Endings and Beginnings

It is June (well tomorrow it is).  The seniors are finishing their finals and will be graduating on Saturday. They having been toting around their yearbooks requesting last minute advice and best wishes to be written for them to reminisce over later.  The underclassmen are spending their last days getting ready for their exams and … Continue reading Endings and Beginnings

small worlds

In my 7 things I mentioned how I happen to be the admissions director of my old high school.  This was something I never planned for or prepared myself to become.  I did not apply to colleges with it in mind and up until late April of my senior year had no inkling that it … Continue reading small worlds

what a feelin’

Seriously I almost forgot how good it feels to be "in the knits".  Glee is almost done! Just the picked up ribbing for the sleeves and V neck need to be done.  Give it a little blocking and I'll be modeling her by the weekend (I hope!)  I defintiely found Glee to be a very … Continue reading what a feelin’

Suddenly I See

It's hard to come up with a one liner to start the post that you've been meaning to write for a long time.  You want to be witty but truly are coming up short.  You don't want to do that whole "gee, remember me?" bit or the apologetic line of how negectiful you've been to … Continue reading Suddenly I See