I cannot stop buying yarn.

I just bought some Chocolate Calmer for a NBTS. Plus some extra Noro Silk Garden for the Clapotis that I am working on now…

I JUST bought yarn for TWO shawls.  Red silk yarn from Sundara AND  some Merino Oro by Ornaghi.

I cannot stop.


For real, that was that last purchase… I PROMISE… Really.  I should be spending my money on clothes, boys, alcohol?

Now I know why I need to join one of those "knit your stash" a-longs (The guilt is setting in!)… but then again, mine’s a wee baby compared to other’s I’ve seen…….. but I WILL GET THERE.

Boston here I come.


Stitch and the City

This all ends with me passed out in my bed after drinking two margaritas.

I started off wearing a nice outfit complete with new high heeled shoes.  I had walked around with them in my apartment to double check that yes my feet would be OK.  By the time I reached the path after a 7 block walk from my apartment it was apparent that the blisters already developing were telling me that, "No, Ms. M, there is no wearing high heels today."

I decided to suck it up in the mean time and got off the path at Christopher St. and made my 10 minute walk to the first yarn store destination, Purl Soho. I walked right by it the first time since it was hiding under a scaffold.  But once inside this little cozy store I was taking in all it’s yarny goodness.  On my mind was getting yarn for a clapotis (yes I am going to go There) – I didn’t want to blow my wad either at the first store I went to, so I decided to go for a pattern book and right there in the window was this:

The Mason Dixon Knitting! I flipped through a few pages and immediately had to have it.  So the first purchase of the day it was!

Considering my feet have decided that they need new owners – my next stop was getting more comfortable shoes.  Ahh, Broadway in SoHo.  How I love thee… I knew they couldn’t be just another pair of fancy shmancy shoes, they had to be comfy and yet I wanted something a bit trendy.  Aha!  The new colors of Chuck Taylors.  Green.  I used to have two pairs of these things when I was younger… I Love that they’re coming back in to style.  So I had a pretty blouse, skirt and now green Chuck Taylors.  Comfort over fashion I say.

With my new found feet it was walking time… I made the 1.1 mile walk over to Ave. A and Downtown Yarns.  What a warm shop! I walked in to see wall high store of yarns! It was like sensory overload.  I had to be careful however to not trip over the dog who just spread himself out on the floor.  I looked carefully over everything (squeeze and sniffed)  and picked out some nice Noro Silk Garden in #84 for the coming clapotis.  I only got 5 balls thinking that would be enough – but after searching the internets it seems that I will need to order two more to complete the normal size. I was also eyeing some Chocolate Calmer for a Nuthin’ But a T-shirt… but I needed to budgetize. (There will be time for such things).

After Downtown Yarns it was time to meet my Boy for lunch. A short cab ride to 27th and Madison and a 45 minute lunch later, I was ready to hit up another knit store.  This time Yarn Connection on 36th and Madison.  Sorry to not bore you with details of lunch with my Boy, but who wants to hear that kind of banter anyway 😉

Yarn Connection also had a stash of yarns allllll over the place.  It was like oozing yarns and plastic bags full of yarns, and needles and notions.  I didn’t get anything there but it was nice to look around and take it all in.  The owner was nice and just let me browse around without hounding me about what I wanted to knit.

I took my new pattern book, my new Noro and my partically completed sock to spend the rest of my time at Bryant Park.  I simply don’t know why I don’t do that more often and this summer there’s going to be a chair with my name on it!  My best friend who worked nearby took a bit of a bathroom break (60 mins or so) to sit with me while I knitted away.  We had plans to go to Happy Hour to celebrate the near end of the week and the beautiful weather.  This is where things get hazy.

Have you ever heard of someone getting so sh*tcanned after two margaritas?? Two. 

We were at a bar called Rio Grande which cleverly splits it’s resturant in two (Texas on one side of the kitchen and Mexico on the other).  The irony here is that the Mexico side is ALWAYS crowded and most people enter the Texas side only to cross through the kitchen "Rio Grande" to Mexico.  Once in Mexico you get down to business being a gringo and drinking tequlia.  I was home in bed by 10:30 with the spins.  Not to mention the headache that did me in on Friday.  Today is a new day.  I feel Good today.

with that said, i’m off to knit more of my sock and to put some progress into the clapotis.  i was too lazy to put up pics… lo siento, but i promise to show my sock progress manana!


That’s the way UH HUH Uh HUH

I like it!

I am home from abroad and BOY is the weather freakin’ NICE!  Go to http://www.weather.com, type in Hoboken, and check it out for yourself.  Seriously being a School Administrator should jump to number 1 on the Best Jobs in America list… who wants to be a software engineer anyway, you don’t get April vacation!  At least I’m holding it down at Number 50.

Finally a finished product.


Jaywalkers by Grumperina
Yarn: Socks the Rock in the Cobolt Bloom Colorway
Thoughts:  Well I love this pattern, very easy to remember and it just MOVES.  Once you cast on it’s smooth sailing to the gusset and then right on down to the toe.  I kinda made some minor mistakes for the first sock but I don’t think anyone will notice but me. (You can certainly tell the difference, however when you look at them side by side but while on my tosies you can’t!)



Of course with this Jaywalker bug (which I’ve caught a little bit too late) I’ve casted on for the second sock for the first pair I was working on.  Yes I’m a bit backwards but I liked the pinks much better than the blues.  I figured I would give my mom the blue ones for Mama’s day!  Speaking of, I did finish her shawl which needs some serious blockage…. I also neglected to do the last two rounds of the pattern, but again who’s gonna notice?? I promise to start (Right Now) following the pattern to the Ts.  Fingers crossed.  Oh and yes I most certainly did cast on for another…


So what to do on this gorgeous Thursday?  I plan on going into the city to walk around – perhaps hit up some LYS’s as well as whip out the camera (such dust that has collected too!)  I hate telling my friends that I’m off and gallivanting around the city – i know they’re all cooped up at the cubicles or offices, (most likely on the phone with each other!!) slapping themselves in their faces to stay awake, or taking notes in meetings – while I saunter around NYC like a tourist. 

I’ll take my time gladly since my first day back on Monday is gonna kick my toosh.  I have a conference next weekend in Boston which is causing me to prepare a week in advance for an orientation for the incoming class that following Friday, May 5th.  I plan on  leaving things for people to do while I’m away, but you know that feeling of "If I don’t do it, it’s not going to get done right?"  We’ll I’m slightly a control freak like that and feel I need to get Everything done before I leave.  Ok that was my minute rant on my job – back to my spring vacation.  On to better things… what LYS’s to visit.

Knit New York on 14th?
Purl Soho on Sullivan St?
Yarn Connection waaaay uptown?
How ’bout a stint at the MoMa to stare at my favorite VanGogh?

So many decisions so little time…  back to my pretty socks…

Now to order some new Chuck Taylor’s to wear them with.


Happy Easter!

Even in London the holiday is festive.

Some mimosas in the morning, a bit of champagne with dinner and some white wine with dessert. Purrfection! My wonderful mother cooked up a delicious meal. Ham, mashed potatoes, and arroz con gandules are all nesting in my tummy… i’m about to hit that food coma any time now…

My vacation thus far has been fantastic. I wake no earlier than noon, some days later… a bit of knitting, some tube watching, a bit of a row on my brother’s Pac Man lifesized arcade game, some wine or bevie of that nature, and again back to sleeping… blissful really.

I am now about 49 pattern repeats into finishing the 2nd half of my very first jaywalker pair started in December. Let’s just say I got a bit side tracked. Work sucks in the winter time and when I got home I did nothing not even brush my teeth let alone picked up the knitting needles. I’m happy to say I’m back on the waggon! Holding on for dear life.

I’m trying to get more involved in the SnB in my area but their meetings are a bit sporatic – they don’t have a stict night and it’s always the night of the week I’m not free that they make it. I’m more and more throwing my two cents in to try to have it one consistant night a week so that I can make it. But being a newbie (i’ve only attended one meeting) I’m not so sure my opinion counts…. but i’m about ready to take the bull by the horns! 😉 we’ll see.

I’ve been psyudo invited to attend the Knitting Hill group tomorrow night at 7:30. I would like to go just to see how it is, especially being in London!! My brother thinks it slightly weird and funny that I’ve connected with other knitters here… he keep laughing at me when I bring it up. He just doesn’t KNOW… 😉

I think if the “spirit” moves us my brother and I are going to be hitting the clubs or lounges tonight. Tomorrow is a bank holiday here in London so the nightlife is buzzing. Someone get me a GnT.



It’s Brilliant

That is perhaps my favorite British quote – the simple one word, “Brilliant”. It can be used for so many different things.

I just arrived at my brother’s flat in Notting Hill. He just moved in only a couple of months ago and has already put up some beautiful art work. His furniture is lacking but I’m sure he’s taking his time picking out pieces.

By Far my favorite piece however in his flat is his real life sized arcade game. It’s a Pac Man (with a couple of other choice games) free standing game. I could be standing there for hours!!!

Being in London is like my second home. I love coming back here and everytime I do something new always catches my eyes. I might be joining in on the Knitting Hill group which meets this coming Monday. I was informed of it by Amelia Raitte whom I would be so estatic if I got to meet! She would be the first knit blogger I would meet in person.

For now I am going to nap and knock some of my American time off me… tonight is clubbing and birthday fiestas!

Before I do… here’s a clever thing I saw on januaryone.com: Go to wikipedia and search for your birthday. List 5 major events, births and deaths. Pretty cool.

1. 1575 – Battle of Dormans: Catholic forces under Duke Henry of Guise defeated the Protestants, capturing Philippe de Mornay among others.
2. 1845 – In Annapolis, Maryland, the Naval School (later renamed the United States Naval Academy) opens with 50 midshipmen students and seven professors.
3. 1908 – Baseball Writers Association forms.
4. 1966 – Simon and Garfunkel release the album Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.
5. 1987 – Fiji becomes a republic.

1. 1813 – Giuseppe Verdi, Italian composer (d. 1901)
2. 1830 – Queen Isabella II of Spain (d. 1904)
3. 1917 – Thelonious Monk, American jazz pianist (d. 1982)
4. 1924 – Ed Wood, American filmmaker (d. 1978)
5. 1969 – Brett Favre, American football player

1. 1985 – Yul Brynner, Russian-born actor (b. 1915)
2. 1985 – Orson Welles, American director and actor (b. 1915)
3. 2004 – Ken Caminiti, baseball player (heart attack) (b. 1963)
4. 2004 – Christopher Reeve, American actor (b. 1952)

i think everyone should do this… so interesting…


Blowing the Dust off…

Achoo… boy there was an inch of dust on this thing…It’s pretty unbelieveable how long it has been since my last Blog!! February!?  What the?  Since I just skipped over March, let me tell you, it was a fun month.  Not much knitting got done but I got to take a roll of flim in Central Park.  I forgot how much I love having a camera in my hand.  I love getting weird angles of things as well as catching great candid moments.  I will be posting more of my pics soon!

My needles were picking up some dust balls as the projects that I was working on weren’t QUITE sparking the knit till your hands fall off fire.  Last night though I finally completed my mom’s shawl!  I didn’t have the first page of my directions so I completely neglected the proper last row and suggested bind off.  I have a feeling it’s not that big of a deal but part of me thinks I should rip it out and finish it right.  The larger part is letting it go…

In it’s pre-blocked state

Project: Flower Basket Shawl
Yarn: Silke Wool
Thoughts:  For my first lace it was pretty easy.  I didn’t use any stitch markers or lifelines.  After the first few pattern repeats it was easy to tell if I needed a YO  or a Ktog here or there.  I did 12 pattern repeats before the border and I think it makes a "just right" size for my mom.  The yarn I used was a wool and silk combo which turned into a very soft shawl.  I will be making another of these! 

But first are two Other Shawls I have in mind.  The Light up my Life stole and Eunny’s Print O’ the Wave scarf.  They both look challenging and after losing my lace virginity I feel ready to take them on.  I’m not going to lie but I have read the directions twice and thrice over and there are still areas where I find my mind saying, "EEeeugh?"

That being said I also plan on having something more mindless on the needles like the second jaywalker sock or even a NBTS – which I’ve been wanting to make for a while now… that balance between the "bite your nails while figuring out the chart"  and the "let’s meditate because this knitting is so easy" projects will burn the time nice and quick.

My family and I are off to London this Wednesday.  It’s Easter weekend but there’s another bigger holiday at hand, my brother’s 29th birthday.  We plan on going out to several clubs and I better bring my A game if I’m going to keep up.

I love going to London each year and I’m very much looking forward to going to several LYS’s there… any suggestions?   I’ve looked up several that are near his tube stop but I feel like I’m missing out on some. I also cannot deny that I’m giddy at the thought of being in the same area as Mrs. Ameila Raitte!  Have you seen her Tiggy??