Bienviendos a Miami

It’s possible that at this very moment I am going though a Miami withdrawal.  The palm trees, warm sun, sea glass green ocean, have all been replaced by visions of melting brown snow, apartment buildings, chilly wind and the NYC skyline. Ahh back in Jersey.

My wonderful 4 day jaunt to Miami was perfect.  The weather was an average 75 degrees with nothing but sun.  The extent of my physical movement was from the pool back to my beach chair – oh and maybe reaching for my strawberry daiquiri.

We got in at 11:00 to MIA airport.  Our flight had been delayed out of Newark by an hour.  The Man and I spent out time drinking beers at the Dick Clark’s airport grill.  I think I’ve been there 3 too many times.  The on flight movie was Walk the Line, which just as my best friend Jules described, "was good." I’m very impressed however with Joaquin Phoenix’s singing voice.  That boy can get LOW.

Once in Miami my sleepiness combined with my hunger made for quite the vicious headache.  Right after we checked in we decided to do some investigation of our hotel and surroundings.  We decided to get some late night snacks at a 24 hour diner called Jerry’s.  20 minutes later, we hadn’t even been served water and decided to get all New Yorker on things and leave before we wasted any more time there.  We walked back sulking a bit – I mean this was our vacation – we should be spoiled rotten here! My headache getting a little bit worse – since I still didn’t eat.  But we figured we’d hop in bed and order up room service.   As we turn the corner to our hotel entrance I could see a group of people getting ready to go out.  One in particular looked so familiar that at the moment of my recognition I began to squeeze my Man’s hand.  Payton Manning, the quarterback of the Indy Colts was waiting for a cab in front of our hotel!  My boyfriend began to get all starry eyed but we played it cool and walked by (staring) into the main lobby.  He was standing with 3 tall blonds and his teammate Dallas Clark.   I love celeb sightings and the Man was especially pumped since he had just seen Manning’s brother Eli a week earlier in Hoboken!

After that the vacation took on a dream like state.  God how quickly it goes by.  The weather was as perfect it could be.  No clouds. 75 degrees.  Gorgeous!

Night one we ate at Don Shula’s Steakhouse.  It was in the Alexander Hotel and the walk to the restaurant was a bit eerie.  The place is in the back of the hotel and you have to walk through a narrow hallway to get there.  Right before we entered the restaurant we swore that no one was around.  The place has tons of Dolphin’s memorabilia.  They even bring by a football signed by the coach.  There’s nothing better to please your man: sports and steak.

Afterward we went to the Shore Club.  We got a cozy bench under a tree and drank some G&Ts (a V&T for him) under the beautiful night sky.  This place is a bit more posh than I’m used to but one night out of many isn’t so bad!

Night two dinner: Joe’s Stone Crab.  Delicious!! I can’t say enough about this place.  I had gone there before with 3 of my girlfriends one summer and while there we saw Anna Kornikova and Enrique.  It’s that good.    Post dinner we were a bunch of lazy  bums and confined ourselves to our room.

No knitting was done on the trip.  I did bring some with me but just wasn’t inspired enough to do any.   I’m still trying to be inspired.  I don’t know what to make.  I have a few things on the needles, but frankly it’s not really giving me the "i don’t want to do anything but knit" feeling.

I’ve search the internets today too – nothing sparking yet… i know it will though!


Your Candy Heart Says First

Your Candy Heart Says "First Kiss"

You’re a true romantic who brings an innocent hope to each new relationship.
You see the good in every person you date, and you relish each step of falling in love.

Your ideal Valentine’s Day date: a romantic dinner your sweetie cooks for you

Your flirting style: friendly and sweet

What turns you off: cynics who don’t believe in romance

Why you’re hot: you always keep the romance alive

What Does Your Candy Heart Say?

Taken from Lessalu

Happy Valentine’s Day

Although I do try to know that this holiday is the cheesiest of holidays, I cannot deny I like the attention.  I received a pretty bouqet of lillies, tulips and pink roses from the Man.  He decided not to go all cliche today with the red roses and went for something he knew I would like.  The flowers though didn’t get delivered until the end of school.  Apparently the folks over at Flower, Flower though I was a student and wouldn’t deliver the flowers.  It wasn’t until the Man called up and explained that, "No he was not a pedofile and yes his girlfriend was a teacher there."

My office is next door to the main office so I always hear the goings on day to day at the school.  And sure enough I heard the flower delivery guy try to pronounce my name.  ahhh that X gets ’em every time.

So as my personal birthday treat I bought the Shining Star pattern by Kate Gilbert and plan on making a few hats for the end of winter.  Who knows it might be a brisk spring!   I love the modifcations Grumperina made on it and I’m thinking of the Cascade 220 deluxe yarn for this project.  I even emailed the designer who was so kind and quick to email me back.  I cannot wait to cast on!  I’m almost done with the scarf I casted on for last Tuesday as well as the shawl for my mom which is Almost There.

I didn’t finish however the Jaywalker socks in time for Cara’s Grande Finale.  I love the pattern but I don’t LOVE the pattern.  I am Almost done with my second sock but it’s in a different color than the first so really it wouldn’t have been a traditional pair anyway.  I do plan on finishing both pairs soon and I completely agree that it was a fun pattern.  I cannot see myself just knitting a regular stockenette sock ever.  Too boring!

I love being inspired by what I knit.  I love finding finishing projects and thinking, "wow i really want to try that".  And for someone who goes through hobbies pretty quick I get excited that I’m still sticking with this knitting.


15 inches in Hoboken

The "blizzard of 06".  kinda hard to imagine a few days ago when the weather was more like March or April rather than February.  Green stems were making their way up through the soil, unknowing that it’s way too far off schedule.  and then BAM underneigth a few inches of snow.

as a school administrator, i wish this was tomorrow! But who knows, maybe the snow will stick around to create a short week – just before my president’s week off!

the thing i do LOVE about snow days being lazy, catching up on movies on HBO and of course to knit.

i’m watching the movie Miracle.  There’s something about that scene when he keeps blowing his whistle saying "AGAIN!" that makes my hair rise.  Especially at the end of that whole ordeal the player who finally gets why he’s going through all this madness.  I’m such a sucker for great sports flims.  Top 5 of all time in my book:

1. The Natural:  The soundtrack alone makes me want to grab my Wonder Boy bat!
2. Rudy: "Who’s the wild man now!"  I totally cried at the end when he sacked that quarterback. No joke.  (also note a huge cameo by a young Vince Vaughn who tells "Billy, we got to get Rudy in the game.")
3. Hoosiers:  Gene Hackman makes getting kicked out of basketball games look cool.  As a former JV basketball coach I always would pop this in before practice to psych myself up.
4. Miracle- read above.  Because I’m watching it now it just reminds me how awesome the Olympics are.
5. Remember the Titans:  Left Side! Strong Side! There are many football movies out there, but I happen to like this one the best.

Goose Bumps!