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J’Adore the knits

I keep thinking about how much I’ve just fallen into knitting.  What happened??  I always considered myself someone who needed to be creative.  Give me anything and I’ll try it out.  I can sit for HOURS putting something together or strining beads onto a thin wire.  I love it.  I find that people mostly see me as a huge extrovert, and for the most part I am.  Get me out on that dance floor and I will boogie until the bar closes, but sometimes I just love being on my own.  Doing whatever makes me happy – without people judging.  Sometimes I know I can get carried away. My mom sometimes calls me "knit addicted", my boyfriend jokes at me saying "Knit Faster!" and even I know I should be cleaning or going out or something, but sometimes I just feel like sitting there and making whatever it is I’m making. (pretty much zoning everything else out completely)

I love doing things that are creatively fulfilling.  Give me a camera and I’ll shoot 100 rolls.  Give me a canvas and I’d make Bob Ross proud of my Happy Little Trees. Give me some paper and I’ll scrapbook until the cows come home.  IT’s just what I love to do.  Of course making a living of these things would be fabulous – somehow incorporating all the joys of these crafts into a sophisticated career/shop/life.  But for now it will be what I do on the "downtime".  With that said, I’ve started at least 4 projects and I keep switching gears from one to the other. 

The first is the Shetland Shawl – which I got inspired to do from Grumperina! I’m about one repeat away from the edging. The shawl is super soft and I cannot wait to finish it and get it blocked. 


The next is called Ruffles from Scarf Style, which is actually a present to my roomate.  The poor girl has to live with me and my knit addiction, I should at least make her something.  This is actually knitting up quickly as it’s just an 8 row repeat.


I’m using 100% alpaca yarn, which is a first for me.  I find that it "unwinds" pretty easily and therefore the stitches aren’t as uniform as I like them, BUT it is coming out nicely and it’s SO soft.  The roomate will love it.

And Remember I’m still finishing my Fall Socks AND then I just casted on for another scarf. I JUST Can’t STOP!  I blame the internets.

I look at these knit blogs and realize it’s a UNIVERSE of people and that I’m really on a little island.  That there are thousands upon thousands of wonderful artists out there doing their thing.  I keep discovering new blogs (to me) and being utterly amazed and excited about the pieces I see being created  It makes knitting so wonderful sheek and fab for me.

So enough of my knitting rants… Anyone going to the Stitch Out???

1 thought on “J’Adore the knits”

  1. Ah! I feel you! I’m also a dance floor fiend who would like nothing more than a whole day to herself to thumb through pattern books, arrange the stash, and work on projects. But I have a two year old. Le sigh.


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