"integrity is that voice inside of us that brings everything into focus" the end of january and the beginning of february are perhaps the most busy time in my work schedule.  it's crunch time.  the point where all my hard work in the fall is either finally going to pay off or blow up in … Continue reading Focus

Twenty Four

Tonight is the next two episodes of the Out of Control premier of 24.  Is this show not the best show on TV? I am a Lost fanatic, but there's something about 24 that just gets your heart racing.  Perhaps it's the hotness of Jack Bauer and the suspense of every episode. I have a … Continue reading Twenty Four

Blue Crush

I do love these socks.  They're so comfy and despite the fact that the yarn is itty bitty - it does go miraculously quick.  I never have good light when I'm taking pictures so I had to resort to my bathroom lights for this guy.  The coloryway on this started to pool more on the … Continue reading Blue Crush

Happy New Year

2006. I remember last new year's eve like it was yesterday. Sipping on champagne and eating strawberrys while watching the fireworks go off over the New York City skyline.  I remember thinking then with much excitement, "what will this year bring??"  It's amazing how much faster time goes by as you get older.  2005 was … Continue reading Happy New Year