a new year

the first knit of 07 is… the Central Park Hoodie! (oh Mrs.Frick, are you swatching?)


It’s traveling with me to Minnesota today and I’m sure it will be the only thing on the needles for a while.  After making so many smaller projects like scarves and votives it feels great to get something bigger on the needles again.

I’m off to witness the first of my college friends to get married.
She met her soon to be husband in Florida but it turns out they’re both MN natives.  They have since relocated to Denver, CO and thankfully got to MN before all the snow madness that is ocurring there now. I will be with my other crazy beautiful roomates and friends.

I won’t be back until Jan.1 (HAPPY SUPER BIRTHDAY CARA!)  So I wish Everyone a good one.  To another year of good knits, friends, full glasses of wine (or your drink of choice), and hope.

shifting sands


Andrew Shifting Sands

My  brother is off on his way back to London, but we did have a good time with our mini photo shoot. This was my biggest hope of the Christmas gifts.  Of course the Mothers would love their shawls, but my brother is someone who loves clothes and therefore making him an article of clothing is one huge task.  Move over Prada and Gucci, a sister’s scarf has captialized the wardrobe! He happily wore it every time he went out which makes this scarf a huge success.

He indulged me by being my model for all of 5 minutes.  I got to play with a new camera and I think he enjoyed posing for me.

Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands


Christmas Goodies


A very merry christmas to you all!  Many carols were sung at this piano, wine glasses filled, dirty jokes shared and wrapping paper strewn all over the floor.

It’s now that in between time of the big holidays where christmas returns are made and days are happily spent being lazy, drinking wine in the afternoons and going to bed at any tme.  I’m happily indulging in all things with my brother who is home only until tomorrow. We are partaking in a 24 marathon tonight.  Living in London has starved him from Jack Bauer.

I was throughly blessed with all things knit this Christmas.  Of course, my mom, brother and my boyfriend’s mother all were so suprised and happy with their presents.  The shawls were a huge success as both mothers didn’t take them off once opened.  (not suprising right!?)

Happily I was gifted with three beautiful knitting books.  Victorian Lace Today, The Opinionated Knitter, and Homespun Handknits.  I’m already obessed with the first book as I have been actively lurking at the KAL.  The second of course is by the great KnitGodess herself, EZ!  The last is a fabulous book filled with great mitten, hat and scarf patterns.  Yes that aforementioned list of my current "knit wish" is so being modified!

My aunt and uncle also bought me this gorgeous yarn from a local spinner.  It’s a stunning blue.  I haven’t even thought of what to make with it yet.  It’s certainly enough for at least two shawls.


And how can you have a christmas without these little guys…


I wish everyone a very wonderful holiday and a happy New Year!


happy birthday popi

Dad, Popi, Coach, Mi Amore, My inspiration, My life,

if all that i owned was a rainbow
i’d share that rainbow with you
if all that i owned was a moonbeam
i’d share that moonbeam with you
if all that goes past was a rosebud
i’d share each petal with you
if all that goes past was a dew drop
i’d share that dew drop with you

i offer no fame or fortune we can’t all be millionares
but little things are big things
when you share them with someone who cares

if all that goes by was this moment
i’d share this moment with you
and if all that i had was one heart beat.
i’d share that heart beat with you.

Popi and Me

I love you.  Always.

shifting sands

Red Sands

Drew's Scarf

Pattern: Grumperina’s Shifting Sands Scarf
Yarn: Sundara Silky Merino DK
Needles: Size 5 Bamboo Circulars

With more than a week to go my brother’s scarf is done.  I’ve decided not to mail it out and hopefully will be able to give it to him when he visits home, perhaps in the new year. I was at my parents house last night when I casted off.   Judging from the look my dad gave the scarf, I think he was slightly hoping that he would be its recipient.  Just another good reason to get more sundara yarn!

I loved this pattern. It kept your attention but at the same time was relaxing. Sundara’s yarn is a luxury to knit with.  It is so soft and flew over the needles.  I tried to capture the red as best I could.  The above pic is close.  It’s a goregous deep red with hints of lighter shades.  I love the fabric it made with the woven look of all the cables.  I can’t say enough about learning how to cable without a cable needle.  I can’t even imagine what that would have been like! The time that technique has saved is monumental.

Drew's Scarf

I decided to go with out the fringe.  If I make this again for my dad I might rethink that. But, I now have a full skein of this beautiful red for me! I’m thinking maybe making a cowl or hat.  It’s just too luxurious to let sit around.

I promise to get pics of my handsome bro wearing his handsome scarf.  I’m sure he’ll happily indulge me with that photoshoot when he visits. With this major christmas knit done I will be moving on to the votives and another scarf (simple garter) for some last minute gifts.


**hey andrew, if you’re reading this. please look happily surprised when i give it to you! i hope you like it.. hahaha**


keepin’ myself together

it’s the season of keeping secrets.  mine of course have to be kept so underwraps that i won’t even speak of them here for fear one of it’s recipients may read.  it would give me so much pleasure to blurt to everyone what their secret is but then that absolutly ruins the fun.  i almost have to keep careful track of whos secret belongs to whom.  i’ve caught myself so many times almost letting the cat out of the bag…so tonight i’m happy to be alone enjoying a few romantic movies on cable, my knitting needles and a bottle of pino noir.

i’ve decided tonight that it’s really a possibility that i have A.D.D.  knitting/craft A.D.D that is.  everytime i think of making one thing… i concentrate on it for a bit (and when i say concentrate i really mean obsess) and then something new and glorious comes around and then I want to do THAT instead… there’s just too many options!  the internets allow a plethora (yes, El Guapo, I do know what a plethora is) of craft ideas that  simply encourage attention deficit.  there’s just too much to do and not enough me/hands/time to do it!

This Add has caused me to change up the Christmas knits a bit.  Instead of hats I’m doing a scarf and some wire votives.  I figured that they could be made up in a weeks time… (someone just say yes)  I’m also really into the glass etching for a few presents.  I have always wanted to try it out and having seen them over at Ellie‘s it’s pretty much a done deal.  And those koriesse people are too much!

I am very close to finishing Andrew’s scarf (about an egg’s size left!). I may be pulling an all nighter tonight.  I really want to move on to the other projects and show you all!

I will be helping at the shop this weekend so if you’re around Hoboken… pop on by!

General Knitting

i love me some lists

the knitting for my bro’s fab scarf is continuing… don’t want to bore you with the details.  it remains my only knitting project for now.  i can’t wait to finish it and show you.  it’s simply beautiful.

i am however making a mental knit-list which keeps growing and growing with every click. 

1. endpaper mitts by the fabulous eunny yang.  i cannot stop thinking of these and saw another pair knitted up and am now obsessed.

2. central park – i’ve been scheming with Fricknits over this one.  it will be done in the new year. oh yes it will be done.

3. Monkey – not only do i love the name but it’s been a while since i’ve felt inspired to do some socks. yea knitty!

4. shedir – this is going to be a christmas knit (stop your laughing, i am going to finish… 12 more days right?  Twelve long days… I have the calmer ready and waiting.) I’m excited to do this one too with my new found libration from cable needles!

5. Santa Hat – I really love the one from Handknit Holidays and am hoping to pick up some Blue Sky from my LYS to do this one for the big day too. (noted two hats in 12 days, plus finishing scarf)

6. Odessa, although I didn’t really love LOVE the pattern, I gave my hat to someone and just loved it on them so I figured I’d gift one more for Christmas (ok, three hats one scarf 12 Days)

I also bought this really great skein when I was in VT.  It’s probably only good for a short scarf. I love the colors: pinks, browns, and creams. This would be for me but with the above list I think it’s gonna have to wait.

Sorry this post is sans pics, it’s really gloomy here today so it’s really a no go. Hopefully by the weekend I’ll have some decent light.  Perhaps some from work shots tomorrow.  It’s a 12:30 dismissal and our Christmas party… I hear there’s going to be wine!   

Now to ponder while I work the scarf: Fringe or Not to Fringe?

stash and stuff

a knit to build a dream on

Knitting Drew's Scarf

Things are moving along with Andrew’s scarf… I think I was being a bit too ambitious to think I will have it done early enough to ship to him for Christmas.  A sis can dream though can’t she?  I still will be working on it solo (for now). I’m almost through the first skein… boy, is there a lot of milage out of this Sundara yarn!  Of Course I’m totally in love with the pattern, too.    IT really does look like it’s a scarf you could get at Neiman or Bergdorff’s. (yes… still dreaming here)

sundara dk silky merino

I had the chilly day off today.  It’s nice to sleep in every once in a while (sans guilt).  I took a quick trip to NYC to have lunch with my boyfriend and returned home to knit a bit more and it looks like tonight is going to be a blockbuster night.  It’s a Jack Sparrow evening!  Having nothing really to do allowed me to really get a good look at all the yarn I have…

My stash has accumulated more than I realized! I’ve got a few skeins of bulky Brown Sheep that will be going into some Christmas hats (originally purchased to make a felted bulletin board)… I also came across some artyarns ultramerino that I had bought for the Stained Glass Scarf from Handknit Holidays.  I accidentally bought a lighter weight and never returned it.  I think it’s going to go perfectly for Eunny’s mittens! I have some more Brown Sheep cotton fleece bought because I could’t decide on the color of my RR. Plus other skeins here and there.  And you’d think I wouldn’t buy more…

Ha! I’m talking to the choir here, aren’t I?  I also just purchased some Classic Tweed from Webs for the Central Park hoodie from knitscene.  I haven’t gotten it off my mind since I saw it over on Carrie’s.  The yarn was on sale so it just had to be done.  I also added to my knit library.  I went to B&N yesterday and bought Knitting for Peace, the new Craft mag (it had me at the knitted robots on the cover), and Amy Butler’s In Stitches (the last is technically a gift for mom, but you Know I will be borrowing it). 

Books and Yarn

This arsenal of yarns and books will certainly keep me busy right on through the New Year (as well as thoughts of sew machines running through my head).  I’m also quite certain that there will be other sparks of inspration that will make me veer from my current knitty path.  And so be it! That’s the fun!   

shifting sands

ready. set.


Shifting Sands

The knitting has begun for Drew’s Scarf.  The yarn has been selected (Sundara, you genius).  The pattern carefully chosen (thanks Grumperina!).  Now all that’s left is the knit.  I fumbled at first but successfully figured out the magic of knitting cables without a cable needle.  The a-ha moment came when I was two rows in and some minor ripping took place.  But I’m now well on my way with the pattern memorized.

The yarn is luxurious. But you need not hear that from me… we all know Sundara’s Yarn is like Godiva Chocolate.  (Chocolate Covered Strawberries, anyone?) It’s silky soft and this is the Red I was talking about.  It is a bit more deeper than the picture above represents but has moments of lighter variations which makes it all the more unique.  I am absolutely loving it. 

I did learn yesterday that my dear bro will not be able to fly home for Christmas this year.  A sad fact for me to accept as we’ve always been together thus far.  So now, with the speed of the Swallowtail in my immediate past I hope to finish this scarf in time to mail it to him.  So that on that wonderful day,  he can put it around his shoulders and know we are there even an ocean away.

***Thank you!! To all of you who have left such wonderful comments about my both Swallowtail and Shetland.  I am beyond delighted!  I even broke into the Double Digits!  I really appreciate all you who read and make me feel accomplished as a knitter.  I cannot be more humbled by this, really! Wow.  Thank you for making me smile.***



Swallowtail Shawl

This was perhaps the quickest knit ever!  Then again I actually just knit this and nothing else which helps with the speed. 

I spent the weekend in Vermont with a few friends.  No skiing as there was no snow, but lots of fun outlet shopping happened which was followed by empanadas and a crazy game of Cranium.  Highlight for me was seeing my boyfriend do an impression of Sherlock Holmes which only he and I got.  "No shit!"

During this relaxing wine drinking filled weekend there was a moment where my 3 girlfriends and I were all sitting together knitting.  (the boys were watching fooosbal) One even just learned this weekend and it seems that after learning both knit and purl that she is hooked.  Now to get her a ball of yarn and needles of her own.  I loved seeing them all so focused on what they were making.  Two hats and a practice square… We have known each other since we were 14 and now over 10 years later we were sharing something I love to do.  Perhaps this is the first thing we have been able to do together in a long time.  We’re conspiring to get my other friend who lives in DC hooked and getting a phonecall from her over Thanksgiving asking me what ribbing looks like I think it will be easier than we think.

Swallowtail Shawl

What I find so satsifying is that it’s just so creative and relaxing. You have to LOVE what you’re doing.  There’s just too much time we spend doing things we may not want to do.  You have to put something in there worth smiling about.  These are my Christmas gifts as I love making other people smile.  This shawl is going to my wonderful boyfriend’s mother.  The woman who created and raised the man I love so dearly.  Damn, she did a good job.  I hope she will wear this shawl and know how thankful I am for her.

Christmas Shawls