Shetland Shawl


i consider myself a very spiritual person.  i believe there is a god and that he watches over us and sometimes gives us guidence and support.  i believe in karma.  i believe in the truth that what goes around comes around.  i believe that what we do in this life will transpose to the next.  Call me a hinducathoudist.

Shetland Triangle

All I know is that when I pass on from this world I want to come back as Evelyn A. Clark. 

Every shawl I have made (be that it’s currently at Two) I am more and more in love with her eye for design.  It’s simple and yet striking.  This is her Shetland Shawl from Wrap Style.  It truly was a relaxing knit which had a pattern repeat that you can pretty much memorize after two go arounds.  I did put it down for a bit… it was supposed to be my mother’s 35th wedding anniversary present, but now it’s just in time for Christmas!

I was a little bit anxious to get some pics out of this beauty so bear with the 8:30pm-lamp-on-the-dresser light.  The weather here has been pretty craptastic this week and I haven’t had decent sunlight.   Perhaps with the next sunny day I’ll do some outdoors shots!

This shawl was made out of yarn I bought on sale from the now closed Handknits in Englewood.  On futher reserach it has since been discontinued.  It’s a luxurous cashmere/silk blend called Richesse Et Soie. from Knit One Crochet Two.  I used about 4 balls using size 5 addis Turbos.

I also was anxious with the blocking as I didn’t have near enough blocking pins. (and when I saw near enough I kinda mean none).  So I fiddled with it and stretched it with my fingers and it turned out fine by me.  Points kinda bother me and if my mom wants more of a point I have no problems reblocking to her desire, but something tells me she’s gonna love it just the way it is.  Christmas Gift #1 down.

Next up…

Swallow Tail Shawl

Numba Three… Ms. Clark I cannot get enough.



I hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving!!  Nothing like Turkey, naps, and football.

I stupidly left my camera at my office so no pics until Monday! It stinks too because I finished the Shetland Shawl for my mother and am dying to show it to you all!   Plus, I finished another mitten… who knew that the whole increase every 3 rounds meant: 1, 2, increase on 3… rather than 1, 2, 3, increase.  Does anyone else have those problems?? I never know when I read directions like that what exactly it means.  My wonderful friend Patricia set me straight. 

I kinda felt like I was in Lethal Weapon when Briggs asks Murtagh whether they go on 3 as in 1, 2, 3, then go OR 1, 2, GO.  But it seems to me in my case it was 1, 2, GO! That’s what I did with the first mitten and it is so much clearer to me!

I am on my way home tonight.  I love my parents house. It’s clean and comfy and there’s a full refrigerator.

With the shawl done I’m one step closer to finishing the Christmas Knits.  I am still awaiting the yarn for my brother’s scarf but this allows time for me to knit other things.  A hat and perhaps another shawl for good measure.  I’m not going to kill myself this year but figure that whatever gets knit, gets knit.

I’m going to try to post this weekend, perhaps I’ll hijack a camera from a friend.

On a totally random note: There’s a TEEERIBLE movie right now on Starz called BloodRayne.  Seriously, where do they get funding for these movies??  What movie exec thinks this is a good idea?  The acting is AWFUL!   It stars Michael Madsen who always gets confused with Tom Sizemore.  Dude  Sir Ben Kingsley is in it, he probably fired his agent after this one.  Sorry for the movie rant.

Eat lots of Turkey, ya’ll!



Blogging.  What seems like a simple, innocent, web-journal to some is a huge (dare i say MONUMENTAL) influencing machine to others. As a communication major in college I am constantly thinking and evaluating the phenomenon that it is. It certainly could take up a whole semester’s worth of classes and discussions.  But for now I will share a few thoughts on this.  First of all the obvious: Blogging is a new form of communication and it bigger than any of us can imagine.

What is so amazing about this new style of communication is that it influential, universal,  personal and yet So Very Very Public.

It can make or break a business with one sheer quick post. It can ignite a trend or fuel a conflict. This power of open opinion is being harnessed from every industry whether it be arts, sports, education, political, even religion.

This form of communication way back before the Internets was known as Word of Mouth.  Now, with cable connections and DSL that speed has become alarmingly and obliterating fast.  One post. BOOM. You are global.  The turtle movement of: you call two friends, and so on and so on is so. impossibly. slow.  Your rave (or criticism) is there for all to see.  For the owner of that shop or maker of that product.  You’re not just telling the people in your little get together. You’re telling the World. 

Imagine hitting that mic and hearing the feed back much like the NY Lotto guy… that’s you there.. That’s me right now. Oh, hello, World, let me tell you about what I think about Blogging. (also noting that this topic has probably been discussed numerous times over…)

Obviously, my audience is few. I do not have a lot of traffic. But this page is out there to Google now. To be  Cached in someway. To be saved in a lifetime of saved web pages.  It can be looked at over and over again. It is recorded.

My arena is (for now) knitting.  I do not casually give praise or criticism to a product or store. For who am I to pass judgment on a yarn, store, or pattern? I’m a moderate knitter who’s just looking for a spark of inspiration whether it take the form or a yarn, FO, or another blog post.  It’s amazing how the bandwagon can go, though, when someone is Raving or Dissing – people read, react and act.

Every  word can be interpreted in every way. It reminds me of that Seinfield episode when Jerry asks Elaine how his friend actually said the phrase "Oh, Jerry isn’t here." Did he say "Oh, Jerry isn’t here?" or say "Oh, Jerry isn’t here?" I often misread tones all time time!  I am always the one who can’t get the joke via email.  Different personalities are laid out there for whatever reaction there is.  It’s just like any other form of communication – All reactions should be expected.

Blogging. It just amazes me. It’s ever evolving and so dynamic. 

Phew, where did that come from? Sorry readers, hope I didn’t put you to sleep.  It’s my DD iced coffee talking this morning.  This was also sparked by my viewing of Eunny’s mitts. (Beautiful!)  Being in the midst of my first color work project it just had perfect timing.  But with that post I want to buy more yarn and needles, and well… see the influencing power… it is amazing.


for drew

siblings are said to shape us.  they are our life long companions.  the only family member who lives life closest to you. often times the sibling relationship is stereotyped.  the older being a certain way than the middle or youngest.  birth orders like that put siblings in a category on how they are supposed to act and behave, but there is no category for him.  There is no standard that defines him.


He lives an ocean away in Notting Hill.  He works a high stress job and does it with energy and commitment.  He is never satisfied. He knows wines and cigars.  He knows which champagnes are for drinking and which are for spraying. He loves to dance. He drives a hot car.  He has the sweetest jump shot.  He can run a double into a triple.  He ran the London Marathon.  He’s fashionable, sheek, generous and compassionate.  He still teases me as his little sister.  He’s sensitive and yet stronger in more ways I cannot imagine.

As his little sister he has paved the way in which I was raised.  He protected me and guided me and spoiled me. 

I know he says that I repay him in the way I live and how I am.  But I always wish I could do more.  Giving him gifts is so hard.  He is the man who appears to have all.  So what is there to do but to knit him a gift.

But to knit for Drew is no small task.  I want to knit him a fabulous scarf.  A scarf that he will wear.  A scarf that he will want to wear. A scarf that when he sees it he will say, "You made that."  A scarf that when worn, friends will ask, "Is that Prada or Gucci?" and he’ll casually reply, "No, it’s Margaux."

I realize this is a tall order and I perhaps am expecting too much out of a scarf. Sometimes though a scarf is what can make an outfit.  I’ve been thinking of making the Forbes Forest and I would want to make it in a bold color like red. But not just any red.  I want a red that will pop.  That when worn under a nice black trench teases the onlooker to want more.  I want a red that is not orangy, but masculine and deep. 

So help dear friends and readers, what yarns can fulfill my tall order? What is it that you suggest? And if there is another scarf pattern that screams for this attention show me the way! 

I am a little sister who loves her older bro dearly.  For without him there’s no wonder where I would be today.  So for Drew, it will be a gift of love knitted into every stitch. (once I figure out what the heck it will be…)


fair isle

norwegian mittens (well almost)

I’m going for the blog post trifecta! (3 days and 3 posts… shush about my quiz yesterday that’s So not cheating…) Ta Daaa:

Norwegian Mitten

I honestly have started this post about 4 times not really knowing how to begin! I Love my Mitten LOVE IT.  It is SO Beautiful.  I am so happy with the fair isle.  SO surprised at how quickly I picked it up and how my stitches actually look decent.  But here is the sad part people,  I think I’m going to have to scrap it (well I won’t rip it out but keep it in a sacred place where it will be looked at and thought of fondly.) For two reasons:

  • I didn’t really gauge properly.  (and by "properly" I really mean AT ALL) It was much too tight and my row gauge (although there isn’t one) was much too short.  I used a 4ply and realize a good DK would have been perfect.  At first, I thought about giving this away to someone with smaller hands than I but then reason #2 happened.
  • The Thumb! I totally screwed that up too! It’s much to high up on the mitten PLUS it’s small and feels weird to wear.  Much like Jessica said, it’s position is awkward. SO, again next mitten is going to be knit with the thumb out the side as my wonderful Ann Budd Pattern book tells me to do! (much like these beauties from Brooklyntweed)

Norwegian Mitten

It is beautiful to look at and I will be casting on immediately for version 2.0, but it’s bitter sweet.  This mitt wants to be Worn! Not stuck on a wall somewhere or in a drawer.  Perhaps when I am willing I will (gasp) rip her out and start her anew.  Until then, I begin again…

Norwegian Mitten

All in the learning process, right? We knit the good, we knit the bad, we knit them all and there we have the Facts of Knit!


there’s only one of me

I’ve got so much to knit.  There are hats, shawls, fingerless gloves, norwegian mittens, scarves, sweaters, tigers, bears, oh my! I’ve only got two hands to do so! 

My mother stopped by the shop this weekend while I was there and has gracious asked for me to make her a bolero.  In a show of sheer "i can’t wait to wear it" she bought all the yarn that would be necessary… plus some for me to make her fingerless gloves, too.  Her excitement for both projects has really recharged me. It was the buzz I needed to beat the blah knitting mood I was in.  But now when it rains, it pours inspiration!

Take for example a new to me blog: cinemaknits. She did a beautiful Lady Eleanor (on the perverbial knit list) but she also knitted a gorgeous Brocade  sweater from Rowan.  I have that pattern book and never truly noticed it until I saw hers.  Her color choices are great (i heart browns and blues together) and the pattern reminds me of Amy Butler fabric. She did just cut a deal with Rowan so perhaps there is where I find the connection. (on another tirade i will talk about how much I would love to sew but again between life, knitting, family, boyfriend… )

I’m also slightly  fully hat crazy after seeing this project on Flickr: The Knitting Project.

224021759_25f558bb83_m_2 How Cute is this kid!?

Knitkid is making hats for people who send their head shots to him via the Flickr site.  He’s seriously knit close to a hundred (maybe more!) hats.  Each is so unique! I could spend Hours looking at each one. I really need to get my head shot in that pool, but I kinda want to knit up a Knitkid creation myself!

So, all these and one of me… oh and To add insult to injury (via YarnPaperSissors).  I though everyone would have wanted to name their daughters after the great late Margaux Hemingway (or the fabulous wine.) I guess not.
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people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

General Knitting

my reward

Fiery Bolero

It’s been a long, busy, tiring week.  I had no time for knitting nor blogging.  Work was emotionally and energy draining. I ordered a lot of  dinners to tired to cook and have gone to sleep early (except for Thursday*).  There was just no time. So on this beautiful and unseasonably warm Saturday morning, I awoke and realized: I have time. 

Boleroooooooooooooo! I get so impatient when making a top like this.  I’m constantly trying to wear it before it’s done just to see if I’m on the right track.  Even then I could never truly get a good idea.  So when you get to that moment, when it’s all seamed up, when you slip your arms in the sleeves and turn to the mirror, it’s just so wonderful when you see something so simple and beautiful back.

I made the second size up and I did have some row gauge issues but with some encouragement I made some adjustments and knitted on.  On the whole this was pretty mindless knitting.  The shaping was pretty straightforward and there was a lot of straight rows.  A great TV watching knit.

Things got a bit tricky when I got to the ribbing.  I began picking up stitches and realized I was closer to the smallest size directions than the size I was knitting.  I just decided to follow those  instead and I think due to the lack of rows (off row gauge) it worked out perfectly.  Ahhh… the beauty of knitting, even if it doesn’t quite match you can do a little ad lib and sometimes things come out right.

Fiery Bolero

Great Pattern, Great Yarn all equal a Great many times this will be worn.

Pattern: Debbie Bliss’ Fiery Bolero, IK Summer 05
Yarn: DB Cathay (about 6 balls)
Needles: Addis Turbos size 6 and 3

*As I’m writing this post I’m watching College Gameday on ESPN (I heart Herbstreit!)  One of the segments highlighted a football player from Boise who’s a damn good knitter!  He whipped out a hat during his interview!  Speaking of football, this New Jersey native has much pride for RUTGERS! I was at a crowded bar in Hoboken watching the game live on Thursday night and that place was electric!  What a game! Even if they don’t go to the BSC bowl game at least they’re building a program we can certainly get behind and be proud of for years to come!  GO RU!  (a bit aside, my alma mater, BC is playing Duke today… easy win boys!!)

fair isle

that was easy.*

Norwegian Mittens

Remember how I said I was intimidated by Fair Isle… well remind me to never say that about anything unless I’ve tried it.  With a little boost from the knitting help website and a good glass of red wine, I set on my mission to try it out. 

I started out the mitten using the idiot i-cord (also a first for me!) which is a brilliant way to start anything.  Nice and clean. The only problem I had was how to weave in the ends to the i-cord  making it seamless without twisting it.  I confess I did rush the damn thing because I was too excited to get my Fair Isle’ing on.  I’m using the two stranded method (where you hold one color in each hand).  I’ve been practicing my "scooping" continental style knitting so this wasn’t as hard for me as I thought it would be.

I’m so focused on the fair isle that I’m slightly neglecting the mitten pattern. I am hoping I’m putting the thumb in the right place… It says just to put it "immediately" on the back side, which I’m assuming is right after the neutral 3 side stitches… again, it’s practice so I’m not going to worry about it too much, yet.

*from that staples button. 

General Knitting

we got the tools, we got the talent!

Thank you so much for the comments about Rusted Root! I wore it to work yesterday and didn’t get one "did you make that?" (which to me means people accepted it as more than a handknitted top, however there was one woman who is an experienced knitter who zeroed in on me and made me turn around like a ballerina so she could see it all… yea! accomplishment!)

As I grow as a knitter, I realize how many techniques are out there to learn.  How also in the beginning I used to look at something knitted and think "How the hell did that come out that way?" and now I’ve graduated to "hmm, so that’s where you put the YO or k2g…" Finishing RR made me realize that I can be  more confident on making my own things and not having to stick to a pattern. Ahh the freedom!  The creative juices that are now flowing need to be focused! (it’s no help also that i’m off from work today and can THINK about this allllllll day.)

So, now it’s time to give myself a new challenge, to learn a new skill… to add a tool to my perverbial knitter’s toolbelt. Enter Miss Fig and Plum… she just finished a beautiful pair of norweigan mittens that I now cannot stop thinking about.  I think of them as the perfect project for a beginner Fair Isler as myself, as well as a great canvas to work with if I ever wanted to be daring enough to just create a pattern all on my own.  Not to mention it is a Zimmermann pattern and who else to learn fair isling from than the queen herself.  A trip to my LYS today should quench this desire.

Beyond new projects also lies those that need to be finished.  Can you guess which of those are close to being completed?

fiery bolero