Those April Showers

May Come your Way


They bring the flowers

That bloom in May!

So when it’s Raining, have no regrets


Because, it isn’t raining rain you know

It’s raining Violets.


So when you see clouds

Upon the Hill

You’re really seeing crowds of daffodils!

Shawn the Sheep

So keep on looking for the bluebird

And listening for his song

When ever April showers come

Aaaa lah- hah-hong! (as sung by Jimmy Durante)


30 years in the making

Happy Birthday, Big Bro!


Andrew, 1977.

Thank you…
For paving the way.  For stuffing me underneath the cushions of the couch then sitting on me.  For letting me play with your Nintendo.  For picking me up from school in your Hooptie.  For buying me beverages when I couldn’t buy them yet myself.  For filling out my BC application.  For having good taste in clothing.  For always ordering one more round. For protecting me. For being such a fabulous knit-model. For being the life of the party!


Happy Birthday, Andrew.

I hear 30 is the new 20. 😉


hey mr. postman!

is there some patterns in your bag for me?

Oh yeah!


Now to decide which one to do First!?  What do you think?  Of course Gromit is my personal fav but can you not say "No" to a face like Shaun the sheep?

Knit-cisions, Knit-cisions…

baby baby

back to our regularly scheduled programming

First of all, thank you for all the lovely comments! My mom hasn’t stopped blushing.  I told her she truly needs to get back into business (She used to do that type of work for a living back when I was a wee one but went corporate when my bro and I chose to go to private high schools and colleges – another huge Thank You to Mom and Dad)  I keep telling her that she should start it up for her retirement.  We’ll see!! If she does you all will be the first to know.

Now to what you all came here for: knitting!

Striped Baby Vest

(sorry the pic is a bit blurtastic)  I’m working on a baby vest as a sample for the yarn shop in Hoboken.   (speaking of: Patricia’s Yarns has moved to a new street level shop! It’s SO different and such a great move for her.  So if you’re in the Hoboken area, OR in NYC and are doing a yarn crawl, hop over the Hudson and check out this little gem.  She’s got Koigu!)

It’s from Rowan Babies and I’m using several colors of the Rowan Handknit Cotton DK. The vest has many many stripes which I can’t decide whether or not to carry the yarn or simply cut each and every color.  I think the cutting would make a prettier seam but such a pain in the butt.   I’m also trusting that blocking will help out my already shady weavings-in so far.  I hope to finish this for her by the middle of the week.  That way I can guiltlessly work on cherie and taken from a suggestion from some comments… a little something for mama.

The something for mama will remain silent for now (she reads this blog… Hi mom!) but I hope to finish something for her b-day in July.  I’m thinking a lovely shawl from the Victorian Lace Today book…

I’ll leave you all with little something for Easter… I hope everyone has a peaceful day!



guess who’s back

back again!

tenten’s back. tell a friend.  You patience, my friends, for a new post from me is has not been in vain!

I know I’ve already stated on this here blog how much I truly love my mother but I just don’t think I did it justice.  If you only Knew what she has done for me, what she’s done for her mom, for her husband and son, for us ALL you will say, "wow, I know Love incarnate."  I know there are mothers out there just like her and boy aren’t we LUCKY and blessed.

Project: Bedroom

MINI bedroom

My mini bedroom is probably about 6×10 feet.  The queen Juuust fits with a comfortable walkway on the left side of the bed.  What you see there is a door on the back wall which makes it feel more like a hallway than a bedroom. 

My mother had an idea and I let her just roll with it.

Bedroom now!

Add a little AP dust (my mom’s initals) and you have this Goregeous bedroom.  My BF couldn’t stop exclaming each time he walked in.  We bought a few yarns of fabric, some slats, a strong stape gun and whola!  No more door, a goregous backdrop that actually matches the beige landlord paint and a very cozy bedroom indeed!  I also found that my cubes (albet two) fit on the left hand side so I can easily have my lamp and alarm clock there! 

Project: Kitchen


Let’s take a tour of my kitchen.  The room itself is huge – it’s actually more  a dining room/kitchen in my mind.  What we see here is a large counter top with just space underneath and a shelf.  No sliding drawers… it needed something. I went out and bought some tubs to put away pots and pans and the like but there was something missing. 

Enter my mom and her lovely creativity.

Kitchen Counter

I picked out the fabric but she did the rest. She’s also working on curtains for me!  What a freakin’ lucky girl am I!?  Of course I really want to learn how to sew so I can do all these things but for now I’ll let her take all the praise and credit!!

Plus, All of these mama creations makes me excited to be creating again.  The whole moving process sucked out so much of my knitting mojo I didn’t know what I was doing with myself.  Perhaps it’s the hope of the 75 degree spring weather (where are you!?),  the wonderful feeling of being DONE with moving, or the ideas that were sparked with the final night of my beginners’ knitting class I taught – but I am ready so excited about some new knits (and am inspired to finish some old)!

My wonderful beginner’s knitting class opened my eyes to how fantastically simple and fulfilling home knitting is.  They all were searching the shop for patterns outside the cliche beginner’s projects of scarves or hats.  What they did find were great simple home knits and a fabulously cute pillow in the process.  Nothing makes a new apartment say "home" then a few hand knitted pillows I say. 

And that Victorian Lace KAL, geeze, every time I see it updated I want to cast on. I’m actually a lurking member and need to get my act together to cast on for one of those beauties.

OH, Cathi, guess who got herself some Wallace and Gromit patterns!?  They’re in the ‘post’ as we speak. I’m so excited.   Toys will so be finding a home on my needles this spring and summer…

Of course Cherie will be popping her head in, I have a feeling I’ll have to modify her in some way – but I figured I’d go ahead and finish the way the pattern says and then go from there.  It will be my first true time of doing a major mod on a pattern. (shivers!)

Also, with all the apt cleaning I’ve found that I have quite the extensive collection of old corks from the many bottles that have been popped over the past two years or so.  With a little help from a friend I’m envisioning a cork board to be placed in the kitchen! I’m so excited about the simple project. 


Phew, talk about a lovely long photo filled post!  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend (Happy Easter and Passover!)  Thanks for waiting and popping by 🙂