Well Rested

It feels so great to finally sleep in and have a day where I don't have to be anywhere!  Yesterday I woke up at 7:30am (an ungodly hour for a Saturday) to be at my school by 8:30 to proctor a scholarship test.  Granted I was home by 12 and took a little 'noozer, it … Continue reading Well Rested


The winter weather has finally hit New Jersey.  I opened the door to my apartment on Friday morning surprised to see the white stuff covering the street and cars.  I even had an audible exclamation.  Helps too because I did not look outside my window or check the weather report so frankly I had no … Continue reading brrrrrrr


One resolution I did not make this year was one that involved no new purchases to the stash.  I know I need to budget regardless. Not to mention I have a nice collection of yarns that are yearning for my attention before new major yarn purchases are made.  But when the BF asks you to … Continue reading indulgences

hand me a banana

January weather has arrived. It is currently 29 degrees outside. There apparently was a flurry last night but I didn't see it.  Despite the fact that the warm weather made me nervous about global warming and NYC going underwater because of the ice caps melting, I kinda loved having that warmer weather.  But now that … Continue reading hand me a banana


Why is it that I always make these wonderful promises to myself that begin on Monday?  Alas the "margaux makeover": - Ahh I shouldn't eat that brownie sunday... will start eating right Monday.- Nap or work out? Ahh Nap... will work out on Monday.- I'll just buy this one cute top now... saving will start … Continue reading margaux-lutions