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"integrity is that voice inside of us that brings everything into focus"

the end of january and the beginning of february are perhaps the most busy time in my work schedule.  it’s crunch time.  the point where all my hard work in the fall is either finally going to pay off or blow up in my face.  let’s just say there was a bomb but with my hand on it like Meredith Grey, it did not go off. 

working in a job that’s basically a form of customer service is pretty hard emotionally.  granted the yells and cries you hear over the phone aren’t necessarily directed at you but they can still bring you down.  i am amazed sometimes what parents do for their children. how nothing their child does is every wrong, just the outside world! i know my parents defended me at all costs, but if it came down to it I would get the crap beat out of me.  Now a days I feel like parents don’t PARENT any more, just blame everything else but their precious child.  some days were so hard that  i would come home at night not wanting to do much of anything but crawl underneigth the comforter of my bed. 

with that said it’s obvious that everything else in my life has suffered, including this here blog.  all the while though i have been knitting!  i am not quite finished yet with my 2nd jaywalker, and i’ve started and am almost done with a FBS shawl for my mom! Plus, I casted on for a scarf too! So with three things on the needles going simutaneously I’m in fantastic knitting shape. 

But with my blog hiatus I’ve pretty much missed the bus on a few knit-a-longs that I really would have liked to have been a part of, esp. the sockpaloooza! And the Knit Olympics.  So I’ll be knitting on the sidelines watching all the fun.

There are so many wonderful creations that have been born out of this weird winter! I’ve been especially interested in Grumperina’s and Amelia’s blogs.  Grumpy created two beautiful hats and a "Holy-Crap-I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Finally-Done" shawl for her grandmother.  And Ms. Raitte is a designer extrodinare! Her beautiful new cardigan and another beautiful work in progress keep renewing my love of the knit!

So although I haven’t participated in the knit "conversation" I have been watching, reading, commenting, smiling.   I am in no way going to be such a big "player" in blogland, but I’ll keep my corner of the land cheering and watching and always with something on the needles.


The wonderful effect of naps

Does anyone else out there recoginize what a really good nap can do to your soul?  It’s been the second day in a row I’ve come home from work pretty wiped and took a solid hour nap on my couch.  I won’t nap in my bed because that’s just much too comfortable  Naps need to be taken in a place where it’s easy to resurrect yourself.  Bed, covers, and pillows might keep you down for the rest of the night.  I choose my little love seat couch.  It’s perfect for nice little ol’ me to schooch up in and take a ‘noozer.

Work has been stressful this week so napping in the afternoon has allowed me a new sense of energy to take on the evening.  I spend practically 80% of my weekends at my boyfriends house which never fully lets me relax, although his mantra is "mi casa es su casa."  But you know how it is, it’s just not you’re own, and no one likes some strange girl sleeping on the couch when it’s not her couch.  SO it takes me just  a few extra days to get back to normal. Doubbly so due to the stressful week.

Knitting has a ‘nap effect’ to it as well.  It has been the constant these days that has made the stress subside.  I love just sitting on my own working away at something – getting into a rhythm.  I’m surprise at how at my boyfriend’s house where I’m constantly knitting (he lives with 4 other guys, a regular Animal House) that no one makes fun and just accepts what I do as is.  On top of it I’ve gotten requests.   Mostly caps (in the color of their beloved G-men), but having seen the socks I’ve been working on lately that’s all they’ve been asking for.  Socks!  I feel delighted to get requests but frankly doubt I’d get to most considering the list of things I want to knit myself (plus my girlfriends requests come first!).  IT’s just good to be loved.

Today was a crap-tastic day in Jersey.  My other fellow New Jersey/New York bloggers can agree.  The wind tunnel was crazy this morning, my trash cans were flying away like poor Dorothy’s house.  They have these small chains but that holds shit.  When I got to work I Juuuust missed the torrential downpour. I’m just thankful that it stopped when I left.

As for tonight, the skies seem calm and it’s just the perfect night to be vegging out on the couch knitting socks.

Sorry no pictures, I have awful lighting at my apartment and it just doesn’t do these socks justice.

That’s it for now.

Thanks for stopping by!


Twenty Four

Tonight is the next two episodes of the Out of Control premier of 24.  Is this show not the best show on TV? I am a Lost fanatic, but there’s something about 24 that just gets your heart racing.  Perhaps it’s the hotness of Jack Bauer and the suspense of every episode.

I have a habit of reading the message boards after I watch shows like this and I think everyone was just as stunned as I was at how they began this season.  Two huge character losses, but it’s a trend going on around TV these days – killing off the main characters.  Take LOST for instance, Shannon and Boone were capped in the first two seasons and I’m sure they’re not the last main Lost characters to go.  It throws you for a loop at first but you just have to have faith in the writers of the show that they’re going to bring you somewhere greater.  Here’s hoping!

Tonight at 8 I will be glued again to the TV watching hours 9 to 11.  Knitting has taken a back seat to CTU.

That said, I’m almost done with Jaywalker sock #2 as well as my boyfriends House Socks.  Next up will be the Flower Basket Shawl which is just patiently waiting for my attention. 

On a whole other topic… what kind of knitter are you?  English or Continental?  I learned to knit out of a book and taught myself holding the yarn in my right hand.  But recently I’ve thought about switching it up to see how it feels.  What do you think?  Left or Right?  In the end I know the best knitting is the way you feel most comfortable, but I am just throwing that out there in my curiosity.

Time for Jack Bauer!


Don’t stop till you get enough

There are not pictures with this post today.  It’s pretty crap-tastic in these parts and I just don’t have good enough lighting.   Rain turned into sleet turned into snow which turned into ice.  I won’t be traveling anywhere which means a lot of good knitting will take place.

I’m about 70% done with socks I’m making for my boyfriend.  They’re gray with red trimmings.  I keep going back and forth with making that one and a new jaywalker sock.  I am making one in a new colorway – Cobalt Bloom.

Speaking of which, I’ve read all the posts and comments about making this semi-famous sock pattern now.  So a exponentially high amount of people are making this fabulous sock pattern and a question about "are you knitting it because you want to or because everyone else is."  All I have to say is who gives a shit about what you feel like knitting.  And who the f cares if you want to knit something that a bunch of other people want to knit.  Seriously,  who judges knitting? 

I know everyone wants to be original and unique.  They want to create something that’s all their own and to feel separate and perhaps apart from the crowd.  Sometimes it’s nice to be apart of a community that has or creates something together.  This phenomenon is apart of everything.  From loyalty to a college or high school to a favorite musician or a famous actor or actress. 

Do we like these songs or movies just because everyone else does or do we like i because it makes us laugh and cry and sing?

I’m super surprised at how much thought I have on a Saturday morning. Time to watch 24 (season 3) and to snuggle with my man before the super premier tonight.  24!  Jack Bauer!!!!!



Blue Crush


I do love these socks.  They’re so comfy and despite the fact that the yarn is itty bitty – it does go miraculously quick.  I never have good light when I’m taking pictures so I had to resort to my bathroom lights for this guy.  The coloryway on this started to pool more on the foot which gives it some character.  I will be casting on for it’s brother soon enough.  I might actually try the "one-sock one color/next sock new color" method.  These badboys are mine, but I might make my roomate a pair – if she’s lucky!  I think the toughest part of making this sock is keeping the stitches on the needles.  There were a few times when I went to slip two over one and lost it.  Then I patiently had to pick it up and try it again. 

I cannot wait to get the full pair rocking!  Here’s a side view:


Last night I went to my first SnB meeting in Hoboken.  I had such a fabulous time!  I wasn’t sure what to expect. All the women were probably in their early 30s – to late 20s, some married, some single.  We got into talking about our jobs, significant others, etc, and by the end of it I felt as if I knew these girls for more than just one night.  We’re meeting bi-weekly, which makes me happy because I don’t know if I could wait another month for our next meeting.   

All in all good things this week.  Work’s been pretty nutty with decisions (i’m an admissions director) but the end is in sight.  I have my sights on my February break… here I come Miami!


Just One More Row

Since the Thursday night post my jaywalkers are blossoming.  I’m no speed knitter so I haven’t finished the first one yet, but i’m about an inch away from foot decreases.  My boyfriend, who’s one sock away from a pair of his own socks (non-jaywalker), watched in impatience as I reached for my jaywalker and not his nice warm fuzzy sock.  I promised that after the first sock was finished I would work on his. I’m trying to be a good girlfriend and honestly after his excited reaction to his first sock I’m kinda excited to finish a pair for him.
I agree with Cara in that there’s no way I’d make a regular ol’ stockenette sock after making this one.  It’s just so easy to do and why wouldn’t you want to throw a little flair out there?

Thank you Grumperia for this fabulous pattern! You must be so excited about the buzz you’ve caused! I know I’d be bouncing off the walls if people all over the place were making socks I created the pattern for.

On Sunday nights I’m usually over at my boyfriends place but tonight I’m one my own at my apartment.  My roomate isn’t here so it’s pretty quiet.  All this silence is making me think of how unhappy I am that tomorrow is Monday.  I do feel blessed that I have a job and that I have a really good and meaningful one, but seriously who the F wants to wake up early? haha  I need like a 10 to 6 type of job.  That way I can sleep till 9ish and still get home at a resonable hour.  Then again my "contract" says my day is over at 2:30pm.  Which ain’t to shabby, plus all the wonderful vacation!  Alright I’ll shut up now.

On Tuesday I will be joining my first meeting of the Hoboken S n’ B! I’m kinda nervous about meeting all these new people but at the same time it will be great to meet some other knitters.  No matter what I do still find it funny that I knit.  It just doesn’t get old when people stop and stare or when my friends look at me through the side of their eyes when they see me pick up my needles.  I didn’t know either when I started that I’d be so obsessed with it either.  I never looked down on knitting, but hello there are so many henous patterns out there that make you go "Ehhh no knitting for me" that uses the fugliest of yarns, but then again there are the great ones like the jaywalker that make me so pumped to knit.  Ahh that’s the beauty of it all – the suprise of finding a new passion and getting it to share it with so many other wonderful people. 


I spy with my one eye

Something blue…


Oh baby now I know what Cara’s talking about.  We’ll have to start some "JA" aka Jaywalkers Addicts group followed by the Jaywalkers Anyomous group to help us begin knitting other things again.  I casted on two nights ago and just really started to get going last night.  Now, honestly, the whole knitting on itty-bitty needles was a bit frustrating to get used to at first but after getting a few repeats out of the way and seeing the whole zig-zag pattern take shape I got over feeling like a giant knitting.

Here’s a closer shot, yup that’s my work agenda below it… it’s a busy time of year for me and I cannot believe have the gall to knit under my desk between meetings.


The colorway is Lapis.  Those people over at Blue Fiber Arts are making pure gold.  I could by two of each of I could.

I did not forget  that I also made a few other knitting resolutions and have been jonesing to make the Flower Basket Shawl.  So I did the proper search and got some pretty silk/wool blend yarn.


It will have to wait patiently though… apparently I visit my LYS way too often, I feel like the woman who works there knows that I just keep buying up yarn and not "finishing" it.  She always asks me if I finish my projects.  Oh well… but it brings me to a sad revelation that was told me while there:  the word is out, my fav LYS is closing!! Noooooo!  If you know of them, Handknits in Englewood, then you know she has a wonderful selection of great yarns and being from North Jersey it’s kinda hard to find such a place in this area – without going into the city…  and it was so close to the school I work at too.  Anyway, the light bill has been paid up until April so perhaps there’s a chance that she might change her mind or the ownership could change over?  Who knows… until then I’m buying as much yarn as I can!


Happy New Year


I remember last new year’s eve like it was yesterday. Sipping on champagne and eating strawberrys while watching the fireworks go off over the New York City skyline.  I remember thinking then with much excitement, "what will this year bring??" 

It’s amazing how much faster time goes by as you get older.  2005 was filled with so many wonderful moments and trips to so many places – London, San Fransisco, and Honduras!  I finally moved out on my own and have been trying to own up to "adulthood" everyday. (Definitely not quite there yet). 

On to more knitworthy things… what have I completed this year… a few hats, some socks, a shell top, a shawl and mittens.   My knitting in recent months has been picking up some speed and considering the lengthy New Year’s knitting list – I’m pretty booked.

Well here’s to a new year of new memories, friends and wonderful knits 😉