i consider myself a very spiritual person.  i believe there is a god and that he watches over us and sometimes gives us guidence and support.  i believe in karma.  i believe in the truth that what goes around comes around.  i believe that what we do in this life will transpose to the next.  … Continue reading reincarnation


I hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving!!  Nothing like Turkey, naps, and football. I stupidly left my camera at my office so no pics until Monday! It stinks too because I finished the Shetland Shawl for my mother and am dying to show it to you all!   Plus, I finished another mitten... who knew that … Continue reading thanksgiving!


Blogging.  What seems like a simple, innocent, web-journal to some is a huge (dare i say MONUMENTAL) influencing machine to others. As a communication major in college I am constantly thinking and evaluating the phenomenon that it is. It certainly could take up a whole semester's worth of classes and discussions.  But for now I … Continue reading power

for drew

siblings are said to shape us.  they are our life long companions.  the only family member who lives life closest to you. often times the sibling relationship is stereotyped.  the older being a certain way than the middle or youngest.  birth orders like that put siblings in a category on how they are supposed to … Continue reading for drew

awe shucks…

taken from Ann Which NICOLE KIDMAN Character Are You? "Satine" in MOULIN ROUGE!You're not just a star in your own mind, you're the real deal. Beautiful, talented, and gorgeous. But life is short: stop worrying about money and fame. Above all things, life for love.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | … Continue reading awe shucks…

my reward

It's been a long, busy, tiring week.  I had no time for knitting nor blogging.  Work was emotionally and energy draining. I ordered a lot of  dinners to tired to cook and have gone to sleep early (except for Thursday*).  There was just no time. So on this beautiful and unseasonably warm Saturday morning, I … Continue reading my reward