs

I know you all love my fabulous tan lines.  I kinda didn’t lay on my stomach too much so there is a huge discrepency between my front tan and my back tan.  Hotness.

As you probably can tell I did knit a good deal of this top on the beach, careful to not get to much sand in the yarn but was careless enough that if I found a grain here or there while wearing it would just allow me to remember where this was put together.  Sometimes I’ll hold the knit up to my ear and hear… ok well not really.  The pattern is wonderful and v. well done.  There is errata though so please check Japel’s website.  Although you will pick it up right away once you get to the patterned body. 

As for the yarn, You all know my serious Jones for Calmer.  I am happy I used it as a subsitution but it seems to be a little bit too stretchy.  (also considering I knitted at tighter gauge too! 5.5 to the inch)  That ribbon is seriously the only thing between making this pretty top x-rated.  I had finished it on the beach and decided to give everyone a quick fashion show.  Well after doing a few small jumps of joyful celebration this top was around my waist.  I guess the only other thing I can do is to sew a little elastic in it but for now I’ll just drawstring it with the ribbon.

We all had a lovely time pretending that once again we were of college age.  We played a few beer games which allowed us to jump and yell and disturb the neighbors.  (oops, we forgot we were in LBI and not Belmar).  We also played a hilarious game called Apples to Apples – one I had never
played before but when mixed with wine or beer can truly cause one’s
stomach to hurt.

I am now back home and doing what I hate most. Unpacking.  I have two more beautiful weeks though before I have to go back to work which is a relief.  I dropped by my friend Patricia’s shop yesterday (Happy 3rd Anniversary, Trish!!) and saw the new Rowan Mag and Interweave.  I am in trouble.  I have wanted to make Orangina and the Razor Cami but now I think those may have to wait for me to start some great fall knitting. 

Oh I mustn’t forget to thank you all for the comments on the Tomten Jacket! Also another downfall from having no internet for a week is the HUGE number of emails and Blogline updates to read and get back to speed on – I will get there, but if I don’t email you right away with a thank you please know that I am!!

Lastly, thanks to my photographer aka Boyfriend aka My Better Half, who’s Birthday is Today!!  To think I’ve known you for 10 years now… oooh boy – here’s to at least 10×10 more!