Cha-Cha Changes!

Oh, Hello. So I figured if I'm getting more readership that a little sprucing up  and housekeeping was needed.  So of course first things first, my blog title... I couldn't help thinking that the title "minor obsessions" made me think that although it does describe perfectly how i feel towards the craft of knitting it … Continue reading Cha-Cha Changes!


Today, 5 years ago, I was sleeping soundly in my bed at college.  It was a day that I didn't have morning classes and I wanted to get as much sleep as I could.  The phone abruptly rang and I fumbled around to pick it up.  My dad was on the other end. "Hi, Honey. … Continue reading Remembrance


I know I know. You're gonna tell me to stop talking about the fall.  That it's STILL summer in your book.  That you will happily wear what ever key summer article be that bikini, mini skirt, flip flops or whatever that you picked out, right up until the HOUR the season turns over.  But my … Continue reading Autum