General Knitting

Coming Clean

Well It seems that I’m not that shabby of a liar.  The falsehood is actually #2.  Axl Rose was defintlely drunk and stupid AND met my brother but alas I was not there.  My brother who lives in London saw him one night at a club and called me 3am his time (6pm mine) to tell me all about it.  Frankly, the details he gave made me feel as if I was there.

So, yes I was a baller in HS and yes I was backstage at Hall & Oates for FREE!  John Oates and his 12 yr. old son left ASAP after the concert so we only had a small moment of "Dude, that concert was awesome."  Daryl Hall was more of a primadonna and didn’t come out of his dressing room.  There was approx. 15 people back stage and some stage guy wanted us to "line up".  Now, I love H&O, but don’t take your self that seriously, Daryll.  "No, I can’t go for that.. no can do." We ended up leaving before he came out, but proudly took pictures of the backstage area for later bragging.

I’m so looking forward to a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend.  I have tomorrow and Monday off and I can’t think of anything better to do for this Rainy Weekend than to hang out and be creative.

I’m finishing up the Shetland Shawl.  I showed it to my mom last night who has laid her claim upon it.  I figure it’s something we can share 😉   Just two more repeats and it’s ready to block.  I’m also just a few rows shy of getting to the heel for the Embossed Leaves socks.  I am just going to work it like the jaywalker heel and none of this ‘break the yarn’ mumbo jumbo. Fo, real.

I’m on a knitting high lately and have a list of things I want to knit this fall and I feel like it just keeps growing!

Numba 1 – Backyard Leaves, I tried beginning this months ago and gave up – it’s time to jump back on that wagon!

Numba 2 – Odessa, Mama needs a nice knit cap and I’ve been collecting beads all summer for this project.  There might be a few being made for the cold winter weather.

Numba 3 – Jemima, An Amelia Raitte creation, this simple reglan has been catching my eye.  After finishing the NBaT, it’s time to move on to other pullovers and this to me is "the next step".

Numba 4 – Pinwheel Blanket, just seems lke such a good/easy pattern and i could use a handknit blanket.  Everybody should at least have one!

Numba 5 – Glasgow Lace Pullover – Fall IK 06, with a few modifications this might be my fav project on the list.  It reminds me a wee bit of Eunny’s newest creation and I would rather do Eunny’s but it seems I’d have to wait a bit. So for now I will have to try this. (twist my willing arm will you)

I think that’s enough projects (not including a few socks i’d like to do) to keep me busy until ’07! 


Tell Me Lies, Tell me Sweet Little Lies…

So I saw this over at Fricknits and thought I’d give it a whirll… i’m TERRIBLE at lying though so frankly I think you’ll see right through me. Not to mention my life is not that exciting either! (I’ve never even dyed my hair) But I’ll give it a try anyway.

#1. I used to play in a basketball league in Harlem, NY.  I was pretty intimidated by this consdiering I grew up in a white bread suburban town in Jersey but my dad/coach thought it would be a good experience for me.  The games were played in a small public school gym on the 3rd floor of the building.  The celings were low and the space around the court wasn’t more than a foot.  The games were always crowded so it always felt like a cage.  In our first game I think I managed to hit a three pointer and thus proved myself a worthy opponent. The games were commentated by two guys who gave me the nickname, "Marquette" which was most likely due to my first name, but others were given their name due to what they did on the court. I played against  "The Body Shop" and "The Razor". They sure did roughen out my Jersey edges.

#2. On vacation in London with my brother Andrew and I met Axel Rose from GnR.  We were at a club when my brother spotted him at a VIP table.  Axel looked TERRBILE. What’s up with those dreds??!!  Plus I think he had too much beer/champagne/recreational drugs… My brother, though, with his suave personality went up to him and told him how much GnR shaped him growing up.  Axel just turned to him and nodded, drunkedly.  We left the club right after and proceeded to dial up everyone we know.

#3. This past spring 3 friends and I went to Mohegan Sun and didn’t pay for ANYTHING.  We got a comped room, comped food and comped Hall & Oates tickets!!  While at the concert we decided to rush the stage to get a "private eye" on the twosome.  While singing away to "Rich Girl" I made eye contact with John Oates and soon after was asked to go backstage with my three friends.  While there we realize that we were a good decade younger than the other groupies and decided it wasn’t worth the wait.  I wore my backstage pass proudly at the blackjack table later and had to sing "Maneater" to those silly people who had no idea who Hall & Oates were. 

Now, can you figure me out?  Thanks for the fun idea Julia!

Shetland Shawl

Hints of the Fall

All this rain makes for a lovely knitting weekend.  I traveled out with my boyfriend to the Pocono’s this weekend.  His family has a timeshare there and he wanted to do a bit of golf and I just wanted to get away.  Before we left he kept reminding me that there was "nothing to do!" and I just smiled back thinking, "Oh silly boy… don’t know you know me already and how easily I can amuse myself.. especially when I’m in the zone of knitting??"  I brought along the Shetland shawl that’s moving along nicely as well as a sock to change things up a bit.

After finishing the Flower Basket Shawl this other Evelyn Clark shawl is actually knitting up much easier. It has been more like a meditation than a fully concentrated task.  Something that after a long, frustrating, annoying parent calling filled day at work is a pleasure to pick up and work on.  I’m zooming through it and am one repeat away from starting the edging.  I’m having a sad feeling about it.  Just like when you’ve finished a really really good book and you’re sad that there’s not more to the story to read.  All this really means is that I must knit another! 

To get my mind off the shawl’s impending end I started a sock.  I’m calling these my Fall Socks.


I know many people have said that the Embossed Leaves lace pattern comes out better with a solid yarn but there’s something about this that i love.  The yarn I’m using is STR color Petroglyph.  When I saw the pattern and looked at the yarn I just kept thinking about Fall leaves and the turning colors.  Lucky for me the yarn is pooling a lot which is creating this effect.


You defintely can’t get the full effect from this picture but I thought I’d try… I just love how they’re coming out! My favorite season is the fall – No allergies, cool breezes, football, Turkey Day, oh and my birthday is in the fall ;-)!  And I will always remember raking leaves with my dad and carrying them to the curb using an old bed sheet.  The piles of leaves were so big that you could jump in and not be found.  Now a days there is no more raking, living in an apartment does that.  But I am awaiting patiently the day in which I will pile up huge leaves with my children to carry to the curb.  The fall is poking her head around the corner.  I will greet her with arms wide open and feet nicely covered.

General Knitting

in the meantime…

So after the last post I ordered some Yarn.  But it looks like it’s gonna take a while… so while I impatiently patiently await the goodness I’ve decided to test knit the pattern with some other yarn I happen to have in the stash.  Some gorgeous silk/cashmere blend by Knit One Crochet Too called Richesse et Soile, sadly it’s discontinued.


It’s so soft it makes Socks that Rock feel like Brillo! I bought it on sale right before Handknits in Englewood closed.  I’m using size 6 needles and it’s coming out beautifully.  I thought at first it wasn’t "airy" enough, but when it’s done and blocked I have a feeling this is going to the top of my finish shawls.  It’s just SO SOFT.

Speaking of shawls, presenting the unblocked Birch.


A model shot… thanks to my roomate for the camera work!  She says I’m the best knitter/model and not the other way around 😉


And a long finished Clapotis I made back in May!  So I’m a bit late posting these pictures but better late than never.


Yarn: Noro Silk Garden (about 7 balls!)
Needles: Size 8 straights
Thoughts: Pattern was so simple and yet satisfying.  I took this puppy on the train and bus with me.

it’s now time for Michael Scoffield.


Good Peer Pressure

Seeing This

Made me Go to This

Which made me buy this

I love inspirational dominoes! 😉

Not only is the Shetland Lace Shawl grabbing my eye but that whole book is filled with great patterns.  This surely is a staple in knit libraries all over the place.  Mucho thanks to Grumperina and Carolyn – they are prime examples of what I love about knit blogging – share that inspiration!

After finishing the NBaT i had a moment of "what to do next?" and then the fall IK arrived.  I’m totally obsessed with the Glasgow Lace sweater.  I would want to make the torso a bit longer but other than that I think it’s beautiful. I’ve ordered the yarn and am impatiently awaiting it’s arrival.  In the mean time I’m making another Flower Basket Shawl.  Lace is the theme for the fall I think!

For all my Jersey Locals out there, I’m trying to resurrect a SnB in Hoboken
Bring your knits and good gossip to the Frozen Monkey Cafe this coming Tuesday 9/22 at  7:30pm

 We’re trying to make it a bi weekly event so that it can be something to rely on.  Last time everyone tried scheduling the nights here and there and it just didn’t work.  So Take Two!   ETA:

Click here to join SNB-Hoboken
Click to join SNB-Hoboken

I have some FO pics of Birch and a Clapotis to share soon, just gotta get my camera man 😉


What a long Strange Trip it’s Been

No post in a month?  Sweet Jesus.  But it’s been a glorious summer so let me bring you as up to date as I can with some bullet points

  • One of my childhood friends is getting married and I am her maid of honor.  We had a lovely little bridal shower at a nice italian  resturant named Ciao Bella in Creskill, NJ.  Makes me think of marriage and how I’m so not ready (and yet if a certain someone asks I know I’d say yes!)
  • I took a trip to London to visit my brother Andrew for an extended weekend.  I always love visiting London no matter what time of year.  I feel like I know the city so well.  He pretty much leaves me to myself so that I can explore and get lost in the parks and tubes.  My brother and I are very close and he always finds things for us to do when we are together.  This time it was a Polo Match.  (think Pretty Woman minus Julia Roberts).  We got tickets to the coronation cup and the Queen herself was there!   Prince Harry had played an early match and was there just as a spectator (no idea where William was… tear).  Oh yes and we Stomped the Divits!  Of course don’t stomp the steaming ones! 


  • Right after I returned home I joined my parents in LBI.  One and a half weeks at the beach and I finally look like a proper Puerto Rican (tan and all!).  The second week was a joint venture with my boyfriend and a few of our friends.  It was our first adult summer rental. Highlights were watching Will Ferrel’s hilarious take on Robert Goluet  over and over again oh and some karaoke.  My friend Julie (on R) and I brought down the house with our rendition of You Shook Me All Night Long.


  • Throughout all this debauchery there was Knitting!! I present my very own NBaT!  I wanted to try out the bigger neckline but I knitted the smaller size than Ameila did so it didn’t quite work out BUT I love it anyway!! It was a very simple knit, just stockenette stitching.  This was my first Proper seaming test and I give myself a B+.  I was minus my computer while I was doing this so I didn’t have the wonderful internets to look to.  Not too Shabby!


    I spiced up the pattern ever so gently by just adding a different color for the hem.  I loved the way that the color just pokes out under the top – it’s very understated but noticable.


    I’m not good at the self-portraits – there’s just not enough light or too much light to do it justice!   So here are the details:
    Pattern: Nothin But a T-Shirt from
    Yarn:  Rowan Calmer in Chocolate Bean and Coral (for the edging)
    Needles: Size 8
    Comments: I made the gauge for this project so I made the 34 size and it fits perfectly.

So there’s THAT!