snow way

Yesterday I was granted one more vacation day when at around 5:30am I recieved the call that my school was indeed closed for snow.  I got up all excited and continued the phone chain and looked out my window expecting to see cars buried in the whiteness - but no, the snow was a bit … Continue reading snow way

batting .200

After hitting a few home runs, I've found my self in a knitting slump. I was crusing along knitting to my hearts desire, whipping out FOs here and there and now I'm like "Ehe".  The problem I know has to do with the small needles and the teenie tiny yarn that I'm working with for … Continue reading batting .200

my mother’s hands

My mother's hands are strong. They cook amazing dishes like empanadas, parmesan mashed potatoes and a crown roast of pork. They sew beautiful dresses, skirts and stunning tops. They are masterful in crochet but learning to knit. The are able to turn a simple window into a beautiful fabric adorned masterpiece. They are skilled with … Continue reading my mother’s hands